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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: my new 5 string fiddle made by Royce Burt

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danieljtb - Posted - 09/01/2021:  21:15:05

greetings folks
Been reading and learning from you all here for about a year...since sliding into the fiddle from OT fretless banjo.

I figured my first post here would be when my playing level grow up to posting a vid or an audio. Im working on it...aint there yet.

However, I acquired a new instrument from forum member and luthier Royce Burt of FL, which will slow me done a tad... a 5 string fiddle.

I have been playing a Kohr A10 student viola in the 14" size. Uptuned a whole tone to D Sawmill. Im to the point that I can likely handle an E string ever so often, without hanging myself with the desire for a 5 string.

The search began, not a lot of choices and prices which quickly surpass what's rational for me.

As a lark, I connected with Royce, I was impressed that he takes old german shop fiddles and re works them. I thought he might have a lead or two reg. my search. Surprised to report, a few weeks later, and I have a new 5 string which he was making.

It is a beautiful fiddle. Lighter than I thought it would be, feels good, nice neck. Quality materials, expert construction, and a varnish that makes it look like an old fiddle. I took a lot of measurements and the workmanship is very accurate.

I feel blessed that I get to have a fiddle that looks like a one off. It has violin string spacing on a 26.25 mm wide nut, a Strad-ish body, violin scale length etc. Currently helicore first time with steel strings.

Of course this thing has a learning if 4 strings weren't ent difficult enough. I aim to be successful in my quest. Looking forward to how this instruments opens up and
developes its voice.

Thank you Royce; a good guy and a good craftsman, and for the surprise that I actually was able to get a 5 string fiddle!

If I con figure how post pics here, I will do so. If you go to Royce Burt facebook page, He has pics and demos of the fiddles he makes. A bit down the page you should find a 5 string 742-5 I think. Have a great weekend all!

danieljtb - Posted - 09/02/2021:  03:35:31

here are pics and the link

RinconMtnErnie - Posted - 09/02/2021:  06:43:39

I'm familiar with his fiddles, you'll enjoy it!

I used to think I wanted a five string. I played one briefly, but even though I understood intellectually what to do with the fifth string, the lizard brain that actually moves my fingers was completely befuddled. So now I'm in the "I can barely handle four strings, what would I do with five" camp.

You'll do fine, though. Enjoy!

DougD - Posted - 09/02/2021:  08:29:12

Looks nice! Does your bow need to be that tight though?

danieljtb - Posted - 09/02/2021:  10:09:27

hi Ernie I may have an advantage reg. the 5th string in that I learned on a viola...
so the E is the new string for me. Another adjustment is getting used to the D string being in the middle of the fingerboard, but I am in favor of that placement.

Hi Doug the bow hair is at normal tension. If the pics showed the full length, you would see that the bow is baroque bow. I have a modern bow as well, but hoping I like the baro bow- so far, going back and forth trying to decide.

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