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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Your Performance Tunes or Songs?

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Humbled by this instrument - Posted - 05/25/2021:  16:52:56

So let's say you've brought your fiddle to a dinner get-together, hoping that other folks will show up and you'll be able to get a little session or jam going, but it ends up being just you and your fiddle, and everybody's saying, "We want to hear some music!" What do you play after dinner on the porch, as everyone is watching you and imbibing their finest inebriation fluid?

This happened to me a few nights back (more of less), and I (of course) played "The Frost Is all o'er" much as it sounds on my homepage. What tunes do you play?

Flat_the_3rd_n7th - Posted - 05/25/2021:  18:16:39

The muscle-memorized and therefore, likker-proofed fiddle standards..

Arkansas Traveler
Soldier's Joy
MS Sawyer
Spotted Pony
Flop-Eared Mule
Leather Britches
Liberty, etc

With the best Georgia Shuffle I can do (since I'm 6th-gen GA after all)

But when they get all wore out, I'd play some pretty stuff like

Ashoken Farewell
Star of the County Down
Ook Pik Waltz
Anniversary Waltz

Then, fire em back up with

Irish Washerwoman
Kid on the Mountain
Red Wing
and throw in some sangin, like
Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain
Your Cheatin Heart, and so forth

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 05/25/2021:  18:38:36

If they were good n' drunk I'd try to make 'em all cry in their beer...maybe Blue Moon of KY or something like that...lotta whinin' in there.

ChickenMan - Posted - 05/25/2021:  18:42:02

Depending on the audience,
I might play a jig set, usually "Geese in the Bog" - > "Morrison's" - > "Smash the Windows" or maybe play a familiar old time breakdown like "Turkey in the Straw" or "Arkansas Traveler" heck, I'm likely play a waltz or two if I'm not runnoft

Flat_the_3rd_n7th - Posted - 05/25/2021:  18:56:51


Originally posted by groundhogpeggy

If they were good n' drunk I'd try to make 'em all cry in their beer...maybe Blue Moon of KY or something like that...lotta whinin' in there.

Blue Moon of Kaintuck--one of my favorites for the aforementioned purpose!

Also, Kentucky Waltz and High on the Mountain

farmerjones - Posted - 05/25/2021:  19:52:40

Merry-go-round breakdown, Maple Sugar, Flop eared mule, some 12 bar blues, or Carrol County.
Funny, this happened last weekend: Begged me to bring the fiddle. Never played a note. That "time" never happened.

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 05/26/2021:  05:48:27

Hmmm .... what ever I feel like playing at the moment. Nobody to keep up with or be in tune with. Start slow to warm up my aging fingers and let her rip. I would make sure to keep the tempo danceable for those bouncy types.

Astrang - Posted - 05/26/2021:  07:58:12

Whiskey before Breakfast
Sally Ann
Arkansas Traveler
Soldier’s Joy
Scollay’s Reel
Surly they would have asked me to stop by now.

LukeF - Posted - 05/26/2021:  11:32:42

Cotton Eyed Joe
Angeline The Baker
Old Joe Clark
Red Haired Boy
June Apple
Cripple Creek
Ashokan Farewell
Faded Love

carlb - Posted - 05/26/2021:  12:37:30

Songs I sing while playing the fiddle:
I've Always Been a Rambler
Arkansas Sheik
Hold the Woodpile Down
Been to the East, Been to the West
Cotton Eyed Joe

Lonesome Fiddler - Posted - 05/26/2021:  12:53:18

The first ones my fingers gravitate to are --
Red Haired Boy
Blarney Pilgrim
Soldier's Joy
The second big tune in the first movement of Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony. (I think I play it in D)
Django's Nuages
Any twelve bar blues shuffle

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