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groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/08/2021:  14:11:44

Well I'm putting the ol' broken arm out of mind by now...still got one more month to go before it's supposed to be all well...still gets sore and swollen whenever i try anything new...that's my thinking it's gone...hard luck gone.

But then our computer crashed...ok daughter gave us her old one and we got the presonus back up and running, although I don't like the version we have now and still don't know how to use it, have no comfort level with that or the new video maker I use to get youtubes up, but I'm putting that out of my mind problem anymore because I'm ready to move on from that.

Then yesterday I was gonna record a really tough tune I learned off of Bluegrassdaddy...of course I sorta messed with it to make it more like I can get, it's still tricky and difficult at least for me. Blue Violet Waltz. So I kept messing it up, because Sunday is Granny Day and I knew in the back of my mind grandson would be here any minute so I was kinda hurrying...never good to do. So I finally reasoned with myself to quit and take it back up the next day, which is today.

So this morning, after calling my Dad, which I do every day now...I ran down there to the presonus with my fiddle and coffee...determined to put that fiddle track on there real nice. Well then suddenly, the tracks are going all off in their own directions, like 50 people practicing and not paying any attention to each I was in the Twilight Zone. For a while I just questioned my"Did I play that way???? All jumbled up like that?" Then I figured since I was questioning my own sanity, I must be sane, or as close to it as I ever was, and finally thought this thing out and remembered that you CAN actually MOVE tracks into different locations within a recording. Now, I don't have any idea HOW to do that, because I can't think of any reason I would ever wanna do that. But I remembered that I know it CAN be done...and so I figured somehow I must've accidentally hit something to move the tracks around. But since I don't know how, and this new software looks so different than the old one I was used to...I thought it's just all so messed up I should walk away...make lunch, eat lunch, come back after lunch.

So I did that...made lunch, ate lunch came back down again. So I decided since the tracks were not in their proper positions, I needed to start all over from scratch again. So I did...I started all over...put the scratch track on with the metronome, started putting on guitar and banjo tracks, and finally got the fiddle and started trying my best to get a decent-sounding fiddle track on there so I could put the thing onto youtube.

But suddenly...the room went dark, and quiet. The computer went dark and quiet...power outage. You're not supposed to do that with the presonus...well i didn't do it, but it got done. So then I went back upstairs and we looked on a cell phone about the it just said on their site they'd be down for several hours.

So when the power came back up...i, again, went down to the presonus and fired it all back up again...well, it wouldn't make any sound on headphones, no sound on computer speakers. The little things were jumping up and down to indicate sound going on ...but no sound could be heard.

So I got onto studio one website and looked up that sound...and the best I can figure what I have to do is to re-load the studio one software again. Oh, man I hate that kinda stuff. So I made coffee and said " I'm tired of this crap!" Where's a jamming pal? I'm tired of machines as my of these days when I feel like fighting with getting the software on there again and going through all of that...I guess I'll do it. Not because I like computers and technology, but because I love music. That's hard luck story. I'm gonna call BV Waltz "Bad Vibes Waltz," from here on Maybe one day I'll be able to finally record that thing.

RichJ - Posted - 02/09/2021:  04:37:09

...and they told her "Cheer up, things could be worse." So she cheered up, and sure enough, things got worse.

Hang in there Peggy, we love ya'.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/09/2021:  07:26:50

Lol...ok, I cheered up in time for the foot of snow that buried us I'm gonna take a few days off from worrying over the presonus and then figure out what to do about it later.  I did enjoy shoveling with my new bionic wrist.  A little painful, but I love to work, so it was fun just to be able to again!

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 02/09/2021 07:28:03

Hoodoo - Posted - 02/09/2021:  07:39:17

Sorry to hear about your hard luck. Hopefully things will get better soon.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/09/2021:  08:19:51

Thanks, David! I'm allergic to updated technologies is Hopefully after not thinking about it for a while we can figure out what to do to get my recording studio up and working's just so funny that since the broken arm in September it seems the forces are against me when it comes to recording

DougD - Posted - 02/09/2021:  18:11:15

Peggy, I hesitate to offer advice since you don't look at this at all the way I do, but here's a little anyway.
I don't know about Studio One specifically, but generally when you record a track its stored in a folder like "Recordings" or "Songs" or "Pool" as a separate audio file. Then there is a file called "Project" or "Song" that stores information about how these files are to be played - when they start and stop, levels, fades, effects, etc. Then when you mixdown or "render" the song, the program follows the instructions in this file to create the mixdown. The original files are not altered.
The fact that your tracks were jumbled up suggests that they were OK, but the project file was corrupted somehow - maybe a power glitch before the outage.
That you have no sound suggests that something is muted, or that the output is not routed correctly, especially if the meters are moving. Uninstalling and reinstalling the program may solve the problem, but you may also lose all your recordings, depending on the choices you are given in the process.
Hope this helps. If power outages are a problem in your area you can buy a battery backup power supply that will protect your work.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/09/2021:  19:29:26

Thanks, Doug. In a day or two I will try to check and see if all those things are in order...I hate to think of installing the whole thing another time. We don't usually have power outages often enough that I'm recording when it was just extra lousy luck that day. I'm gonna have a look into it again in a few days...once my fed -up- technological feeling wears off a little bit.

banjopaolo - Posted - 02/10/2021:  23:26:27

Peggy I’m sorry for all your misadventures , can’t wait to hear your tune...

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/11/2021:  15:09:52

Thanks, Paolo!

Well today I fired up that ol' Presonus, just to argue with it or get into some technological battle or whatever... and ...well, it works again! Ok, mysteriously, it works again. Of course I lost all the stuff I was working on...several times over I lost it, if you remember from my

So...well now that we are under 14 inches of snow and out shoveling away every minute we can get...well not quite every minute, but more than we'd like to be doing...anyway, now my bionic arm is kinda swollen again and hurting...deep pain inside my arm...which happens anytime I do anything that little annoying reminder that I broke and had surgery on that arm almost 5 months ago...I'm out of time for recording tonight anyhow...supper gotta be cooked and eaten and then I paint with daughter and grandson...but're only a day away...I hope to get a little coffee in me and run down to that cold presonus room, fire that thing up and get back to my efforts to record Blue Violet's really hard and I can barely shake my way through the I just wanna play it. Now that I've had so many obstacles to climb over, it's making me wanna play the thing even more! So...let's see if I can start over from scratch again on that one in the morning. Presonus, don't let me down!

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/11/2021:  20:20:34

Well it won't be tomorrow morning...grandson wants to go to the zoo. So...leaving a tune hanging like I've done Blue Violet Waltz drives me totally nuts...but I'll get through tomorrow and then Saturday I sure hope to start Blue Violet Waltz from scratch...yet one more time...and hope I can get it done this time.

ChickenMan - Posted - 02/12/2021:  08:15:05

Zoo? Under 14" of snow and you're going to the zoo? Sounds cold and miserable. You should just recruit the lad to do some of that shoveling laugh

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/12/2021:  16:06:37

Covid has him feeling extra lonely and, yeah...we went to the zoo and froze to death. Saw African painted dogs and a cheetah...none of the other residents were outside. We went to the apes' indoor area but they refused to look in our were like..."Why are you here...are you flatout nuts?" So today we froze...tomorrow I HOPE to get back to Blue Violet to warm up.

TuneWeaver - Posted - 02/12/2021:  16:29:33


Originally posted by groundhogpeggy

Covid has him feeling extra lonely and, yeah...we went to the zoo and froze to death. Saw African painted dogs and a cheetah...none of the other residents were outside. We went to the apes' indoor area but they refused to look in our were like..."Why are you here...are you flatout nuts?" So today we froze...tomorrow I HOPE to get back to Blue Violet to warm up.

I'm trying but can't come up with a 'snarky' comment about this zoo stuff.. I'll just go back to my cage and wait for feeding time..


DougD - Posted - 02/12/2021:  18:03:13

Sounds like a pretty limited zoo experience. That giant anaconda that would have enjoyed wrapping its 12 foot long body around grandson's head and neck was probably too sleepy!
Maybe you should have just invited him to bring his electric guitar over so you could wail with him on your harp!
Or maybe just make snow angels. That's always fun.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/12/2021:  18:41:02

Believe it or not, he had a really great time at the was us grownups that suffered through the whole experience...even the polar bears weren't does that tell ya?

DougD - Posted - 02/12/2021:  19:25:59

Zoos are exciting places for young people, but you can't be too careful:

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/13/2021:  05:04:14

Definitely gotta watch out for

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/13/2021:  07:52:38

Well I'm thawed out from the zoo experience yesterday and my presonus is back in working order again, so I made the Blue Violet Waltz youtube and have it up on the Sound Off forum, in case anybody is bored enough to go not...just have a good day and try to stay warm...stay away from the lions.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/14/2021:  12:09:31

Well I was messin' around with Chinese Breakdown on the ol' presonus for a few minutes this morning...and I realized, since i got the newer software with it, the studio one-2 or whatever they call it...the sound is too shrill on there. I had the opposite "problem," although I didn't consider it a problem, so I'll say the opposite situation, with the previous version of studio one...things got to muddly-bassy at times. I had to be careful with the ol' Alvarez guitar because, like if I held down the low string with a C chord, sometimes it got muddled up with overwhelming bass...that guitar has a rich, mellow, bassy tone anyhow, so I had to be careful how I played it on the presonus.

Well, seems everything is too shrill sounding. The fiddle flatout hurts my ears to hear cuts with shrillness and high pitchy screeching (yes, I know...could be my playin', but it's worse than the usual) Chinese Breakdown, I was just gonna take a few quick mintues to play it for fun, put it up on youtube...but, well I did that, but I kept re-playing the fiddle part, like dozens of times, standing close to the mic, far away...doing different things like that trying to figure out why it was cutting straight into my eardrums (it did that on another tune I recently put up on youtube and took back down, Jake Gilley...the sound just bothered me so I took that one back off youtube)..., well, onto today with Chinese Breakdown...I just never could get the fiddle to sound right...just hurting to hear it. So I looked into "effects," which for me is a dangerous place to go to...since I know absolutely nothing and have no patience for's like...yeah I want the car to go when I drive but I really don't wanna bog myself down by learning to change the brake shoes or reset the timing or, I wanna record have no patience for bogging myself learing all about sound's pretty complicated and I want my machine to do that for me.

So I grabbed up the one that said Equalizer...because I'm figuring that might be something to do with the bass vs shrillness, but have no idea...and started just turning all the virtual knobs on that until I "thought," imagination or for real...I was in a hurry who knows...but I thought it got mellower and less shrill and screechy, but it still sounds funny. I did put it up on youtube, but I'm in a hurry right now so maybe I'll link it later.

Anybody know anything about this? I want more bass, not an overwhelming amount, but like it seems like the sound frequency is pitched up to treble, shrill, ear-stabbing sounds instead of more rich and mellow, which would just be easier to listen to. Anybody know how to explain it to somebody totally impatient, inexperienced, and ignorant about such things???? I'll try my best to listen and figure out what it is you're trying to

Well's the one I did today...the guitars (I played in a couple different keys with capos or without, which I often do)...are just "noisy" sounding to me...I think shrillness is why...the fiddle might sound better because I did turn all those knobs, not having one clue what I was doing but trying to go by if the sound was mellowing I thought it sounded better after I twisted up all those virtual knobs, but I'm not sure.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/14/2021:  12:16:48

I did turn the guitars way down because they were just annoying to hear. I guess my question is, does anybody know if there might be some automatic setting somewhere in there that balances out the bass vs treble pitches, or whatever frequencies maybe it is, so that it sounds mellower and not so shrill???? Do I have to learn to turn that maddening multitude of virtual equalizer knobs everytime I play anything??? Or is that even the right thing???

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 02/14/2021 12:17:11

pete_fiddle - Posted - 02/14/2021:  13:13:00

A much used setting for backing guitar is to cut the middle frequencies, i guess around the 3.5khz and make a "Smiley Face" (on a Graphic Equalizer) for the rest of the frequencies.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/14/2021:  16:14:57

Hmmm...I don't remember seeing any smiling faces, or other faces either...

pete_fiddle - Posted - 02/15/2021:  00:31:01


Originally posted by groundhogpeggy

Hmmm...I don't remember seeing any smiling faces, or other faces either...


Smiley Face EQ

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 02/15/2021:  04:17:44

Oh...ok...thanks, Pete! Now you're talkin' my

pete_fiddle - Posted - 02/15/2021:  05:33:46

i think a general rule would be, that if you don't want an instrument or voice to stand out in a mix, cut the mid frequencies subtly , say 1Khz to 3 or 4 Khz....And slope the other frequencies down to meet it/them, (to make the smiley face) , and vice versa. Boosting frequencies usually sounds unnatural and harsh but cutting them slightly seems to sound natural...A bit like leaving the bar and listening to the music from another room.It usually sounds better from the other room..... just got to play around with it and see what happens....

Edited by - pete_fiddle on 02/15/2021 05:34:41

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