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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Scandinavian (swedish) Fiddle

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Banjer - Posted - 03/24/2021:  14:08:18

Hej och hallÄ!

I've been to Sweden a couple of times and I speak the language and now I obviously want to learn the music now that I started playing the fiol. I've always been fascinated by these swedish polskas and always wanted to learn about them and understand what is going on there. Now that I've been playing old-time-fiddle for a few months I think it's time to fiddle around with some traditional swedish folk tunes.
Problem is: I have no Idea where to start. I can't find that many lessons on youtube and I'm not a big fan of sheet music (I can read it but imo it doesn't tell much about the bowing and the feel to this music). I stumbled upon Emelie Waldkens channel on Youtube who gives a good overview about the various styles but she mostly plays the Nyckelharpa and there's not much actual fiddle content on her channel. I really want to get into this style but I haven't find a way yet.
So can anyone help me out? Any recommendations on where to start with this style?

brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 03/24/2021:  14:56:35

gapbob - Posted - 03/25/2021:  09:56:38

Folklore village has classes on dancing and music (understanding the dancing is a big part of understanding the music). There are high-level jams that are going on around the country, but those might not be at your level of learning.

The problem is that the number of styles is large, each city/province? has their own style, the number of dance types is large, and the documented quantity of tunes is enormous.

If you mention where you are located, I might be able to find a place for you to go (after covid opens up some) or perhaps a jam over zoom.

Lots of the music is in dots.

There is(was) a website in Sweden that has 80,000 tunes that were collected in the early 20th century. <-haven't gotten it to load yet

Some links: <-Minnesota based

brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 04/02/2021:  07:40:26

You might find something of interest at this website - you'll have to do some searching ...

catty - Posted - 04/09/2021:  16:50:45

Emelie also plays fiddle and it seems I've seen several of her fiddle tutorials. The background she provides for the tunes are excellent for familiarizing yourself with the idiom.

I recommend the Schott publication 'Scandinavian Fiddle Tunes' with accompanying CD. I bought it when I first started on hardanger fiddle, but seems most of the tunes are Swedish.

Jimbeaux - Posted - 04/10/2021:  07:54:30

Send me a pm and I can get you in touch with a Swedish fiddler I know

gapbob - Posted - 04/15/2021:  10:07:26

The link I had above that does not work seems to be here now:

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