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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Yamaha YEV104 and Positive Grid SPARK amp modeling

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docmarc - Posted - 10/21/2021:  10:53:43

For a number of reasons I no longer use an acoustic violin for gigs. I'm sold on the convenience, easy playability and ability to control volume and feedback of electric violins. I recently purchased a Positive Grid SPARK 'practice amp - reported to have over 10,000 modeled tones and effects as well as hundreds of brand name amplifier models available. For the record, this amp is spectacular for it's size and purpose.

The question: The SPARK amp is aimed at guitarists and literally thousands of guitarists have submitted their 'sound' settings to the SPARK website where they can be downloaded to the amp - replicating the artists' 'sound' for the amp in your practice room.

I have not found similar settings for violin and wondered if anyone in this Forum has created a good 'model' for the SPARK that can be shared?

RinconMtnErnie - Posted - 10/23/2021:  17:25:18

Take the number of guitar players who play the Spark and divide by 1000 , and that's maybe the number of fiddle players who have a spark. So it's you and a few players in the boonies with marginal internet. Fortunately, you don't play a lever harp, or you'd have to divide by 100,000 

That said, I have three amplifiers and two simulators. My amps are a Fender Champ clone tube amp, a Fishman Loudbox Mini solid state amp, and a Yamaha THR5A solid state amp. My simulators are a Mooer Radar pedal and Amplitube software. And I have a pretty awesome pedal board already,  though it needs a few things.  Based on that,  for amplifier models you want American or British cleans (e g. Fender Champ, Fender Princeton, Vox AC 15 or 30, Bad Cat, Matchless Chieftain).

For effects, you want a little transparent overdrive and a little reverb. Your goal is to sound like a normal fiddle with a little overdrive and reverb. 

An important part of that is an impulse response (IR) preamp, if you don't have one already. I have  Fishman Aura, but plan to buy a Tone Dexter before long as well. I don't like the raw sound of a YEV 104.


docmarc - Posted - 10/24/2021:  09:32:25

Thanks for your comment. What model Fishman Aura are you using?

I've had advice from the folks at Electric Violin Shop. They're suggesting version Fishman Aura Spectrum DI.

There's a few out there on Reverb, but I'd prefer to buy from a Forum Member.

RinconMtnErnie - Posted - 10/31/2021:  16:20:41

My Fishman Aura is an older model that I bought used from someplace like Reverb years ago. It does not have a digital interface. It does not have EQ. It does not have a tuner / mute. It was a dreadnought model and then I bought violin impulse response models.

I don't really need EQ, and I have two other pedals with EQ if I did. I have a separate D'Addario tuner / mute.


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