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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: arthritis and discomfort while playing

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Mbrown - Posted - 05/17/2021:  16:16:35

While on a brisk walk with our furry friend Sammy, I lost my footing on unlevel ground and fell. I broke my fall with my left hand and head. I dislocated my pinky finger and tried to align it but failed to do so correctly. I know cannot use my pinky finger for notations on my left hand. It is very upsetting not being able to drone and play with intonation when need be. I know a doctors vist would be the correct thing to do but I do not have health insurance right now. I also believe arthritis could have a role to play after the fall also. please let me know if anyone has any advice or has been through something similar. I would appreciate any feedback anyone might have. Much appreciated in advance, Marty

TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/17/2021:  17:57:33

If your finger is dislocated and you can't get it back then I'd suggest biting the bullet and seeing a medical professional....maybe at  a walk-in emergency center..Hope you get it fixed ...keep it iced !!! Good luck..  You really haven't given much information about the exact nature of the injury..maybe add some details????  

Edited by - TuneWeaver on 05/17/2021 18:08:02

KCFiddles - Posted - 05/17/2021:  19:00:08

Reducing a dislocated finger is relatively minor and is easiest when done quickly, soon after injury. Baseball trainers do that sort of thing routinely. I don't know for sure, but I'd think a walk in clinic would handle it pretty inexpensively. I can't over-emphasize: the sooner, the better. It's also necessary to keep it iced to keep the swelling down. It's hard to do for yourself; without practice, it's hard to get the angle and leverage right, and the longer you wait, the more it hurts.

From personal experience, I've damaged my hands a lot, doing sports, martial arts, manual labor, and working with poorly designed machines. None of that chronic, repeated damage has resulted in arthritis. I had some in my knees, pretty bad, almost crippled, but it went away years ago after heart surgery. I've got a little in my neck and feet. Watch your diet. don't worry about arthritis until it comes. Turmeric helps a lot. Vitamin supplements, do, too. Bodies are designed to heal.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 05/17/2021:  19:45:43

I don't know anything about it, but my first thought would be to find something that could function like an ace something to stabilize it and see if it'll just heal.

jacroom - Posted - 05/19/2021:  03:38:29


I just ordered a bottle of Tumeric. Thanks!

Astrang - Posted - 05/19/2021:  06:06:14

Turmeric will help. However, after some days go by, if you develop a crick in the neck, that’s where it’s coming from. Adjust the amount. (just saying)

Earworm - Posted - 05/19/2021:  06:42:58

How long ago did this happen? I am sorry about your insurance situation, I really do sympathize. But you are going to have to see a doctor - the sooner, the better.

*Gee, this sounds familiar - in 2009 I fell on uneven pavement and broke my right elbow. Fortunately, by stopping myself my arm (where my elbow broke) I prevented my head from hitting. I could have lost a tooth but didn't, but if my brain had hit that wouldn't have mattered. One thing I learned is that where bones are concerned (also tendons), waiting is about the worst thing you can do. I was lucky, but received a real-life humility lesson. Take care, and please act quickly.

WyoBob - Posted - 05/19/2021:  06:51:41


Originally posted by jacroom


I just ordered a bottle of Tumeric. Thanks!

I've been using turmeric for about a year after my friend, a wood carver, recommended it.   It works very well for me.  My Therabath, hot wax machine that I bought 9 years ago for therapy on my shattered, left wrist sits on a table downstairs, unplugged, dusty and forgotten. 

Earworm - Posted - 05/19/2021:  08:56:11

Maybe I replied before I read your post closely enough (sometimes I do that frown). It sounds like your broken finger has already healed incorrectly. I am really sorry to hear that, but there may still be something your doctor can do. You won't know unless you ask. It certainly won't get better on its own, and you deserve a chance at having a functioning hand.

Edited by - Earworm on 05/19/2021 08:57:23

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 05/19/2021:  09:13:37

I've read where some people have good results from using a collagen supplement. Our daughter got us started on's nice in the last cup of coffee of the evening...has vanilla and is sweetened only with monk fruit, so it's not sugary but you do have to get used to that monkfruit...I'd be just as happy with just plain collagen in the coffee...which is tasteless...not the coffee, I mean the collagen is tasteless. Have we noticed results? Well, not really, but then, we are lucky enough to not be bothered by chronic pain...even though I recently had the bad break in my lower right forearm...yeah it hurts at times, but it's not the bone, it's more like tendons and muscles still getting it together...I'm still stronger in my left arm, and was always stronger in my right arm, so I'm thinking it's taking a while for those traumatized muscles and stuff to get it all back together. If I use a weedeater or play a video game with grandson, the lengthy gripping really sets my arm off...but gradually it's getting better...I don't think the collagen would help that, but it is supposed to help joints and cartiledge and stuff like that. I don't know if it helps...the idea behind it is most people today who buy food from the store don't get bones to cook with their meats, don't eat organ meats, etc. Now it's just all cuts of meat with no bones and such...anyway, that's the idea...nobody eats collagen anymore...nobody eats jello...they just use it to glue their fiddles Don't know if it works or not, but might be worth a try if you don't cook bones in with your food or eat a lot of other stuff like that, that's high in collagen.

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