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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: I'm a lonesome ol polecat

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Astrang - Posted - 05/12/2021:  13:13:05

I named this little tune after me! My little buddy Mohawk passed away a several days ago and I have just been lost without him. I’m totally heartbroken. I didn’t know it could even get this bad. A little more than fourteen years of everyday companionship.

Like so many times before, I should have practiced this tune more before I recorded it. (tuned down half step, playing as though in the key of D, only two chords of D & A)

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 05/12/2021:  18:29:52

Randy, nice tune and fiddling...Mike liked it too. Enjoyed listening. We're so sorry to hear about Mohawk...we know the pain...our dogs are such a huge part of the family. Take care, and keep on a-fiddling.

Astrang - Posted - 05/12/2021:  19:11:15

Thank you Peggy, and Mike thank you also.

He looked like a punk rocker but he loved fiddle music.

Flat_the_3rd_n7th - Posted - 05/12/2021:  19:17:49

I'm so sorry to hear about Mohawk. Dawgs, as we call them in Arkansas, sure do capture your heart. I told Amos and Cooter, and they allowed their condolences, too. You need you another pup.

The tune sounds great. Did you write it? even better if so. I can hear your recuperation. Sounded good to begin with, sounding better along.

Astrang - Posted - 05/12/2021:  20:07:12

Thanks Scott, and hello Amos and Cooter. I don’t know about another pup, I don’t think I could go through this again. Me and Mohawk, we had each other’s back.

As for the tune, yes I wrote it one afternoon in about forty-five minutes, it’s taken me a solid month to learn it and get this far along. I would like to get it a little cleaner and maybe just a little bit faster.

RichJ - Posted - 05/13/2021:  14:06:33

So sorry to hear of your loss Randy. Nice job on the tune, I'm sure Mohawk is listening.

Astrang - Posted - 05/13/2021:  15:23:33

Thank you Rich, I really appreciate the well wishes.

Yup, if he is able to, he is hanging around; he wouldn’t leave till we could go together.

Edited by - Astrang on 05/13/2021 15:33:54

Beebop - Posted - 05/14/2021:  08:45:19

Really good tune mate! A fitting tribute

boxbow - Posted - 05/14/2021:  09:41:58

A good tune to walk the dog by.

Astrang - Posted - 05/14/2021:  12:47:48

Thank you Beebop and Walter, in both regards, for the kind words. It’s nice to have the conversation of the hangout.

Astrang - Posted - 05/14/2021:  13:18:17

When I write one of my little tinker toy tunes, I imagine that my wife is talking to me! I just kind of transfer that over to the fiddle and it comes out like this.

Worked on bettering his grave site today.

Got a wedding to go to tomorrow, maybe that will take my mind off some this for a little while.

Black - Posted - 05/17/2021:  13:40:21

I have always had dogs, but after the last one went I decided I couldnt take the heartbreak anymore. I feel for you, people who dont have dogs dont know what its like, I still miss them years later, hope you start feeling good again soon.

Astrang - Posted - 05/17/2021:  14:10:48

Thank you Black and I certainly agree with you. It’s been ten days now and I’m lost without him. I visit his grave every day.

Astrang - Posted - 05/25/2021:  17:58:31

Mohawk's Grave - a work in progress

Quincy - Posted - 05/26/2021:  21:59:44

Hello Astrang, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. 14 years is a long story together, I hope you can find comfort in the good memories.
Rest in peace Mohawk <3

Astrang - Posted - 05/27/2021:  05:23:05

Thank you Anja, I know you have recently been through this yourself. It’s been a hard lick for me. Still is. But yes, lots of good memories, he was a blast, a real comedian. His is the story of a Dog and his human.

Astrang - Posted - 05/29/2021:  19:52:55

Mohawk’s grave is in a quiet and shady place. When a breeze blows through the surrounding tall pines, it sure does make for a lonesome call. This small stream is only twenty yards away from the grave. You can hear the water running through several stair step water falls. Sycamore Springs keeps the stream running year around. There are several wading pools along the way but the water is to cool for me. It never bothered Mohawk though, he would bust em wide open. He liked this one best; it was just the right depth for him. His grave is up on the left bank.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 05/30/2021:  04:03:55

He has a nice resting place.

Astrang - Posted - 05/30/2021:  05:25:51

Thank you guys for helping me say goodbye to him

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