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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Bonmusica Shoulder Rest - are they good?

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bees - Posted - 04/10/2022:  18:25:11

When I get wailing away I can have the fiddle start to creep away from me. I can often shift it back but at times I wind up muting the E-string while I'm shifting it back. I was wondering if anyone has tried and likes the Bonmusica shoulder rest. It seems to have a hooked top that might keep the fiddle from wandering away.

Any advice?


Old Scratch - Posted - 04/10/2022:  18:30:48

It will certainly keep your fiddle from 'wandering'. and it allows for some adjusting. What I don't like about it is the look and the size - it doesn't fit neatly into most violin cases.

LukeF - Posted - 04/10/2022:  19:57:30

Bob: the Bonmusica shoulder rest is the one that I favor most of the several types that I have tried, for the reason you mentioned. I also like that it is bendable which always me to shape it for a better fit. The two posts can rotate side to side and are height adjustable.

The one negative that I have read about is some find that the overall height of the shoulder rest is too high for them. This is not a problem for me, maybe because I have a tall neck.

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 04/11/2022:  06:16:54

I like mine and it fits in my combo-case between the fiddle body and mandolin headstock.... Bobelock BTW. It hangs onto my fiddle well and I shaped it to my shoulder so the fit is correct. Shoulder rests are entirely personal though so try one out. I used a KUN for years but the darn thing kept "falling off" of my fiddle. Luck .. R/

screecher - Posted - 04/11/2022:  07:11:56

If it doesn't fit in your case you could might be able to attach a shoulder rest bag (made by Protec and others) to your case.

I had a Bon Musica-style rest for a while but I'm not sure I ever adjusted it correctly (user error). The only thing I didn't really like about it was the excess weight.

Snafu - Posted - 04/11/2022:  08:12:45

I use one and the fault I find with it is the “hook” extension that is supposed to go over your shoulder seems to be sized for the average 110lb light framed female (is that description allowed anymore?) who plays in the classical style.

If you are a “big boned” guy or if you like (or age related medical issues requires you) to have the fiddle a bit lower on the shoulder or more pointed to the front then to the side, you may find it doesn’t really work for you.

I keep on the lookout for some way to extend the hook so I can wrap it completely over my shoulder. I’m currently exploring shifting to third and even fifth position and the Bonmusica rest doesn’t provide the stability I want.

Your body frame and how you hold the fiddle will determine if this rest is a good fit for you. Make sure it is returnable unless the $50 cost doesn’t really matter.

bees - Posted - 04/11/2022:  10:31:22

Thanks everybody. You have convinced me to try one.

I also cart a mandolin around in a double mando/fiddle case so I suspect it will fit in the case between them. Also, when playing gigs with the band, I carry a lot of sound equipment so I can find room for it somewhere. I'm a tall skinny(ish) guy so I'll have to see if it fits me.

I'll get it from Shar and with the money I have spent on Coda bows from them I suspect they'll let me send it back if it is a no-go.

Again, thanks for the input.

bees - Posted - 04/27/2022:  08:28:24

I got a Bonmusica shoulder rest and have 10+ hours using it now. I like it!! Definitely stops the fiddle from creeping away on me. At first it was quite an adjustment. Using the default positioning it was set for, it swings the peghead much further to my left than I am used to - I'm a right handed bower. Also, it angled the fiddle top plate somewhat more vertical. I'd say it was designed by a classical player... That all caused quite a bit of unintentionally hitting double strings but at this point I seem to have compensated and can play double stops, or not. I'll stick with it, thanks for your help.

Dick Hauser - Posted - 05/27/2022:  09:34:10

I have several Bon Music chin rests. High quality and very adjustable. A beginner should probably have an experienced person help make adjustments to their first Bon Musica. That statement probably applies to most beginners.

Sometime complaints are made about certain chinrests. In some cases the person does not have the chinrest set up correctly, or is not using it properly.

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