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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: I had this brilliant idea...

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groundhogpeggy - Posted - 04/29/2021:  09:45:13

...well we had work to do, but I explained to Mike I got hit with a beautiful idea...Bonaparte's Retreat, fingerpicked in A on guitar, very slowly, and melancholy-like...then add fiddle, slowly, in AEAE...not my favorite pitch, but for the sake of guitar...Bonaparte picks very well out of A for guitar... then go up high to 3rd position for one go-round on fiddle...and let that lower string drone so it has a Dead Man's tuning type sound, although tuned AEAE...I've done that before and if you careful and sounds pretty neat.

So I went through the tracks and tried it out...sounded like doo-doo. Went back and tried again...more doo-doo. Tried again, attempting to remember the ideas that weren't coming together to work around and avoid doing the things that didn't sound that great.

Ended up spending a lot of time to make a terrible recording...shut down the presonus and said to myself..."Forget that!" So many brilliant ideas are a big waste of I am so far behind...and gotta think up something for lunch so we don't eat at 2 or something and get the meals all knocked off balance for today, etc. Get all caught ever have those bad, bad fiddling days?

ChickenMan - Posted - 04/29/2021:  09:59:29

But not in drop D on the guitar? smiley Seems only logical, sits nice right there in first position, Open Chord Land.

I have plenty of 'brilliant' ideas that often turn out to be balderdash when it comes time to execute them. 

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 04/29/2021:  10:24:18

Might work out well in Drop D for the low drone of the Dead Man's tuning on fiddle...but I'm not crazy about anything other than strict standard on guitar...seems I'm just wired that way. Like to tune banjo or fiddle...rarely, if ever, fiddle with guitar tunings. But yeah, it would make sense.

doryman - Posted - 04/29/2021:  10:43:14

Musically, only about 1 out of 10 of my "brilliant" ideas end up being listenable, much less brilliant.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 04/29/2021:  12:59:13

I know the feeling.

TuneWeaver - Posted - 04/29/2021:  13:35:29

and, here I always thought that A BRILLIANT IDEA was the equivalent of, "Here! Hold my beer!"smiley

farmerjones - Posted - 04/29/2021:  20:13:12

What you need is Calico. Not the tuning, but the cat. Here's Bonapart Crossing the Rhine. Wait for it. . . .about halfway through.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 04/30/2021:  14:57:13

Hmmm...what's it mean when a Calico Cat crosses your fiddling???? LOL.

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