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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Oh, no, nooooo

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groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/01/2021:  10:29:13

I haven't been able to record anything lately because our computer crashed. We got another computer, then other stuff happened and we couldn't get back to wiping the old one, saving stuff, and setting up the new one. Finally got done with that today. Then...hooked up the presonus and tried to get onto the studio one won't let me in!!!!! Now I'm gonna lose my mind. I've been waiting...first stalled by broken arm, then problems we had to take care of, now one won't let me in. We put in all the info, the key, user, password, about 10 says the user doesn't match up with the product key...I have that product key memorized by now. I tried to call the help line...they are out for the holidays. I sent an online request for help "ticket," as they call it...who knows when they will get to that.

And now the big question do I keep from losing my mind??????????

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/01/2021 10:30:33

coryobert - Posted - 01/01/2021:  10:42:50

"And now the big question do I keep from losing my mind??????????"

Take a deep breath, sit down with your fiddle, and start playing.

DougD - Posted - 01/01/2021:  10:49:27

I suggested you try and investigate your old computer. Maybe you should give that another try. You said you had enough disc space, but you weren't specific. The next thing would have been to use task manager to see if other programs were running, and lastly to uninstall and reinstall the software. That might be interesting to try now on your old computer and see if it will run on your old machine.
I think nowadays software recognizes the computer its installed on. Presonus may only want that program installed on one computer per customer, and so while the "human" user (you) is the same, the machine is not.
Could be sonething else though. I just spent weeks getting a "new" hand me down computer working right. You could always download Audacity and use it for now.

Astrang - Posted - 01/01/2021:  11:06:44

It’s likely they are blocking you from their end. Usually those type software’s will only allow you to install them two times. The third time will require a new code from them. They would rather you just buy a new copy.

DougD - Posted - 01/01/2021:  11:58:50

There may also be free "lite" versions of Ableton Live and Pro Tools you could download and use for now.

banjopaolo - Posted - 01/01/2021:  12:48:41

Peggy I’m sure you will solve the software problem... but in the meanwhile why don’t you post something recording with your cellphone or iPad?

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/01/2021:  14:55:48

Well it's been one of the most frustrating days of my'm worn out, but somehow I made this and got it on youtube...not sure what I did right...

Old Scratch - Posted - 01/01/2021:  15:50:36

Now, that is just wonderful; I could listen to it all day ... except that the day is just about over ....

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/01/2021:  18:28:41

Thanks, Old Scratch! Yes, our Happy New Year day is about done...been a long frustrating one here, but we got 'er done...I just hope I can remember how I did the presonus studio 2 (I had studio 1 before) software today and try to remember how that doggone new movie maker works...It all took me a lot longer than it should've to try to i am glad to be back up and running again.

ricepaper - Posted - 01/01/2021:  21:57:30

richard stallman was right

banjopaolo - Posted - 01/01/2021:  23:37:27

Great playing Peggy! Love it

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/02/2021:  05:30:40

Thanks...well there's the state of the computer at the moment. Things seem to work, although I fear the next time I try to use totally stupid like I just managed everything through luck the first time. Anyway, today will be soapmaking day...we've put that off until we considered the computer done...focus on one thing at a time. Running low on soap gotta do that. One of these days before long I'll get the nerve to try to play and record

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/02/2021:  05:32:00

Doug, we did consider trying the old computer again, but we didin't get to that point before the new one started working for us. Hope your new hand-me-down does good for you. It's a real job getting all set up with a new one.

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/02/2021 05:32:35

loy - Posted - 01/02/2021:  07:28:35

Peggy glad you got it fixed and didn’t cavitate your cranium lol! Great job on RHB, really enjoyed it, look forward to more tunes from you now that your up and running!

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/02/2021:  08:27:04

Thanks, Loy!
Next time as I record and then put it onto the movie maker, I'm gonna take notes so I figure out what is working...gotta get a handle on all this new

Old Scratch - Posted - 01/02/2021:  10:17:20

So, um ... who is Richard Stallman, and what was he right about?

DougD - Posted - 01/02/2021:  10:41:06

Old Scratch - Had to Google this. Richard Stallman:

Old Scratch - Posted - 01/02/2021:  12:29:00

Interesting! Thanks.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/02/2021:  14:04:09

I figured Richard Stallman said something like a groundhog ought never to mess with a computer, but the Wikipedia article clarifies that for

ricepaper - Posted - 01/02/2021:  18:33:40


Originally posted by Old Scratch

So, um ... who is Richard Stallman, and what was he right about?

Basically about how if you buy the software (studio one), you should be able to use it forever... If you have an old 4-track that doesn't work, you can open it up and fix it (usually just replacing the rubber belts). Most software is made closed so you don't really own it like you own a physical 4-track.

Old Scratch - Posted - 01/02/2021:  18:50:58

Right - thanks.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 01/05/2021:  06:07:45

Glad we got the Presonus issue figured out by ourselves. I just got the email back from the support thing where you could fill out a "ticket" for a problem...all it was was a link to their site where the "ticket" came from...same info that was there with the ticket. I took intro to logic back in college, we called that "begging the question," or "circular reasoning," the answer to the question just refers back to something within the quite the same, really, but it just struck me as funny...and glad I already got it figured out.

Edited by - groundhogpeggy on 01/05/2021 06:09:19

Astrang - Posted - 01/05/2021:  06:32:19

Is that the same thing as the Nashville Shuffle?

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