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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: online instructors and lessons, Fiddlehed

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mikeburns - Posted - 03/03/2021:  08:42:13

I have been limping along trying to learn on my own for quite some time. I've watched lots of videos, and learned a few tunes, but seem to be at a bit of a standstill. I'd like to go back and make sure that my basics are correct in terms of technique, etc. I subscribed to Bluegrass Daddy, and I'm satisfied with it. But John doesn't get into the basics as much as I hoped. It seems that he's more into teaching tunes, etc. It appears that Jason at Fiddlehed does get more into basic teaching. What are your basic opinions of the value gained from Fiddlehed compared to the cost? is it worth it? I realize that's an opinion, and that opinions vary. It just seems a bit pricey to me. Maybe I'm just a tight wad. Im willing to spend the money, just curious about what you folks think.

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Quincy - Posted - 03/03/2021:  10:15:32

As a beginner I adore Fiddlehed for the free stuff you can find online and inspiration for easy beginner tunes.

My own teacher plays her own style and I get recordings of each song performed by her, it took me seven months before I could play along with her recordings, she makes it complicated , but sometimes it's good to aim high.

Luckily I had Fiddlehed and other YouTube Channels to find more accessible performances of the tunes I was studying.

I love Jason's relaxed soft style of playing while explaining a tune step by step, it gives me more freedom to find my own sound, because he keeps his sound basic and not too complicated which is very nice when you just picked up a violin.

However , after seven months I am also totally proud I can finally keep up with my teacher's recordings, she takes very long bows and it took me quite a while to figure out how on earth she did this, but finally I can play more or less as stretched out as she can and we sound 'together' now when I practice with the recordings ( instead of me being ahead all of the time and running out of bow :-D)

Many roads lead to Rome, and for each approach there will be something to say.

Edited by - Quincy on 03/03/2021 10:21:53

doryman - Posted - 03/03/2021:  10:59:50

Hi Mike. I started playing the fiddle as a covid project, so I have not had the luxury of a live and in person teacher yet. As a result, I have tried, and still use, many of the online sites. To me, they all have different strengths. I ended up subscribing to Jason's Fiddlehed site because he provided so much content online, for free, and I benefitted greatly from it. Basically, he earned my subscription. Of all the canned lessons I have paid for at some point over this last year (Bluegrass Daddy, Fiddlehed, Darol Anger, Ian Walsh,, Jason at Fiddlehed is by far the most actively and presently engaged with his students with lots of tips, lessons and exercises for beginners.

I guess the best way to sum it up is that, with Jason, it feels more like I have paid for a teacher rather than merely paying for access to recorded material (although he has that too).

mikeburns - Posted - 03/03/2021:  11:41:33

Thanks very much. That's exactly the type of info that I was looing for.

WyoBob - Posted - 03/03/2021:  17:08:56

I've been a subscribed to Fiddlehed for a year.  I think Jason does an outstanding job! I'd taken advantage of his free online posts for awhile and decided he was the best I'd seen so I subscribed.  He's helped me with my fiddle adventure quite a bit.  He's put a lot of thought into his site and it's been very helpful.   I think it is well worth the cost I incurred when first signing up, $26.00 for the "full package" and I wouldn't be where I am today without his efforts.

It's been worth the investment for me, and, it's not a lifetime commitment.  Try it.  If, at some time, you chose to continue without Fiddlehed, you're still far along from where  you would have been without his site.



old cowboy - Posted - 03/04/2021:  05:22:32

I started out with the fiddle two and a half yrs. ago at the age of 75. I have learned what I know almost exclusively from Fiddlehed. Jason is an excellent teacher and seems to be a very kind and gentle man. You won't find any better on the internet. He posts an abundance of free stuff!

DougD - Posted - 03/04/2021:  06:26:17

BTW, Jason is a member here, so if you want to know something that can be put in the form of a question you could ask him. He posts occasionally, and seems interested in how people learn, and what they'd like to know, which is encouraging.

Edited by - DougD on 03/04/2021 06:26:56

sbhikes2 - Posted - 03/05/2021:  07:59:47

I've been taking violin lessons from a local teacher and she does it online because of COVID. It has been very hard, but learning the very basics of violin has been very helpful. I think it is starting to work. There haven't been any jams locally for a while, but we had a jam camping trip recently and people said I had great tone compared to previously. Un-asked-for compliments from random people are a pretty good sign it's working. The music I've been playing is from the Suzuki books and some Barbara Barber books. Not fiddle, but learning how to do difficult string crossings or difficult note combinations makes regular fiddle tunes feel super easy. She tells me little tricks I had know idea about. I have a tune this week that has a lot of + pizzicato, which fiddlers sometimes do and I've always crashed and burned at and these ones are hard so the fiddle tune ones will seem easy after this.

chas5131 - Posted - 03/18/2021:  12:46:08

Great players do not necessarily make great teachers.
Started lessons at two online places after leaving a very negative in person instructor two years earlier. Then I started to realize how good Jason of Fiddlehed is. I saw a Youtube video of Jason of Fiddlehed with his fiddle very close to the camera where it is easy to see what he is doing.

I have been called a natural teacher (not musical). Jason is seven leagues ahead of me as a teacher.

East Texas Fiddle - Posted - 03/19/2021:  07:00:33

Question: does Jason at fiddlehead lean more towards old-time, or bluegrass, or country fiddling? Or is it just general instruction and he doesn't lean towards any genre stylistically?

Edited by - East Texas Fiddle on 03/19/2021 07:01:17

chas5131 - Posted - 03/19/2021:  09:45:28

Courses in Irish and Appalachian fiddling are included.

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