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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Fairies and Hawthorns

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Astrang - Posted - 12/17/2021:  19:40:08

I have several Hawthorn trees living here on the place and Fairies live in there amongst them. I’m glad to have them all as neighbors. I named this tune in their regard, Fairies and Hawthorns.
Homemade, Key of E, 6/8-time, Standard Tuning.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 12/18/2021:  04:13:37

Nice tune, Randy! Really grows on ya. Nice fiddling of it ...and, I hope those fairies appreciate that.

lapsteel - Posted - 12/18/2021:  06:45:35

nice tune played smooth as silk
If you can find them big enough, a hawthorn tree yields a beautiful hardwood that is a joy to carve.
Cutting one down is dangerous work though….

Astrang - Posted - 12/18/2021:  06:48:42

Thanks Peggy, I appreciate your kindness!

The Fairies all seem to be the Walt Disney kind, with only comical mischievous deeds to their attribute. Blowing the cap off of your head and having to chase after it is one of their favorite little routines. We’ve had a good respectful relationship with one another for about fifty years now.

Astrang - Posted - 12/18/2021:  07:30:19

Thanks lapsteel! The largest one is about six inches at the trunk and all of them are about fifteen feet tall. I don’t know how old they are, they look the same now as they did fifty years ago when I discovered what they were. They are scattered, I could never cut one of them down, and they have become friends. I don’t think the Fairies would take too kindly to it either. I have even declared their areas as safe zones and have taught my kids and grandkids the lore of the Hawthorns. However, I did find a limb that has broken off, I’m going to see if I can get a sound post out of it. Maybe the magic of the Hawthorn will come through my fiddle.

ChickenMan - Posted - 12/18/2021:  08:42:14

I like it. Don't have my fiddle handy but it sounds like E Dorian /minor.

Astrang - Posted - 12/18/2021:  09:27:37

Thanks Billy! I kind of thought I had some kind of minor thing going on but I don’t know enough about theory to declare it. Thanks for the info, that makes it sound more important. (little smiley face)

Astrang - Posted - 12/18/2021:  10:37:12

The chord progression I’m using is –
That just keeps repeating for the whole tune, A parts and B parts.
So, should I have used any different chords to better complement E Dorian / minor?

ChickenMan - Posted - 12/18/2021:  15:55:56

I've noodled the notes on the guitar and ~think~ I'm getting a G natural note, yes? I would use an Em and otherwise the rest are perfectly acceptable. The Emaj chord works but my ears want the minor, particularly in the second part. I also might use a B7 as that jibes nicely with the high A note that the one phrase ends with.

@JonD might have better suggestions.

ChickenMan - Posted - 12/18/2021:  16:00:41

And FYI, E Dorian is a minor key variant that uses the notes of the D major scale if I'm remembering correctly. E minor uses the G major scale.

Astrang - Posted - 12/18/2021:  17:11:56

Billy, thank you for bringing this to my attention! I’ve been noodling with it this afternoon and I think I will leave the A part as it is and then make your suggested changes to the B part. I like that B7, so in the B part, I’m going to change all of the E’s to E minors and change all of the B’s to B7’s. I made a sample in strum machine and really liked it that way. The changes are minor but make a big difference. Thank you for taking the time and interest to help out!

ChickenMan - Posted - 12/18/2021:  18:26:03

Yeah, that sounds like a good way to approach it. It's a fun tune. 

Edited by - ChickenMan on 12/18/2021 18:27:07

Quincy - Posted - 12/19/2021:  00:06:09

All of your playing has this own very special touch to it, I love that <3 Can't be copied !

Astrang - Posted - 12/19/2021:  07:24:06

Thanks Anja, that’s very kind of you to say. We have all been impressed at how well you are moving along and glad to have you on the hangout.

NCnotes - Posted - 12/20/2021:  08:03:32

Wonderful "homemade" tune! Thanks for sharing :-)

Astrang - Posted - 12/20/2021:  08:41:04

Thanks NCnotes, it has a lot of bow goens on in it, makes it fun to play.

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