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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Waiting for the Federals

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groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/07/2022:  14:52:44

Well this tune just seems like it's a notch in the middle of a meter. On one side of the meter is Candy Girl, and the other side Ducks on the Mill Pond...and in the middle, the needle points to Waiting for the Federals. Either you get my meaning or me, maybe. Anyhow...this was started this morning, but the day got so crazy and hectic it was done very piecemeal and my thoughts are incongruent and scattered ...not sure how well it all came minutes on presonus, 15 minutes somewhere else, etc., etc., all day Crazy but just drives me on to the finish when it happens that way.

fiddlinsteudel - Posted - 01/07/2022:  15:42:38

Nice! I love Waiting for the Federals! In my circles I don't hear it very much.

wilford - Posted - 01/07/2022:  15:43:49

Wow! What a great tune played so well. :)

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/07/2022:  16:27:49

Thank you so much, Mark and Fred! Hope you guys will play it for us one of these days! I'm sure it'd be great.

loy - Posted - 01/08/2022:  05:40:35

Just great fiddling Peggy, I love that tune!

ChickenMan - Posted - 01/08/2022:  08:09:31

Interesting chording. :-)
AKA "Seneca Square Dance."

DougD - Posted - 01/08/2022:  08:52:04

I wonder where that "Federals" title really comes from - it seems to be a modern jam session preference. I think most people I know learned it as "Seneca Square Dance" from the old 78 recording by Fddling Sam Long that was reissued on the County lp "Echoes of the Ozarks." I just read through the entry at the Fiddlers Companion and that seems to be the only actual vintage recording, and although there were some references to titles in collections containing "Federals" it didn't seem very clear.
BTW the guitar on that 78 uses only G,C and D chords, even though that might not be what "normal" theory would suggest. I try to be tolerant when playing with others, but the only time I've had to stop a tune was when the guitar left out the C chord.

Edited by - DougD on 01/08/2022 08:53:29

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/08/2022:  10:39:14

Thanks, Loy!

Doug, I've mainly heard it called Waiting for the Federals, and seems to me somebody somewhere along the line told me it was originally Irish, and the Irish called it that????? Don't know who or when...I was thinking Jean Ritchie...but I can't even remember right now, so maybe not. I heard Seneca Square Dance more recently and figured the opposite of what you SSquare D was the "modern" jam name for I don't know.

I think the 4 chord is usually what I think of as the magic chord. I don't want it in every tune, but there are times when I really think it brings everything to life.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/08/2022:  10:39:49

Thanks, Chickenman...I forgot to mention Seneca Square Dance as the a.k.a.

WyoBob - Posted - 01/08/2022:  14:32:08


That was great.   I like the tune in D tuning.

I can play the tune on the fiddle and banjo in G (not as well as you but I'm workin' on it) but had never tried ADAD tuning, ever.

So, I tuned up and figured out how to play the tune fairly quickly which means I quite surprised myself.   I figured that, when I tried a new tuning and tried to play a tune I knew,  that things would "crash and burn".    I'm a bit rough in the last few measures of the "B" part but I'll work on it.   And, I was able to play along with you (for the most part) on your Youtube.  I love it when I get amazed about fiddlin'.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/08/2022:  16:32:19

Well that's really cool, Bob! Makes my day to hear that you found it more playable in a cross tuning! I've had problems with lots of tunes, and seems if I find the right tuning, it's suddenly doable!

Black - Posted - 01/13/2022:  12:30:13

Great playing as always, not familiar with that tune but I really like it.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/13/2022:  18:16:05

Thanks, Black!

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