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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Removing saddle glued with a wood or synthetic glue?

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Jimbeaux - Posted - 11/04/2020:  02:18:39

I got this old fiddle and I'm trying to repair it fully aware that, as an amateur, I might ruin it. It's not a Stradivarius, so I'm not worried.

As you can see in the pictures, the saddle was installed upside-down, using a glue that I cannot identify.

The endpin was glued in using the same stuff. Half of the endpin popped out with a gentle pull. I put it and a few chunks of the glue that came out with it into a cup of boiling hot water. The glue did not dissolve, so it's not hide glue.

It appears slightly yellowish and it looks like it's full of bubbles.

Someone suggested trying to dissolve the glue with vinegar, but I'm afraid that could hurt the finish. I already tried gently cutting the glue with a razor (there's a big gap filled with glue between the saddle and the top plate). The glue seemed very hard, so I did not continue.

I already asked about this before buying the fiddle, so you can see more pictures on that thread if you like:

I might just forget about this saddle and leave it as-is. There are still several open seams to close up and plenty of cleaning to do in the meantime. I have time to make a decision.

I'd love to hear what you all would do!

I have a few other questions, but will post them separately as they are different repair topics.

FiddleDoug - Posted - 11/04/2020:  06:07:36

I can't really tell from the picture, but yellow and full of bubbles screams Gorilla Glue to me. I don't know anything that will dissolve it. Just carve/drill out the parts and make a new ones.

DougD - Posted - 11/04/2020:  07:20:25

Yes, it could be Gorilla glue (polyurethane) and I don't think anything will dissolve that stuff. The method would involve knives, chisels, sandpaper and maybe a Dremel tool. Saddle blanks are cheap, so you're not losing much, especially since its in upside down.
If its the interior types of Titebond (PVA) heat and moisture might help soften it.

Edited by - DougD on 11/04/2020 07:22:32

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