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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Emergence of a lurker/playing advice

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Beebop - Posted - 03/28/2021:  06:42:14

Hi! I've been lurking round these forums for while and thought it might be time to show my digital face! Love this site and many of you have given me great advice and tips over the last few years, and ya didn't even know it! SO thankyou.

I've been woodshedding like hell over the various lockdowns and restrictions we've had here in the Uk and I'm pleased with how my playings coming along but was wondering whether some of you experienced fiddlers out there would cast your ears over my playing and give any feedback you might have, all constructive criticism welcome.

I attached 2 videos to my profile, playing Liza Jane and Golden Chain Tree

Thanks alot
Luke =)

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 03/28/2021:  07:19:18

Welcome to the daylight! Glad to hear from you.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 03/28/2021:  07:24:34

Just listened to your tunes...they sound really good to me!

ChickenMan - Posted - 03/28/2021:  08:09:59

Sounds pretty good. You're in tuning, good timing. Pieces, particularly the second part of Golden Chain, sound Irish, or at least not fully American Old Time to me. This is likely due to how you are slurring those passages. I noticed it in Liza Jane too. So what, right? You've likely heard a bit of Irish trad in your days, it's bound to influence. As a dance fiddler, I find your emphasis and conversely, lack of emphasis, is where it... lacks (for loss of a better word). It is dance music after all smiley Watch a few videos of contra and square dances and see how the music is the driver of the dance. 

Again, ultimately it sounds pretty good to my ears. The woodsheding is paying off. 

Edited by - ChickenMan on 03/28/2021 08:11:20

Brian Wood - Posted - 03/28/2021:  08:44:32

Good use of Georgia shuffle, good timing and intonation. Very in control.

Brian Wood - Posted - 03/28/2021:  10:27:40

In terms of advice, which you asked for, I'm constantly learning and don't speak from any high loft. But I hear you playing what I'm guessing is what you probably do best. How do you sound on other kinds of melodies, different keys and tempos? You have good bow control but do you ever use more of the bow? Do you play in higher positions?

Beebop - Posted - 03/30/2021:  13:25:26

Thanks guys for the feedback, and the kind words, at the moment its not possible to get out and play with other people so I'm kind of existing in a musical vacuum, as a guess we all are, with no way of judging my progress so it means alot that you've taken the time to listen and comment
groundhogpeggy thanks alot, I've been enjoying your Youtube channel!
ChickenMan Going back and listening I can hear what you mean about the Irishness of parts, I played guitar in Ceilidh band for years before I took up the fiddle and for my first year of playing I only really played Irish trad so it feels like its almost coming out unconciously! Going to have to listen properly to myself as I play to restrain myself from playing rolls and triplets.
Im totally with you about the dance music thing, its good to be reminded of the importance of that and definately something I'll be mindful of and try to work on
Brian Wood I was suprised when I watched the videos back how little of the bow I use, maybe cos its so close to my face I get the impression than I'm using alot more than I really am, something to think about for sure. I used to do long slow bowing practise I've given it up recently though perhaps it fits in with what you were saying about different tempos, I've only ever played fast dance music but maybe learning some slow elegant Waltzes would encourage me to be a bit more liberal with the bow. There's a great quote from Kevin Burke, an Irish fiddler "your mother paid for the whole bow, so use it"!

Thanks again evryone

DougD - Posted - 03/30/2021:  13:55:35

Another good bow quote from the late JP Fraley's father: "If I'd known you were going to use so little of it I'd have just bought you a file!"

TuneWeaver - Posted - 03/30/2021:  14:44:37

Nice job Luke, on both tunes.. Golden Chain Tree is one of my favorites..!!Thanks for coming out of the 'lurk'!!!

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