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sbhikes2 - Posted - 10/11/2020:  18:10:33

I think I finally found the perfect jam chair. It meets all my requirements:

1. Small and light enough to carry on a bicycle, or to carry around at a festival without having to make two trips.
2. Comfortable on your bum to sit on.
3. Back rest
4. No arm rests or other protrusions to get in the way.

It's called a Camp Time Roll-a-Chair. It resembles similar chairs from REI or wherever but so much lighter, smaller and very comfortable.

Have you found a perfect jam chair?

farmerjones - Posted - 10/12/2020:  05:27:31

Good for you! I do have a chair similar. Honestly, i have a tuff time getting out of it.

I know it would be tuff to carry on a bike, but my fav is still, prolly the old samsonite style folding chair. Sentimental/nostalgic. It'll be ineresting to here others on this.

I got this thing about stools vs. chairs. I.e., everybody on chairs, but one guy on a stool. Verses everybody on stools, or everybody on chairs. 

Edited by - farmerjones on 10/12/2020 05:28:27

carlb - Posted - 10/12/2020:  08:22:59

My jam chair weighs 4 1/2 pounds.

Left to right

Open, folded, how carried when my banjo is on my back, in use

LukeF - Posted - 10/12/2020:  12:01:36


Thanks for the tip. I am in the market for a chair and was looking at this one, but you might have changed my decision:

Any thoughts on this one?

Cyndy - Posted - 10/14/2020:  13:31:43

I have a chair similar to this one (purchased locally a few years ago) and I like it because it's bouncy. :)

sbhikes2 - Posted - 10/14/2020:  19:05:26


Originally posted by LukeF


Thanks for the tip. I am in the market for a chair and was looking at this one, but you might have changed my decision:

Any thoughts on this one?

That looks like a rocking chair.

My chair choice was made because I sat in it and it was comfortable and it folds up small. If you want a rocking chair or a 4lbs chair or a stool, that's up to you!

DougD - Posted - 10/15/2020:  13:58:48

I have a folding chair like this, although its solid fabric, not mesh:
I've had mine a long time, but I'm not much of a jammer, or even a festival goer, so I just use it as an extra chair on the patio, but I think it would work. I also have a simpler one that can be a small stool, but it has a metal piece that flips over to make a table.

Earworm - Posted - 10/15/2020:  21:02:19

Mine is a sturdy little folding stool, chair height. If I were really going to sit on it for more than a couple hours I might like a back, but just for playing I like having no back at all to worry about. It's like this one.

Edited by - Earworm on 10/15/2020 21:05:59

RinconMtnErnie - Posted - 10/17/2020:  16:12:06

I have a three-legged camp stool with a back that I like a lot. There was one incident where a larger, elderly spectator sat on it without asking and promptly fell over onto the ground. Fortunately neither the stool nor the woman were injured.

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