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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: best match fiddle strings for my new 5 string

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danieljtb - Posted - 09/18/2021:  14:30:03

hi all

Benn playing on my new R Burt 5 string for a couple weeks now. my practice room is a small bedrm and I share this small house with another, The fiddle came with helicore heavies...I seithed out the bottom two strings with hrlicore mediums as I cross tune to DADAD and DGDGD etc. I like the response of the steel strings,,,in fact a bit too responsive, However the volume, brightness, and ring gets to me in this small toon after awhile, I do use 3D mutes, Seeking info on other steel strings thst might be more laid back, but dtil fast enough for fiddling, As for dyntheticd, I have used crystls and tonicas on my 14" viola, nicer under the esrs but the responce is slower snd needs more bowsrm pressure

So info pbleas on these steel sets reg warmer, less loud but still fast medium or light trnsion


thoughts zlso on dynth zyex and the vidion solos

thanks all

danieljtb - Posted - 09/18/2021:  14:33:17

sorry for the typos dont see an edit button here

The Violin Beautiful - Posted - 09/18/2021:  20:22:07

All of those sets, except Zyex (which is just dead), are very bright. The Jargars will be the warmest of the bunch, but there just isn’t much warmth or richness with steel strings. They’re very responsive under the bow and fingers and they have a hard edge to their sound that allows fiddlers to hear themselves while playing with other instruments.

Tonicas are quite nice as a cheaper alternative to Dominants. From your description, it sounds more like the instrument is out of adjustment. It shouldn’t take a lot of bow pressure to make a good set of strings speak. Response can be sped up with any set of strings if the sound post is adjusted properly.

danieljtb - Posted - 09/18/2021:  22:53:55

thanks Rich for the reply first off, yes my viola has not had a good set up via soundpost. The soundpost looks overlong and set at an angle. its a student A10 Kuhl 14" viola. I have the tools, but not the experience to do a good soundpost Ive put it off. The tonica lights were sounding good on it tho,

My 5 string is built by Royce Burt, so I expect the soundpost is well set. its a new instrument which has helicore heavies on it which are pretty loud in a small practice room. I have replaced the C and G with the heli medium and have kept the DAE heavies as people say the D and A dont last.

I am looking for a less loud but still responsive and maybe darker

as I am new to the steel strings, I don't yet know what to try next. I have a bias against steel strings due to decades of classic guitar, and some years with large fretless banjos using I need to give steel a fair shot before turning to synthetics. As an aside, I hear Aquila has cone out with a nylgut violin set. If they are responsive might be worth looking into
Speaking of not guys speak of fiddles being dark, balanced, or bright. I haven't got a clue on how to judge that other than getting a set that everyone agrees is neutral and go from there. And having played for only a year, my novice ability may over shadow all other aspects.

coryobert - Posted - 09/19/2021:  06:32:20

Your keyboard must be like mine...all of the letters are worn off and I have to type from memory.

DougD - Posted - 09/19/2021:  06:54:38

I agree with Rich that that the strings on your list will all be brighter, with Jargar the warmest of the bunch. With Helicore you already have one of the darker, more complex steel core strings. You might try mediums - not everyone has trouble with the A, and there's a titanium wrapped version available.
I don't have too much experience with synthetics, but my luthier hated Zyex, and I don"t know anyone who uses them. I don't know that synthetics will be darker though - some are quite brilliant.
BTW, there should be an edit button on your post, but you only have 15 minutes to use it.

Edited by - DougD on 09/19/2021 06:58:42

danieljtb - Posted - 09/19/2021:  11:15:37

thanks Cory and Doug

reg my typing... legally blind, one finger ipad typing whats messin me up. If I was using a regular keyboard things would be better! I'll look for that edit button

reg the strings...guess I'll just keep the helicore for now. Am tempted to try the prims as I like the sound I hear from them on youtube string comparison vids. Course under the ear is a different animal . Funny that I haven't found any vids on the regular jargar strings...only their new superior ones which are synthetics. Have a good week all!

ChickenMan - Posted - 09/19/2021:  12:59:17

Edit button is at the bottom right corner on your post, has a pencil pic, next to the trashcan image. As Doug said, your only have a short window to edit, except if it is your topic starting post, then you can edit any time. So you can still edit.

danieljtb - Posted - 09/19/2021:  16:18:51

thanks Billy thats helpful I wondered about those icons

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