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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Get Well Soon Groundhog Peggy

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RichJ - Posted - 09/23/2020:  06:42:30

Not sure how many folks on FHO are aware of Groundhog Peggy's recent accident resulting in a broken right wrist/arm. This will likely put her out action playing tunes or using the keyboard to type stuff for this forum for some time. I'm sure Peggy would appreciate a few words of support from those of us used to her frequent musical and verbal contributions.

old cowboy - Posted - 09/23/2020:  06:54:26

praying for you peggy.

Evermore - Posted - 09/23/2020:  07:13:01

Sorry to hear this. We'll all miss your posts and comments, and certainly your videos. Get well soon and keep smiling thru this Year From Hell.

Fiddler - Posted - 09/23/2020:  07:32:59

So sorry to hear this!! Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.

Brian Wood - Posted - 09/23/2020:  07:59:18

Dang! Heal up fast, Peggy! This place needs you around.

AZJohnB - Posted - 09/23/2020:  08:02:05

Sory to hear this, I have a feeling that while you heal you find a way to be an accomplished one handed musician.

Humbled by this instrument - Posted - 09/23/2020:  09:28:42

No no no no no. Not allowed. I get great enjoyment from your insightful comments, fine stories, and blessedly stellar no, let's rewind the tape and redo things, delete whatever accident caused you this wrist injury. Doggonit. Hmmmmph. Double hmmmmmmph.

ChickenMan - Posted - 09/23/2020:  09:47:04

Peggy, I hope you are doing okay. I am guessing that you will be posting soon because, how boring is it to be side lined by injury? Am I right?

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/23/2020:  10:47:31

thanks so much, all yall. i never could bring myself to getting to this. humbled said it right...i ve been trying to rewind that whole scenario but just having no luck. and yes, james, it being 2020...well wgy not, hey? good year to just throw it all away.

well i cant type so i ll link the movie version of this awful novel. we hadnt slept for several nights because of re emerging emotional trauma one of our dogs goes through at night sometimes, then this. i lived through a mandatory covid test and have surgery scheduled for tomorrow. im pretty terrified on many levels, and it being covid times, mike is not permitted inside...he has to wait in the car. thanks touched by the kindness of my fiddlin friends. yall be careful.

RichJ - Posted - 09/23/2020:  12:24:17

Hey Peggy - Just noticed today is the 11year anniversary of your first post on FHO: September 23,2009 - September 23, 2020.

Good luck with the surgery tomorrow.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/23/2020:  14:34:32

oh thats weird. look at me 11 years struggling to learn only to crash land in the alternate, apocalyptic world of memorable for all of us.

WyoBob - Posted - 09/23/2020:  15:05:50

Groundhog Peggy,

I'm really sorry this happened to you.  I really feel for you.   Really.   I know just how you feel.

Things I learned from my shattered wrist adventure:  Taking drugs isn't all that bad.   I've always felt like you.  Keep drug taking to a minimum.   I kind of changed my attitude after my "crash and burn".   I think, if you reduce pain, that that can help your overall outlook and outcome.   Rest, comfort, etc. is important for your overall well being and healing.  If it takes some drugs to accomplish that, I say "go for it".   I got prescribed some pretty powerful stuff and I didn't like the way it made me feel so I didn't take much.  I did take Advil and that helped quite a bit.

Don't fear surgery.  That's the only path to setting things right.    Physical therapy was a must in my case and that hurt like the dickens, too.   But, you have to do it if it is prescribed.   I bought my first instrument, a banjo, in 2012 to celebrate having a functioning left hand/wrist/arm.   That led to the purchase of my first fiddle last August.   In my case, a bad accident led to the amazing world of old time music and, despite the pain and inconvenience, I'd pay the price again.  Hope you have great success and heal quickly.

rosinhead - Posted - 09/23/2020:  15:13:54

Wishing you well, Peggy!

farmerjones - Posted - 09/23/2020:  16:41:16

Makes me wince to look at that picture. Get well soon Peggy!

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/23/2020:  16:48:01

oh gosh bob...i had no idea. glad you re back in action again. thanks for relating your experince, gives me hope. i did finally end up taking a half dose of regular tylenol and it helped me quite a bit today.

and thank you, michael for well wishes.

hey wanna hear something funny? daughter and grandson were just here to inform me that they just ordered me a i ve always threatened the world that id one day learn to play. they said its a cheapie ...good cause i can t play...arriving at our house on out. i feel sorry for anybody in ear shot. should i fire that ol presonus back up not.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/23/2020:  16:49:44

me too steve...that photo looks awful...glad he got ok.

tonyelder - Posted - 09/23/2020:  18:13:53

You take care and get well.

Lonesome Fiddler - Posted - 09/23/2020:  18:25:29

Peg - Get well fast!

LukeF - Posted - 09/23/2020:  19:34:18


Good luck with your surgery. Get well soon. I like your guitar collection.

Flat_the_3rd_n7th - Posted - 09/23/2020:  19:44:03

You're on our prayer list--

Though we're only digitally-acquainted, I can't think of a person more undeserving of discomfiture.

Pulling for you for tomorrow and beyond--Proverbs 15:17

Cyndy - Posted - 09/23/2020:  22:06:15

Peggy, I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow—and looking forward to your first post over on HHO! :) Seriously, I hope the surgery goes well and that you can put this behind soon.

loy - Posted - 09/24/2020:  02:54:20

Dang it Peggy so very sorry to hear this! Many prayers for a speedy recovery keep us up on your progress hope you are fiddling again soon!

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/24/2020:  03:31:48

gosh im truly touched by the love here...i cant tell you all how much it means and how it helps me through so much anxiety.

so scared. have to go soon to hospital place. even our dogs are nervous.

thank you, my friends.

pmiller510 - Posted - 09/24/2020:  04:54:16

Oh man, health is everything. So sorry to hear about your accident. Based on my experience, here's some thoughts which might be helpful. Remember the folks that are taking care of you are pros and follow directions. Also, health didn't recover for me quite as fast at 65 as it did at 35. I was a bit surprised at the longer length of time, but I did stick to the comment above about following directions and didn't try to short cut the recovery. (which is something I wanted to do) It all worked in the end. Hope it goes as well for you. Remember to sing.

hayesdt - Posted - 09/24/2020:  05:41:50

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. We'll miss your sound files / music postings. Hoping to hear and see some new YouTube videos from you soon.

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 09/24/2020:  06:16:49

Well .... sad to see you are hurting Ms. GHP. But wowed at the outpouring of get well wishes from all the fiddlers herein. Let me add, I wish you a speedy recovery ... but remember to be patient with yourself. Tempus Fugit.

RichJ - Posted - 09/24/2020:  06:45:49


Originally posted by groundhogpeggy

hey wanna hear something funny? daughter and grandson were just here to inform me that they just ordered me a i ve always threatened the world that id one day learn to play. they said its a cheapie ...good cause i can t play...arriving at our house on out. i feel sorry for anybody in ear shot. should i fire that ol presonus back up not.

Hope that won't result in a name change - Blues Harp Peggy just doesn't have the same ring.

bsed - Posted - 09/24/2020:  07:19:13

Here's to a speedy recovery, GHP!

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/24/2020:  10:50:21

home again now...messed up in the head...but its later

Cyndy - Posted - 09/24/2020:  11:58:19

Hooray! Hope you get some rest this afternoon ...

TuneWeaver - Posted - 09/24/2020:  12:21:11


Originally posted by groundhogpeggy

home again now...messed up in the head...but its later

Let the healing begin!!!heart

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/24/2020:  14:07:45

killer a nasuea patch but i still having a rough day. sling is choky on my neck,,,they did some alien nerve block so my arm basically exists only in some alternate ethereal cloud but im home and its over. hoping to start feeling better...gotta be better for when my harmonica comes. i told them i didnt like the idea of being put under and they said theyd make me not care...then i was looking up at the lights and said i was getting dizzy...just then some lady was saying something in my face while i was dreaming and i said how d you get in the bedroom without a key...then they said congrats...its over...i looked at my wrist and saw differnt bandagws than before and kmew it was party time...but i guess i partied too hard on that day. everybody i ve called says i sound pretty drunk

RichJ - Posted - 09/24/2020:  14:44:11

Hi Peggy - Congrats on having the worst part over. BTW - I just discovered another name for harmonica is "Tin Sandwich".

Edited by - RichJ on 09/24/2020 14:44:42

ChickenMan - Posted - 09/24/2020:  14:54:57

Nothing like some good old fashioned surgery drugs to put a spin on your day!

I tried the harmonica a loooooong time ago. "Saints Go Marching In" is about as far as I got. But later (much) got a toy squeeze box that was tuned like a harmonica (diatonic?) and could slowly play "Irish Washerwoman" and the Popeye theme "Sailor's Hornpipe" after some practice. It is very hard on the thumb where the bellows is attached so I don't play it anymore. Suppose I should get a harmonica now.

TuneWeaver - Posted - 09/24/2020:  15:41:57

Peggy, I had to go UNDER a few times.. Once, an nice nurse said to me, "Good bye," and in the next moment a different nurse said 'Hello".. Still a different time, a nurse told me to count backwards from Ten while I was going under.... Ok.. easy Ten, nine, eight, seven, six... and I woke up saying, five, four, three, two ,one.. Anesthesia is crazy!!

finn mcc - Posted - 09/24/2020:  16:05:50

sorry you are dealing w medical stuff --heal up quick -- good you are a hiker it always seems to help

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/24/2020:  18:10:20

thanks guys. rich, i guess i ll try a tin sandwhich tomorrow...wonder how spicy that might be? billy...we should compare our harmonica adventures. lee, yeah those drugs just do time travel on us. alan, thank you. im supposed to go see dr tuesday and i planned on asking if its ok to hike again. since i dont have the tranquility of music, get it from the woods. our neighbors tell us there was a shhoot out we missed on our road...we found 9 mm shell casins right in front of our house and two cars got shot plus bullets went into some one s kitchen. scary neighborhood.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/24/2020:  18:33:17

gotta tell yall i cry everytime i read these posts...aint got my fiddle to do my crying no more...hopefully for just a while. my surgeon is a guitar picker so he sympathized and did the musician said anyway.

Astrang - Posted - 09/24/2020:  18:42:56

Dang Peggy, just kick back and relax, we can watch re-runs. Hope this goes well for you.

sbhikes2 - Posted - 09/24/2020:  19:55:12

Hope you heal quickly. In the mean time, you could learn to play the tabor pipe.

gapbob - Posted - 09/24/2020:  20:49:07

Best to you Peggy, will miss your musical endeavors for a while til you get all better.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/25/2020:  03:59:06

waiting for mikes coffee...hope my tum is up for it by now.

exciting day...harmonica arriving today...they warned me it was pretty cheap...but feeling like a kid on christmas morning about it right now i think ive been kinda good...a few times

ChickenMan - Posted - 09/25/2020:  04:07:32

Get that coffee down your gullet and get to sucking (and blowing)! It's simple, you breath in you breath out, kind of like the fiddle bow. laughlaughlaugh

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 09/25/2020:  06:00:30

sounds like something i should be able to learb when you put it that way.

hers a little disheveled update.

gapbob - Posted - 09/25/2020:  07:50:01

It was pretty amazing. When I was a kid, those harmonicas were a perplexing puzzle and I was good at making noise, but then I picked one up when I was 23 and out popped "Turkey in the Straw." It will be a piece of cake!

robinja - Posted - 09/25/2020:  11:28:39

Best wishes to you, Peggy! I hope for a speedy recovery. If you are offered physical therapy, take them up on it and do everything your PT tells you to do. A good PT is amazing and it can really help!

old cowboy - Posted - 09/25/2020:  13:36:06

hardest part of playing harmonica is learning to breathe in thru your nose while blowing out thru your mouth. It can be done!

TuneWeaver - Posted - 09/25/2020:  14:02:17


Originally posted by old cowboy

hardest part of playing harmonica is learning to breathe in thru your nose while blowing out thru your mouth. It can be done!

.... now you tell us..!!!

WyoBob - Posted - 09/25/2020:  15:42:01


Originally posted by robinja

Best wishes to you, Peggy! I hope for a speedy recovery. If you are offered physical therapy, take them up on it and do everything your PT tells you to do. A good PT is amazing and it can really help!

I couldn't agree more.  My P.T., "Martha, the Goddess of Pain" is the reason I'm playing the banjo and fiddle today.   I had tears running down my cheek on many P.T. sessions.   I thank her for her work with me every time I run into her "on the street".   I haven't even told her that I took up the fiddle, yet.  Since she doesn't play a fiddle, she won't really know what an amazing thing it is to be able to play that instrument.


bandsmcnamar - Posted - 09/25/2020:  16:18:35

Peggy, praying for quick healing!!

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