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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Case dehumifier

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papawhisky - Posted - 08/15/2021:  17:32:10

I live in western NC and the summers are quite humid. After playing outside for a couple of hours, I’d like to put my fiddle into a case that offers a little less humidity than the ambient air. The only product Ive found searching online is Pedi Magic. Any recommendations of Pedi Magic, or another suggestion? Thanks!

ChickenMan - Posted - 08/15/2021:  18:30:05

Look for Humidapack. Not sure if that's the name, but it is like a desiccant but it instead holds an ambient humidity. They are made for a variety of humidity levels.

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 08/16/2021:  05:17:47

Well a small cotton bag of dried clay , cat litter, or rice will pull moisture from the air. R/

DougD - Posted - 08/16/2021:  06:03:10

What about some packs of silica gel? There are lots of them around.

ChickenMan - Posted - 08/16/2021:  07:16:18

But you don't want to pull too much, hence my suggestion.

The Violin Beautiful - Posted - 08/16/2021:  10:36:36

I’ve heard a few people praise the Boveda system. I was sent a free sample a while ago but haven’t tried it myself.

Silica packets might do the trick. Just keep an accurate hygrometer in the case to monitor.

papawhisky - Posted - 08/16/2021:  14:53:36

Hey thanks for the thoughts and inputs. I’m going to try the Boveda product, along with a digital hygrometer. At home I keep the house around 50% RH, and my instruments on the wall. But it is humid here—by the time we wrapped up a gig Friday night, everything was covered in dew and I had my bow cranked to the limit. We are only playing outside nowadays so I might as well adjust. I’m hoping that I can stick my fiddle and bow into a 50% RH case so they can be drying during the hour or whatever it takes to get home, minimizing risk.
I’ll be able to give it the first try this coming Friday.

ChickenMan - Posted - 08/16/2021:  20:18:34

Yes that is the brand or one of them anyway.

Highlonesomef5 - Posted - 03/05/2022:  10:54:17

Boveda now makes a packet that both humidifies and dehumidifies. Im trying them out now.

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