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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Tuning advice

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farmerjones - Posted - 05/03/2021:  19:47:18

My little amp has a button that pings an A440 tone. I go from there.

Dick Hauser - Posted - 05/31/2021:  07:41:10

There are a wide range of tuners varying in price and accuracy. When referring to a tuner, the name of the tuner should be included. I have 4 or 5 different types of tuners and some are more accurate and provide more features than others.

Swing - Posted - 05/31/2021:  08:48:49

I have two tuners, the first a nice old tuning fork which I had used for years before going digital.... the second is a simple app on my iPhone.... the accuracy of the app is good when checked against other phone based tuners...

Play Happy


46davis - Posted - 06/23/2021:  23:59:17


My question then, is how do I go about getting that E string properly in tune?

A violin isn't tuned on the tempered scale of a piano. It's "perfect" tuned as it's a chromatic instrument, that is you can get any note you want out of it, even on the Arabic 24-tone scale. Get your E string close and then play it with the A string and tune out the beat with the fifth.


pete_fiddle - Posted - 06/24/2021:  14:53:09

All tuning is well and good, electronic or otherwise....until you put your fingers down

Earworm - Posted - 08/15/2021:  06:51:59

Steve Falc You don't have to "hit" your strings with your left hand very hard at all. Is that what you mean? Usually it's better if you don't. I'm sorry, but I'm unfamiliar with your James Hetfield reference, but I'm sure others will get it.

Edited by - Earworm on 08/15/2021 06:52:32

ChickenMan - Posted - 08/15/2021:  08:37:26

I suspect Steve is a potential spammer. All of the comments posted by that account have been about guitar and has had some creative spelling (lice instead of like, followed by like spelled correctly).

James is the lead singer/rhythm guitar for the band Metallica. 

Edited by - ChickenMan on 08/15/2021 08:38:13

martynspeck - Posted - 08/16/2021:  11:42:03


Originally posted by doryman

Please forgive this question which has likely been asked and answered 1000 times here. In my defense I've only been at this for a little more than a year and mostly doing it alone on account of Covid (no live teacher). I see the various post regarding electronic tuners and equal temperament and perfect fifths and justly tuned fifths and pythagoreans...and it's a bit confusing and there seems to be some disagreements on these threads about what it all means and what we should be doing about it.

I think I do understand now that using an electronic tuner (which I've been doing), is not exactly the best way to tune the fiddle because it does not result it justly tuned fifths. Yes? Anyway, I'm now to the point where I think I can hear that it's not right, especially on the E string. When I have everything else working, tuning-wise, to my ear, the E doesn't sound exactly in tune to me, even though the electronic tuner says that it's spot on.

My question then, is how do I go about getting that E string properly in tune?

Use the tuner to get close then adjust until it sounds right. Record yourself playing and decide if you think those notes are in tune or not.

One thing to test your tunings, play the G on the E string and see if the G string vibrates in sympathy. Do this also with the A. A nice way to see of your strings and fingers are all in tune.

NCnotes - Posted - 08/21/2021:  23:15:01

One thought is that double stops are SO important for fiddling, so it's important to get your strings sounding right when two strings are played at once...
that's where I vote for ear tuning over digital/tuner tuning.
(Especially if my A and D are not perfectly in tune with eachother, ouch!! )

I tune with tuning fork at beginning, but as jam goes on, I have learned to tune flat or sharp so I can stay with the group...
so that's another vote for ear over digital tuner ... there are times when you just have to take the banjo player's A even if it's nowhere near 440...

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