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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: New recording software giving me problems

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link:

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/15/2021:  14:33:35

Hey computer crashed and I hooked up a newer one...had to get studio one software reloaded and they made me take a newer version. Well...I kept thinking I was having trouble getting anything to sound right on there...I've only used it a couple of times so I realized...there is a lag in what I hear on my headphones and what I play...or the other way around. Sometimes I realize it sounds like somebody else is in there playing banjo with me...because I hear my playing and then an echo or something and it just sounds terrible when I get done because my tracks end up slightly out of rhythm with each other. I was wondering if there's some default reverb setting going on in there or's making it really difficult for me to play and make anything sound halfway decent. Anybody got an idea what is going on? my old studio one didn't do that...I heard exactly what I played and it was easy to play in I put a scratch track up so I could put up a banjo tune...only to wear my broken, or well or whatever arm out having to retry until I just got tired of trying to make the scratch track line up with the banjo what in the world? I gotta get this fixed...ain't no fun. Anybody have any ideas? Just another thing to drive me crazy in a world plenty full of crazy. I want my old studio one back, but I guess I can't have it. Gotta figure this new one out.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/15/2021 14:35:24

bees - Posted - 01/15/2021:  15:58:50

Go to Song>Song Setup>General>Preferences>Audio Device and set the block size to 128 or less (use 64 as the lowest). Then go to Processing (right beside Audio Device) and set Drop Out Protection to Medium or lower (Low). Hopefully that will work.

There should be no reverb on unless you yourself put it on. Sounds like a latency issue that hopefully the above instructions will deal with...

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/15/2021:  16:28:36

Thank you so much, Bob! I will try that first thing in the morning! I sure appreciate that...hope that takes care of it.

DougD - Posted - 01/15/2021:  17:54:13

Here's probably more than you want to know about the problem, from the manufacturer:
Certainly more than I want to know. I think if you skip to the section "Solving the problem," monitor from your interface, and use the "blend" control (or whatever they call it) you should be able to hear what you're playing in real time, in sync with the playback from the computer, and the problem should be solved.
BTW, I was puzzled when you said you'd had "1" but now you have "2." You mean versions 1 and 2, right? The program is still called "Studio One" isn't it? Anyway, I went to the website, and it looks like they're up to "Studio One 5," and that there's a free version, "Prime," which I downloaded and installed. Haven't really used it and probably won't, but I may explore it a bit, and it could be a help for you if you have trouble accessing the program again.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/15/2021:  19:31:36

Thanks, Doug. I'll have a look at that...hopefully I won't end up knowing more than I wanna happens with these types of things. I will look into that though...gonna have to be after morning coffee tomorrow. Yes it's called Studio One...apparently the one I had before was Studio One 1...and then when I got onto it again, it came on the computer as Studio One 2... I don't really know how I ended up with that...Mike was helping me and he has no idea either...we're technical dummies so we can't ever figure out what's going on. I just know I need to get this problem straightened out. With the old version I had before I never had anything like this...I played and it sounded just like what I was playing...I could line up a bunch of tracks and they all sounded good together...the couple of times I've used this version, I've thought I keep hearing another banjo, guitar, not the one I was playing...that's really a disturbing thing to happen while you're trying to play...sounds like a mess when you get it done. Hopefully I can look into some of these suggestions here and find what the solution is. I appreciate it.

DougD - Posted - 01/16/2021:  06:03:27

Peggy, here's a video from Presonus that explains what Bob was talking about (plus a lot more). Maybe it will be heloful.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/16/2021:  07:32:52

Thanks, Doug...I'm thinking I've just now had enough coffee too start looking into this.

DougD - Posted - 01/16/2021:  09:10:47

Peggy, I made a pot of coffee, but had to take a nap before I got to drink it!
Don't know what Presonus interface you have, but these days this is the most basic:
A short way down the page there's a series of videos from Sweetwater including "Interface setup and start page" that might be helpful.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/16/2021:  09:18:23

Ok I couldn't make any of this work...for one thing, I'm stupid...but beyond tabs and words Bob put up weren't there...I looked for anything similar but couldn't find it. Then I followed the youtube...the little wrench at the top used to be on my old Studio One, but it's conveniently missing on the newer version I have I looked all over for a wrench or some way to get into the stuff the guy was doing and couldn't find that either. I don't understand all the tech talk on their site. My studio one says there's an upgrade available, but when we tried to upgrade, it wanted a key number for a new device and wouldn't take mine. I don't know what to do...feeling very discouraged about this...I just can't play with the sound being all funky like that...Mike says after we get over this feeling of wanting to smash the computer with a sledgehammer, we should go back and see if we can "downgrade," somehow, to look and see if it would be possible to get on their site and get the earlier version I had before back again...that one even had the wrench, although I never had to use it because I was happy with how it all worked on its default settings it already had going.

On top of that, my seed company, an heirloom seed company that has all sorts of weird heirloom veggies and new ones each year...weird old seeds from around the world...I was waiting and waiting for this year's catalog and just heard from them they are shutting down...didn't understand if it meant just temporarily or bums me out because I had big plans for new gardening adventures this year.

Besides that my arm is swollen and hurting because I clawhammered this week...ouch...hasn't hurt like this for a few weeks, so I guess now I have to go through the frustrations of resting my right arm again...thought I was over that. Did I mention I am totally bummed out? Oh yeah then there's that pandemic and all that other unbelievable insanity be happy. I am happy that my knowledgeable friends here at FHO are willing to try to help with my recording troubles...guys, I sure appreciate it so much. Maybe somehow I'll get it figured out.

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/16/2021 09:19:48

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/16/2021:  09:37:19

Ok well we were talking about all of this...and Mike had an idea which I cannot even begin to tell, but to look at audio box settings...I don't even know what that is, but then he put a number (that sounded like all this junk or related to it) down a notch...I talked into the thing and I THINK it's better!!!! I'm not entirely sure...I need to try to play music and see if I can play along with tracks, how music goes, but just going by talking into it...I'm thinking it was better. I'm not gonna test it with music today because my arm is swollen and hurting...but as soon as it starts feeling better, gonna try...hoping it works...thanks again, guys...the terms and stuff helped him to think about trying this other thing, whatever it is...I have no idea what, but just hoping it's better now! I'll let y'all know.

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/16/2021 09:37:59

bees - Posted - 01/16/2021:  10:22:25

Sounds like you have made a step in the right direction. I used Studio One 3 Artist for a few years and upgraded to Studio One 5 Pro a few months ago. I am quite happy with Studio One.

The version you are using: when did you buy it? Is the program you are trying to get to work now the same program you were using on your last computer or did you buy a new version for the new computer? I use a Mac and there are some differences between a Mac and a PC. Are you using a PC or Mac? When I fire up Studio One, across the top of the screen there's a 'button' labelled Studio One. If you hit that button and then About Studio One you will be able to see what version you are using and it will also give you your Product Key Code.

How did you receive the version you are trying to use? Did you download it off the internet or do you have CD discs that you used to upload it? CD discs should have the code on them as well. If you downloaded it off the internet you likely downloaded it from Presonus in which case I assume you have an account on Presonus' website. If so, then your account there also has the product code and Presonus' support services are very good. You can go to your account online there and submit a 'ticket' and they will answer your questions.

So, PC or Mac? What version are you using? Do you have an account at Presonus?

Edited by - bees on 01/16/2021 10:26:05

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/16/2021:  11:31:42

Thanks, Bob. Unfortunately, we have Windows PC...I think Macs probably are better with this sort of thing. I bought this presonus back around 2009 and hooked it up in 2013 for the first time...didn't buy anything new. We loaded it with a disc that came with it, but computer crashed a few weeks back and when we reloaded it we apparently got a different version...Studio One 2, it looks like. It's really different from the one I had before. When my arm feels better I'm gonna try some music on there and see if it's speaking into the mic I thought it sounded better, but it's easier to tell when you get to playing music. The computer is used only for recording music...we use our Chromebooks for everything it has one purpose and isn't used other than recording my music.  I sure appreciate all the help.

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/16/2021 11:33:01

alaskafiddler - Posted - 01/16/2021:  12:12:55


Originally posted by DougD

 monitor from your interface, and use the "blend" control (or whatever they call it) you should be able to hear what you're playing in real time, in sync with the playback from the computer, and the problem should be solved.

You left out one aspect. You need to turn off or mute  the computer monitoring for the track you are recording. Without that it will still be sending back the computers delayed signal of that track. Manually you might be able to just hit the mute button for that track.

Some DAWs will default to that... that is mutes the input track when you arm it; sometimes only when record actually starts. Might check the preferences.


A quick description... what you play into the mic, goes into the Presonus (or interface) analog to digital converter, sent over USB, and received in computer, and program, and reads and writes data, then sends that all back thru the USB bus to Presonus, digital converted back to analog in the headphones. That all processing takes time, depending on settings can be maybe 10 milliseconds or less (barely noticeable); to 100 milliseconds or more (annoying echo) By using direct monitoring (and muting as above), you eliminate that, and just hear the live mic of the original analog, no delay. 

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/16/2021:  13:12:41

Ok, thanks. This is all way beyond I've gotta get it going. I'll check what we tried so far as soon as my arm gets better again after turning it back into mush by clawhammering.

alaskafiddler - Posted - 01/16/2021:  13:41:53

Sorry if second part got too techy for you... it was just explaining why of the delay.

For a simpler thing to try from of the first part. On the track you are live recording banjo, (or whatever inst); there is a M (which stands for mute). Click that on while recording should make the echo go away.


I think, but not sure, the other button in lower right corner of same box, below the S... next to the big circle... is the monitor button for recording. That can be turned on or off. Make sure it's off.

Edited by - alaskafiddler on 01/16/2021 13:49:03

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/16/2021:  14:14:13

Oh, Ok...that actually makes Thanks.

bees - Posted - 01/16/2021:  15:59:27

If you have Studio One 2, check out this youtube: It's a beginner's look at Studio One 2 on a PC.

Looking at that video, I see that there were major changes between Studio One 2 and Studio One 3 (my first version of Studio One) so I can't provide specific instructions for your version.

I checked the Sweetwater site and it looks like you can upgrade to Studio One 5 Artist for $50. Having said that, I can understand sticking with what you have if you can make it work. If you get totally bummed out with Studio One 2 and don't want to upgrade it you could try the free Audacity daw software. I used that for many years before getting Studio One and still occasionally use it but Studio One 5 is far superior to Audacity.

A confusing thing to me is that you state that you used the same program discs to upload Studio One to the new computer that you used to upload it to the old computer. If that is the case then I can't see how the program could have changed between the two computers.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/16/2021:  18:51:28

Ok...that was good...thanks, Bob. He mentioned a latency youtube he made so I found that one and watched...whew...I didn't know about any of that stuff...very involved...but I guess if I watch it a few times maybe I'll learn something.

DougD - Posted - 01/17/2021:  17:43:11

Peggy, are you talking about Southern Exposure seed exchange? If so, they're not closing down, just limiting ordering times. Kind of like trying to get vaccinated. If not, they're a good resource.
As far as Studio One, I think if I were you you I'd go to the Presonus website and download Studio One 5 Prime. Its free and the latest versiion, so the instructiional videos hopefully will make sense. That's what I did last week, and it looks pretty capable.
Looks like bees is familiar with the program and alaskafiddler understands digital recording on the computer, so I'll just wish you good luck.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/17/2021:  19:00:42

Thanks, Doug. Guys I sure do appreciate all the ideas...I think if I get time in the morning I might try something on there and see where I stand with it all.

Doug, the seed company I usually buy from is Baker Creek Heirloom...they have all sorts of heirloom seeds from weird, forgotten places around the world. I've always used heirloom seeds, but once I got into ordering from this place I changed from regular ol' veggies to weird and unusual veggies...strange stuff. I love growing a jungle of the familiar and the weird in our little postage stamp yard...some years are very successful, interesting and tasty...other years I go too far into the experimental realm and just create a I found out they aren't closing down for good the place you mentioned, it's temporary because they have more orders than they can hopefully if I sit tight I'll get my turn before planting time.

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/17/2021 19:01:36

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/18/2021:  14:42:27

Ok well I tried to record a little tune today. At first, it was working great...I was so happy. So I got called away by my grandson at one point to play a game with him. Went over for a couple hours, came back and wanted to hurry and finish my recording before supper, because it drives me crazy to leave something half done in the same day...decided to re-do the fiddle part because I wasn't crazy about my that and felt like I had done better with it. then I thought I'd sing it again, because I chose a terrible key for my voice...either too low or too first I had sung it really didn't sound good, so I tried it high. Put on a track too went on fine and no echo...then I decided to just do another one of those because my singing wasn't too good on the really high I opened up another track, then it stopped recording...right then and there. Got out of back in, checked the settings we had changed that made the echo leave...all good...checked everything...cord connections, mic on...etc., etc., etc., everything I could possibly think of ...spent over an hour just checking stuff and got fed up and decided to come on back up and start supper. This will drive me crazy to have something half finished hanging in the air, but more than that, after getting all happy that the presonus worked again, now I'm on that roller it's NOT working again...ugh...I won't have any more time tonight, busy in the morning too, so one of these days I'll get back to it and see if I can think up anything else to look for as to what could be causing the NEW problem.  I'm getting close to thinking I should just settle for back porch fiddling all by myself...except...well it's too

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/18/2021 14:44:33

DougD - Posted - 01/18/2021:  16:29:21

Sorry you're still having trouble. I have no further ideas.
However, re: seed sources - Here is the website for Suthern Exposure seed exchange:
As fine a flock of hippies as you'd ever want to see. They even have a cheery guitar and a (gag) banjo in their group photo!
Looks like they have a few things from far 'n' away.

alaskafiddler - Posted - 01/18/2021:  17:35:49

Not sure what stopped recording means.

1. That the transport won't work, that is when hit record the track/clock doesn't move forward.

2. That the record button, or arm button won't activate.

3. That above works, but no sound was recorded. I opened up another track,

For this latter, what I have found; make sure your new track has the correct input assigned.  Sometimes a new track will auto assign a new input; for example first new track will select input 1 or L; then next new track will select input 2 or R.  You should also be able to check see the meter on the track move as you speak or play. 

[FWIW, you should be able to duplicate a track setup and it  will keep whatever settings; input, EQ... ]

There are some other common possibilities of what it could be, but I would start with that.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/18/2021:  18:08:56

You got it, Alaska Fiddler...I know better than to forget to check the input channel...but I think I was so exhausted and halfway panicky over new stuff I didn't notice it was on the wrong That's embarrassing. Then I had to fight with the windows movie maker, which is, of course, all different and confusing to day maybe I'll get it. If I didn't love to record music so, I put up with a lot over my love of playing. Here's what I got today as my test...I call it a test of my sanity. Doug...I'll have a look at the weird seed site...I need weird seeds! Thanks.

banjopaolo - Posted - 01/18/2021:  23:00:11

Peggy I’d say that we can be reassired about your sanity... that video is very nice :-)

ChickenMan - Posted - 01/19/2021:  04:21:17


bees - Posted - 01/21/2021:  07:36:17

Wonderful recording!! Glad to see you are zeroing in on it!

As AKfiddler says, it's easy to miss setting the input channel correctly, just need to pay attention when adding new tracks. Also, with my versions of Studio One, you have to 'arm' the track for recording before hitting the 'record' button. Very easy to forget to 'arm' the track, hit record, and wind up with nothing...

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/22/2021:  05:55:02

Yes, that was just my oversight...but i got panicky, given all the problems before

The tune I played was something I "made up," (won't say "wrote," because it was never written down) back when I did some volunteering, including music background for an oral history project, back in the early 80s, down in SE KY. At the time, I'd only had 2 day's notice that they decided to put music in the I had to watch the filmstrip, like all night after working all day, cooking supper and helping daughter with homework, etc., to figure out what would go good with the topics in the talking on the filmstrip. I had only one old faithful Fender guitar, lucky to have six strings on there...we had no phone and so I had no time to run around seeking out instruments to I tuned the old Fender to something weird that sounded like a big overgrown dulcimer...then just strummed away as I watched and listened to the subject matter happening. The next day I went to the college's recording studio and had something like 15 minutes only, to lay those tracks down onto the spoken tracks already on the filmstrip. But this one here, I just kinda said in my mind the words, which I spoke nearly everyday that I lived in SE KY...we all perked coffee on our woodstoves and frequently stepped inside to visit with each sorta something that came out. I don't like to try to make up ("write") music, but for the filmstrip I did a little of that sort of thing because I had only a few sleepless and tired hours to come up with something...something that could vamp for a little bit during the talking and photos on the slide show...the attached youtube a while back was one of ' title to it, really.

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/22/2021 05:56:12

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