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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Another Dylan song

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link:

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/25/2020:  14:32:20

Here’s another one played on viola dobro and tenor banjo

doryman - Posted - 12/25/2020:  14:45:36

For the lack of a comma, I spend thirty minutes on the internet looking for a "viola dobro." Otherwise, great video!

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/26/2020:  02:47:26

John I'm sorry about the "viola dobro"! Happy you like the music...

doryman - Posted - 12/26/2020:  18:28:59

Apparently such a thing does exist!

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/27/2020:  00:34:31

Risonator violin is also the so called Stroh Violin... I have one

Edited by - banjopaolo on 12/27/2020 00:41:48

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/27/2020:  00:35:19

You can see il here

indianajones - Posted - 12/27/2020:  09:33:54

Not a tune I would ever think of doing instrumentally but great stuff. The song is so interesting lyrically, Really highlights the Beat poet influence I think.

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/27/2020:  13:19:35

I know Dylan songs are hard to play instrumental... but I have an very nasty voice, so it's a necessity!

indianajones - Posted - 12/27/2020:  14:32:00

some would say the same of Dylan :-)

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/28/2020:  00:21:40

I’m not among them: Dylan’s voice is unique...

indianajones - Posted - 12/28/2020:  06:02:33

I'm not among them either. I see he just sold the rights to his songs. 300 million USD

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/28/2020:  07:28:44

laughYes... I was thinking to buy them as a Xmas present!

indianajones - Posted - 12/28/2020:  11:30:34

lol. I'd settle for the rights to Don't Think Twice.

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/28/2020:  13:20:33

have you ever heard this great version by Brad Mehldau and Chris Thile?

Edited by - banjopaolo on 12/28/2020 13:22:58

indianajones - Posted - 12/28/2020:  15:25:43

That was an amazing version. I was not familiar with Brad Mehldau. Am now. But why did you have to send me to youtube? Every time I go there I am overwhelmed at the combinations of musicians and stuff that is out there and get stuck listening to amazing musicians and concerts. Here are just a a few versions of Don't Think Twice I came across but it goes on from there as you can guess.

Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins:
Billy Strings:
Infamous String Dusters:

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/29/2020:  03:34:54

Thank you Indianajones I enjoyed the all the clips... such a great song can be played in so many different ways!
here's Maggie's Farm

indianajones - Posted - 12/29/2020:  09:41:04

Another good one. I really admire your musical and technical skill. I'm still just trying to scratch out some old fiddle tunes. How do you record the instruments?

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/29/2020:  11:22:39

Thank you IndianaJones!

I use a digital recorder (similar to the Zoom) the I mix the traks on the computer.

I've posted many videos here with some original compostions but had no feedback from anybody here on the fiddlehangout...

maybe you like, you find them on this thread

indianajones - Posted - 12/29/2020:  16:43:02

What microphone do you use on your violin? I've been considering a good digital recorder. I saw the post you referenced and I haven't got a chance to view them yet. I was intrigued by the Bob Dylan tune originally. I think it might be better in this forum to not post a lot of of stuff at once. People are busy. I've posted a few things and I never get much feedback but that's understandable. But a musician of your caliber, people should take the time. I've been trying to listen to the stuff people post lately, its all good. Do you consider yourself a jazz musician? How did you get interested in American folk music?

indianajones - Posted - 12/29/2020:  21:29:36

I'm going to post here and not on the Mystery Strings post. There are upsides to the covid lock down. Really, really interesting set of tunes. I particularly liked The Firegirl Waltz and especially Taylor's Tale.

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/29/2020:  22:48:13

The digital recorder has its own integrated mic, all these video have been taken this way, it is fast to do and the sound in good enough for a YouTube video... when I play live (who knows when it will happen again?) I use a Dpa mic... very good tool, expencive but really great! I have two of it one for Viola and violin the other for banjo dobro and guitar

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/29/2020:  23:04:03

I’m always been interested in american folk music, in Rome e where I lived as a boy there was a historic venue ‘folksudio’ where all the great musician came to play (the legend says that also Dylan played there when he went to Rome serching for his girlfriend Suze Rotolo in 1963) and there I saw a lot of great musician such as Dave Van Ronk, John Rembourn and so on.. then growing up I discovered jazz and studied it a lot but always with a folk attitude! I think blues folk and jazz are part of the same musical world... so this is in short my musical life! I don’t want to became boring talking about myself!

indianajones - Posted - 12/30/2020:  14:56:40

I don't find it boring but since you and I are the only ones talking here, maybe I will email you directly.

"Oh the streets of Rome were filled with rubble, ancient footprints were everywhere"

banjopaolo - Posted - 12/30/2020:  22:19:32

You’re welcome!

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