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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: fiddle music sharing

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macfeargus - Posted - 09/17/2020:  06:16:07

I play several instruments (fiddle, mandolin,guitar, bagpipes) and am having a hard time finding a place where fiddle players share there sheet music ie I have played fiddle for several country bands over the years and have a love/hate relationship for adding a new song it means several hrs some times of slowing down music and trying to isolate the fiddle licks, I know i can not be the only one. I guess what i am asking is if any one has found some place that shares music, or do we need to build a site that does this so people can share tunes.

ChickenMan - Posted - 09/17/2020:  07:06:42

I know it says "Tab" and I think that is mostly a relic of the Banjo Hangout of which this site is a spin off, but try here because the first two I looked at were notation

macfeargus - Posted - 09/17/2020:  09:37:53

That is great for traditional fiddle tunes but I was thinking more for a band setting there are hundreds of country, rock and roll, gospel, and so on songs that have fiddle/violin parts to ie. Garth brooks - Much to Young but no place that i have found that has them written out.

The Violin Beautiful - Posted - 09/17/2020:  10:56:12

If you’re looking for fairly recently written sheet music, copyright laws will prevent distribution of the scores on free sites. There are lots of older public domain collections available on IMSLP, and there are a few universities that have compiled free archives of music.

To get more modern scores, you’ll have to go through the publisher.

If you’re familiar with notation, you could try making a transcription, as that will teach you a lot about the writing style of the music. You’ll still have to deal with intellectual property rules when it comes to performing publicly, though.

Lonesome Fiddler - Posted - 09/17/2020:  13:01:32

My sense and experience is that the fiddle genre this website largely focuses on, Old Time, is not traditionally written down.  It is a true folk art.  It disseminated through lessons, going to jams and, most traditional of all, watching videos on this website. devil  If changes to tunes happen along the way, well, that's part of the folk tradition, as well.  Mostly, you just gotta keep your ears open.

DougD - Posted - 09/17/2020:  13:29:25

We have a few country, rock and gospel players here, but not many, so this site is probably not a good candidate for what you want.
There are definitely copyright issues involved too, but they could be solved. You mentioned Ultimate Guitar - he has licensing agreements with music publishers and the Harry Fox agency. That could be done with a fiddle site too, but there's probably not enough interest to make it worthwhile.

BanjoBrad - Posted - 09/17/2020:  14:30:37

The copyright problem was my first thought. If the groups/music you are looking for is current, they probably don't want their stuff out there unless they get the %age in their contracts.

Joel Glassman - Posted - 09/18/2020:  09:45:01

I'm pretty sure you're not going to find what you're looking for. Most of this music is not notated. Learning arrangements/riffs/melodic fills etc. is usually by ear. If you're not used to doing that, try the following. Slow down an mp3 [while maintaining the pitch] with Windows Media Player and learn the notes.

chas5131 - Posted - 01/09/2021:  07:19:34

Wondering why books like the Fiddler's Fakebook are not prime sources of tunes.

banjopaolo - Posted - 01/10/2021:  13:16:38

Imho the fact is that fiddler are much less than guitarists, and great part of the violin player and student fallow the ‘classic’ training (you can find a lot of classic violin stuff on the net in fact) so when you want to do something different you have to use your ears and work it out... I can assure you that is a great school!

bsed - Posted - 01/17/2021:  09:31:02

When I played with a string band, I would make sure to bring in songs that I knew pretty well, because I'd already have an idea how to approach the fiddle part. Just makes it so much easier if you already know a song.

gapbob - Posted - 01/17/2021:  10:14:42

The more you listen and work at playing tunes the “hard way,” it will turn into the “easy way.” Just get cracking.

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