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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Are you satisfied ?

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old cowboy - Posted - 06/22/2021:  11:20:05

I have been trying to make music on this little box for almost three years now. For the past few days I have been asking myself if I am satisfied with where I am at with my progress! Over all I guess I have to say I am. I have finally came to the realization that I may never play like John Hartford or some of the other greats, but that is OK for the fact is I am not John Hartford. I am me, and I play like me. Who is to say that my way of playing is wrong? You will never be any good at anything until you accept yourself. As a matter of fact I am beginning to think I am not sounding all that bad and I enjoy what I do! Frank Sinatra had a song called I did it my way. I guess that is where I am at. Doing it my way! But always striving for better! What about yourself? Are you satisfied with your progress?

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 06/22/2021:  11:26:54

There's always a long way to go, because as we improve, we see more possibilities that we aren't up to yet and might not even be aware of until we achieve a certain level. But the ultimate goal is to enjoy playing music. So...double edged...never satisfied, but still very happy enjoying playing the fiddle.

RichJ - Posted - 06/22/2021:  12:40:20


Originally posted by groundhogpeggy

There's always a long way to go, because as we improve, we see more possibilities that we aren't up to yet and might not even be aware of until we achieve a certain level. But the ultimate goal is to enjoy playing music. So...double edged...never satisfied, but still very happy enjoying playing the fiddle.

Spoken like a true philosopher. lol

Lonesome Fiddler - Posted - 06/22/2021:  13:10:17

As Peg sez.

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 06/22/2021:  14:43:31

The more you know the more you know you don't know. It is great to be able to enjoy where you are at with anything. Technique improves ear improves, tastes may change but you play on. One of the things that will make a better player is the will to continue learning. Enjoy the process. R/

Swing - Posted - 06/22/2021:  15:38:58

Gee, I don't know about any of this stuff, but I do play a Texas Rag called "Satisfied"

Play Happy


tonyelder - Posted - 06/22/2021:  16:21:03

yes no

ChickenMan - Posted - 06/22/2021:  18:03:18

Peggy and Tony said it pretty succinctly.

To expand, I am never fully satisfied, because to me that means the end of growth, but also accept and fully enjoy where I am in the musical journey.

Brian Wood - Posted - 06/22/2021:  18:29:51

Satisfaction is something that comes in small bites. If you're completely satisfied with anything, you're probably deluded. I've been satisfied for moments sometimes, which is wonderful, but why fool yourself?

Astrang - Posted - 06/22/2021:  18:37:35

With what I’ve been through the last year or so, I’m happy to be anywhere. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is okay by me!

brettzke - Posted - 06/22/2021:  19:09:11

"Play your songs to suit yourself, then you're as good as anybody else." John Hartford

farmerjones - Posted - 06/22/2021:  19:59:04

You caught me just right. Just home from a better than typical Tuesday night jam. Satisfied? Pretty dang close. smiley

rosinhead - Posted - 06/22/2021:  23:03:49

I'm now in year twelve of this journey that I find is a constant balance of struggle and payoff. This past year has been very rewarding because I have managed to overcome several tunes that have eluded me for years. Somewhere along the way, I progressed, and I can't really pinpoint where that may have been. There seemed to be a period of a few years that I hit the proverbial plateau and now I'm climbing again. It will always be a work in progress no matter what level I reach. There will always be a desire to play better.
So, am I satisfied? Yes. My only disappointment at this stage is that I didn't start this journey earlier in life.

old cowboy - Posted - 06/23/2021:  14:21:33

Well said Brett!

eddorci - Posted - 06/23/2021:  22:02:53

I think it’s bad to be satisfied in your playing. That’s the beginning of not getting any better. I know people who are not good have never gotten better but think they are great.

boxbow - Posted - 06/24/2021:  04:48:17

First, I'm satisfied to be playing. I play to feel satisfied. If I'm satisfied with the playing itself, it's because I'm in the moment and not giving myself a pass/fail exam. If I'm dissatisfied, it's largely because I haven't committed myself to the playing. Whether the playing is "good" or "bad" is important, but secondary. Naturally, I prefer those times when the playing is not awkward or clunky. Then there is the fact that what I think is what I have to go on and what others think is out of my control. That was a hard lesson learned imperfectly a long time ago. Still working on it. Remember, there are more people listening to pop music than to old time fiddle for reasons perfectly adequate to them. Since I don't even attempt to be a performer for the adoring crowd, I have a lot of latitude that perhaps others lack. Who do you fiddle for, anyway? For me, it's a selfish pursuit. No apologies. And my fellow jammers don't complain, they invite me back.

old cowboy - Posted - 06/24/2021:  04:51:04

Didn't say I was satisfied with my playing. Satisfied with my progress in playing. If you don't have some sense of satisfaction with your playing, you will never enjoy your music.

pete_fiddle - Posted - 06/24/2021:  14:43:03

With my fiddlin?......Mnaahhh....But i still love doing it....

boxbow - Posted - 06/25/2021:  04:56:26

I don't worry about my progress so much. As I continue to play, I progress. What's to worry about? Progressing better? Faster? Doing the best possible job is my day job.

old cowboy - Posted - 06/25/2021:  05:40:44

I guess at my age, I do have a tendency to want to hurry things along, sort of feel like I am running out of time.

bsed55 - Posted - 06/26/2021:  15:48:20

As soon as you're 'satisfied', you'll stop learning. I'm never satisfied.

sbhikes2 - Posted - 07/03/2021:  11:41:15

I started taking actual violin lessons from a classical violinist a few months ago. I had no idea how awful I really was. I'm satisfied that I am getting better. I can play a lot better in tune. She's got me playing out of this book called Melodious Double-stops. It's torture for me! But after all this work, people compliment me more. I feel like I can do some things a little easier. I'm not satisfied about my bowing. I'm still very bad at that, but I think if my teacher was able to make me improve on playing in tune enough that her perfect pitch isn't screaming in pain, then maybe she can fix my bad bowing, too.

Old Scratch - Posted - 07/03/2021:  17:33:59

I can't be satisfied, I just can't keep from cryin'. As Muddy Waters put it.

goatberry_jam - Posted - 08/18/2021:  01:52:45

I love being a bad fiddler. I love getting better at it, too. It's about the journey. I wanna be effing good at it, but not if it stops being fun.

pete_fiddle - Posted - 08/18/2021:  12:44:16

Only way it could stop being fun is if it hurts. As you progress you learn how to progress, thus creating a snowball effect...hopefully

bsed55 - Posted - 08/21/2021:  15:19:28


Originally posted by UsuallyPickin

The more you know the more you know you don't know.



OK, enough Rumsfeld-speak.

NCnotes - Posted - 08/23/2021:  09:00:28

To those who judge their playing (and that includes me!)
I want to share this quote I love, from somebody at my jam...

"Use what talents you possess;
the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best."
Henry Van Dyke 1852-1933

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