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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: String Gauge Question

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LordOdin - Posted - 01/01/2021:  10:17:05

I know Violin Strings usually come in different envelopes telling you which string is which. What if you get a packet of 4 strings that don't give you the information. My sister picked me some up just before the New Year which i opened today as i needed the G string, but the other strings have nothing on the package so i have nothing to go on. They have the coloured wraps but the colours change from company to company. Is there another way to tell ?. The G String was obvious as it's the thickest. Any Help Appreciated

coryobert - Posted - 01/01/2021:  10:50:01

Maybe this will

Otherwise maybe put on some reading glasses and look at the strings real close, you can probably make out the subtle difference in size between the 2 middle strings. And the E string should be pretty obvious, it also is plain with no wrapping or texture and it might have a little plastic sleeve sliding around near the tail end.

DougD - Posted - 01/01/2021:  10:52:36

What brand of strings are they? There are charts that can help with this. Try a search for "violin string colour chart."

Flat_the_3rd_n7th - Posted - 01/01/2021:  10:53:45

You may be able to use this:       color code

Some manufacturer websites list tension specs.  I know Thomastik-Infeld site has that.  I don't know where you can find exact gauge for a given string, though.  They're usually just listed as light, medium or heavy.

If you're simply trying to tell which of the remaining strings are the D and A, you can look at the length.  Since the "A" peg is at the top of the peg box, it is usually the longest.  Next down is the "D" peg, so it would be second longest, and so on.

Edit:  oops, looks like Cory sent the colors already...oh, well, that IS an interesting site

Edited by - Flat_the_3rd_n7th on 01/01/2021 10:55:30

LordOdin - Posted - 01/02/2021:  01:14:39

Thanks Guys appreciate you taking the time .

captainhook - Posted - 01/02/2021:  15:01:56

If all else fails, try one of the strings in question in the D position. If you tune it up to D and it is still pretty loose, it is probably the A string. If you try the D string in A position and are not paying enough attention, you may break the string.

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