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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: the old drake

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groundhogpeggy - Posted - 05/17/2021:  07:24:21

RichJ and I were talking about this one the other day...I plumb forgot all about it. I had learned it from Dwight Diller several years back but just never played it. I guess I didn't really have it squared away in my mind, my ideas for playing it, so I never Dwight says, "You have to eat a peck of salt with another person to really know him/her," and he figured it was the same with a tune...same amount of time for that tune to come to life in your mind to where you can feel like you can play it. Well, it's been a while for this one...I just never did sit down and play it. This morning was my first time, since Rich had reminded me of its existence...having trudged through it on the banjo with Dwight, probably about 15 years ago it's been by now...but just never played it. So anyway, normally I give my dad a call in the mornings, being 95 and stuck in bed all the time now...try to get him engaged in some conversation and thought and stuff to relieve his was so dreary and rainy this morning as I was waiting for time to call, and with Rich having reminded me of the existence of this tune...just felt like trying it ... I've got the fiddle in GDGD, and playing up in second position to go for that lonesome, modal sound, if possible. Banjo is in G modal and I did also strum along on guitar, capo 3 Em chord going all along but I left out the 3rd so as not to ruin that modal sound of this thing. I wanna try this one again after I've eaten a little more salt with it in my

Astrang - Posted - 05/17/2021:  07:47:55

Pass the salt please.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 05/17/2021:  10:31:00

Lol...yeah, gotta eat a lot of it if we wanna get to know a good ol' spicy tune.

RichJ - Posted - 05/17/2021:  12:43:08

Great job Peggy. I'm still working on this one, but trying to pull it off higher up on the neck. Guess I'm gonna' have to go down there into the no fly zone.

Black - Posted - 05/17/2021:  13:46:43

Sounds excellent to me, dont know how you manage to play in different tunings, mind you I do have my bouzouki tuned gdad, well the 7 strings that are on there anyway, I will have to get a full set again soon)

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 05/17/2021:  14:24:38

Rich, are you playing it in second position? Gotta play it for me one day when there's some zoom time we could get.

Black, not sure what a bouzouki is, but it sounds like something I'd love to hear you play. I might even decide I want one

loy - Posted - 05/18/2021:  04:02:23

Oh yeah, you hit that lonesome modal sound for sure Peggy! Best to your dad, 95 is a long life hope he can manage to get back up and around soon!

BanjoBrad - Posted - 05/18/2021:  14:27:12

You've played with Dwight!? You lucky lady, I would love to meet him if even just to listen to him.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 05/18/2021:  14:32:42

Thanks, Loy! Yeah, my dad was doing good but after being confined from his usual stuff because of avoiding the pandemic, he got very weak and depressed. I'm hopeful he can get it back together somehow. Thanks for the well wishes.

Fred...yes, I guess I got really lucky. Went to Dwight's several years ago...he showed me a bunch of stuff and we played a bunch of stuff and we talked about a bunch of stuff...very interesting person and of course the best banjo player alive my opinion, if we're talking clawhammer. He told me about the Vandalia gathering that was about a month later, so I went back for that, met him there, played some more. Haven't seen him since and lost contact with him...he doesn't really have internet access to speak of and it's hard to keep in touch. West Virginia's not far from me but I'm just not a traveller, so it was weird for me to even wander out that far away from home...glad I did though.

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