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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Looking for 1 string, or 2 string tunes :)

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Kye - Posted - 05/16/2021:  06:03:57

I guess it's been around the block, though I friend just shared this video with me where a tune is seemingly played on a single string, using only one loooong bow stroke. I figured well that could well be a fun little excercise. Aside from trying to figure out what he's playing (anyone know? ) does anyone know of any other 1 string tunes? If not, what are some fun two string tunes? Yes, I know there are plenty, but many minds are always better than one, and I'm sure there'll be answers I've not yet thought of and tunes I don't know :)

ChickenMan - Posted - 05/16/2021:  09:14:53

Post a link?

doryman - Posted - 05/16/2021:  12:39:37

So, so many two string, first position only, songs! Angeline the Baker immediately to mind.

DougD - Posted - 05/16/2021:  13:06:00

Old Molly Hare

Jimbeaux - Posted - 05/16/2021:  15:21:13

Candy Girl (Uncle Bunt Stephens), Go Home With the Girls in the Morning (Deseret String Band), Bile them Cabbage Down, and now I'm drawing a blank...

Tunes that stick to two strings and great for you first experimentations with transposing to another key

ChickenMan - Posted - 05/16/2021:  15:53:06

Sheep Shell Corn by the Rattlin'of its Horn

Flat_the_3rd_n7th - Posted - 05/16/2021:  16:30:42

Doesn't the OP mean a whole tune played on just one bow stroke on the same string, or with only one string crossing? Slur the whole thing on one string.

Just guessing with no video

alaskafiddler - Posted - 05/16/2021:  20:31:15

Only tunes in first position?

There are enormous amount of first position 2 string tunes in key of D or A.

Essentially any tune the melody fits one octave, either with tonic at ends or fifths at ends; for example open A to A on E string. (can also add step to B note). Lot's of tunes fit that.

Single string? Not many melodies would fit single string in first position... limited to only cover a fifth. Mary Had a Little Lamb. Baby-O, Old Cattail...

Of course if you can shift between first and third position (and maybe fourth), can play a lot more tunes. That can be fun to add the lower adjacent drone.


The fiddle tune examples mentioned above involve use rhythmic bowing to make musical.

Whole tune on one bow? I would probably look at slow airs or dirges perhaps.

Edited by - alaskafiddler on 05/16/2021 20:41:02

46davis - Posted - 05/16/2021:  23:00:52

You can do Rye Straw on one string in a low I-Q version and one key.

The Violin Beautiful - Posted - 05/17/2021:  06:51:57

Paganini’s variations on Rossini’s “Moses” are great. The whole piece is played on the G string. If played in its intended manner, the G is tuned up to a Bb. It’s a good showstopper.

The story is that Paganini would prepare a violin so that its strings would break during a piece so that only the G remained. Then he’d show the audience that he could play a while set of variations on only one string. He encouraged all kinds of wild rumors about him having written it, for example while being imprisoned for the murder of a fellow suitor.

It’s a lot of fun to play and always brings the house down

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