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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: The High Hills and Mountains

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groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/01/2022:  09:34:08

This song is by the late Jean Ritchie, of Perry County in Southeastern Kentucky. There were discussions on FHO the other day about, I was a "slow" advocate, and we take this one slower than ever...but it just feels right to do it that way. Since I hit the wall and couldn't think of one doggone thing to play this week on my weekly Presonus Day...I figured I'd look around to just post something I had done at one point or other and share it around a little bit. I have always considered myself lucky and privileged whenever my daughter humored me enough to sit down and sing my kinda music with me. This was from a long time ago...13 years back. And it's meant quite a bit to us since we left our own home.'s a super-slow groundhog way of doing Jean Ritchie's High Hills and Mountains. Mike says it proves to him that simple is better, and the thought has occurred to me that Presonus has steered me away from simpler versions of stuff...hmmm...have to think about's something if you feel inclined to give a listen.

P.S., not too crazy about the Great Clips haircut...I'm back to cutting my own hair again by looks wacky, but that's just wacky least it doesn't cost me anything and whatever it looks like now, I can only blame myself.

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/01/2022 09:36:23

ChickenMan - Posted - 01/01/2022:  12:06:16



groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/01/2022:  17:53:33

Thanks, Billy.

Quincy - Posted - 01/01/2022:  21:31:02

I like slowed down a lot (maybe also because I just cannot play fast yet haha)
You are just wonderful Peggy , I bet a campfire with you would rock.
We need more of this, instead of this pumped up shallowly and superficial 'look-at-my-money-and-status' mentality.
The beauty of simplicity and the magic of nature.

loy - Posted - 01/02/2022:  04:15:22

Absolutely beautiful Peggy, the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree!

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/02/2022:  04:42:27

Thanks so much, Anja!

Thank you very much, Loy!

Astrang - Posted - 01/02/2022:  07:33:01

That proud smile at the end was just as good as the song, icing on the cake.

wilford - Posted - 01/02/2022:  07:41:13

Yep, that smile at the end tells it all. :)

Old Scratch - Posted - 01/02/2022:  08:47:46

Speaking of Jean Ritchie, she used to show up on the Mudcat Cafe now and then. She told a story about being in some cafe in her part of the world one time, and a Scottish folksinger was performing. One of the songs he sang was 'Marnie', the theme song of a Scottish TV series of the time, or shortly before. Jean got talking to the singer on his break, and told that some of his words in Marnie weren't quite right - he insisted they were - they went back and forth - finally he said, "What makes you so sure you know what words are right and what words aren't?" And she said, "Well - I wrote the song!"


Jean Redpath does a beautiful job (as usual) with it:

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/02/2022:  10:08:49

Thanks, Randy.

Thanks, Fred. BGD seems to really be up and runnning now, by the way!

Old Scratch...great story! I know when she began publishing her own songs she went under a male name, since women didn't have much of a chance back then. The backlash came when she finally felt like it was ok to switch to her real had a lot of funny stories involved in that. She went to the same college that I went to...although of course a couple of decades apart...still, she was there a lot and gave a lot of free concerts and talks, etc. Wonderful person and a wonderful musician.

NCnotes - Posted - 01/02/2022:  12:04:30

This is the essence of why I love folk music...

And, great vocal harmonies!

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/02/2022:  18:43:24

Thank you, NC!

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