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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: The Social Dilemma

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farmerjones - Posted - 10/05/2020:  17:20:19

It's too bad the documentary work entitled, The Social Dilemma, is only available on Netflix.

Let's put it this way: The episode was not yet half way, before i went and deleted my facebook account. I have no other social media accounts, forums not withstanding.
Let me tell you, it was not easy to close the account. In fact through email, they let me know they won't delete it for 30 days in case i change my mind.

I won't say any more, but again say, it's worth the watch.

BanjoBrad - Posted - 10/06/2020:  10:04:38

If you are serious about closing the account, DO NOT attempt to log-in to see if it has been deleted! FB will consider that as a request to re-open the account. (just a bit of FYI)

Flat_the_3rd_n7th - Posted - 10/06/2020:  11:12:01

I prophesy at least 3 pages for this thread.

Never had FB--I don't tweet or text either--I'm really kinda hanging it out being a member here, even. I believe FB uses people's natural desire for attention in order to create and manipulate it's own 'internet'. Very intrusive, but genius. People will volunteer all kinds of information about themselves that can be used for profit. Posting pictures that show all kind of stuff in the background--crooks love it.

Whenever we end up getting high-speed internet in the sticks, I'll have to look up this movie. There I go, giving away some information about myself again, couldn't help it.laugh

farmerjones - Posted - 10/06/2020:  17:44:24

I doubt we get any more posts than what we have in this thread.
For us older individuals, that grew up with wired telephones and film cameras, it seems a simple matter to just log off. But by design, it is not simple. My answer would be, who cares? Lot's of good content, and friends. What's wrong with that? It's fun!
We had fun before the fb. Before internet. We knew our neighbors. We may have thought they were crazy, but we got along with them. I didn't unistal as some sort of movement. I unistalled because, i didn't need it. Nodody does. Nobody should.

BanjoBrad - Posted - 10/07/2020:  09:29:29

I use FB to keep up with my far-flung family. They are spread over 2 continents and don't use snail mail much, so this is how we keep in touch.

buckhenry - Posted - 10/08/2020:  01:49:21

I thought the doco was directed at the younger generation.? How're we older folk gonna get addicted to social media, we got too much to do around the place..?? I don't need it either, but it's here now. Just like TV, we got one of those when it came, we didn't really need that either. Every thing I do on the internet it social, I play chess with people around the world, and I jam with them too. I can keep in touch with family, friends, and my local community. Great blessing since I live alone and been in lockdown for months.

tonyelder - Posted - 10/10/2020:  07:52:47

I watched the movie/video. I had a fairly good idea about the issues beforehand. The movie confirmed a lot of things, but the emphasis on the "dangers" of these machines and tools we have created can be a bit misleading (imo). We are certainly living in a strange time.

Strange. In most folks opinion, the greatest hope for society  / civilization has been our the experiment with democracy. And now we know - not even democracy can protect us from people. After all, the discussion ends with folks saying that democracies are facing a worldwide civil war as a result of social engineering for profit.

Money is at the root of all evil. NO! Money is not evil!  Mankind's love of money is at the root of all evil. Money isn't evil in and of itself. It's people and how they use it.  Democracy isn't evil, its people and how they use it.

Same with social media. Social media isn't evil. There are a lot of very helpful and beneficial tools that are being made available over these kinds of platforms. But as long as they are and programed by people....  and used by people, we will discover how it can be used for purposes other than good.

imo - I don't think it is possible to "people" proof society. imo - We could live a very happy, prosperous, secure, and peaceful life under a dictator, until the end of time. Of course that depends on who is the dictator?  And the dictator's job would be dirt simple if all of the citizens were model citizens. 

One thing is for sure....  we'll see.

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