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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Clifftop 2021 cancelled.. Can this be??

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TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/18/2021:  14:47:49

I got this in my email today"

Subject: 2021 Appalachian String Band Music Festival
Date: May 18, 2021 at 3:25:41 PM EDT
To all Service Providers and Vendors for the Appalachian String Band Music Festival,

We wanted to let everyone associated with the Appalachian String Band Music Festival know that we just received notice from our agency that the 2021 String Band Festival has been cancelled. This does not mean that we are giving up or ending this great music tradition. With the pandemic getting better every month in our country we hope that other countries can also make progress and we can reach a herd immunity that will not depend on who has or has not been vaccinated. As you know, our festival is comprised of patrons from all over the world and we become a close-knit family sharing showers, bathrooms, and meals with each other for 10 days and nights. The safety and wellbeing of our string band family is our utmost priority, and we can assure you that when we can guarantee that safety, we will continue the great Appalachian String Band Music Festival which we consider one of the best old time music festivals there is.

Anyone who was scheduled for last year or this year's event will get priority in the scheduling of next year's festival. We will be contacting you around the first of next year when we start the planning of the 2022 festival. Until then, be safe and thank you all for all you do in making our festival great!


JD Hess, Site Manager
Lisa Cochran, Secretary
Camp Washington Carver
1277 Washington Carver Road
Clifftop, West Virginia 25831
Phone: 304-438-3005 Fax: 304-438-3006

DougD - Posted - 05/18/2021:  15:00:14

There are some gramnatical oddities in that email that make me think it might be from China. However if you go to the official website, there's a listing for "2021 festival postponement notice," but it's not a link:

DougD - Posted - 05/18/2021:  15:00:53

PS - You could just call them.

TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/18/2021:  17:33:08

One of the vendors sent the message to a friend of mine.. If the vendors have been fooled.. it would have made a great April Fools day joke..

TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/18/2021:  18:58:25

Tons of info available on Facebook pages from people who are 'in the know'..

Like the line in the song says, " Well, I tried to make it Sunday but I got so darned depressed that I set my sights on Monday and got myself undressed''... We'll just have to make other plans until next year..!!!

We were all so looking forward to this year's event.. bummer.....

Edited by - TuneWeaver on 05/18/2021 19:01:00

ChickenMan - Posted - 05/18/2021:  19:36:42

Yeah, I randomly checked the website yesterday because Bridget was talking vacation and reminded me how close it was getting and there the site had info for 2022 and claimed there was a press release about canceling 2021 but there was no link.


Edited by - ChickenMan on 05/18/2021 19:37:31

jacroom - Posted - 05/19/2021:  03:15:47

Bummer. Camp Bluegrass also cancelled for 2021. Oh well.

bees - Posted - 05/19/2021:  07:14:57

Indiana Fiddler's Gathering is still on!!
August 13-15, 2021.

TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/19/2021:  12:53:54

BTW, I can understand DougD's comment.. ..the paragraph does seem vague, at least where it says, ..."received notice from our agency''.. Non specificity... that is how some scam people write.. Unfortunately, this isn't a scam.. almost wish it was!!!

DougD - Posted - 05/19/2021:  13:19:07

When I reread it I realized that the "agency" was the WV Dept of Culture and History, etc - not the CIA. Then there's all that stuff about herd immunity. As you said, this is really more an internal memo to vendors, rather than a public announcement.
I wonder if people might be motivated to organize some smaller local gatherings at that time to keep the spirit going - "Roots Clifftop," if you will.

TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/19/2021:  14:12:08

I plan on having a couple of out of towners over for a weekend jam in the spirit of Clifftop... (only fully vaccinated people will be invited)... Who and when hasn't been decided.. ..I can't imagine that others aren't going to be doing the same.. The 'talk' is already out there.....!!

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