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groundhogpeggy - Posted - 07/14/2020:  18:12:26

Messin around with Willie Moore a little bit tonight.

DougD - Posted - 07/14/2020:  18:19:38

What if Mike finds out?

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 07/14/2020:  19:39:12

Lol...maybe I shoulda worded that post a little more carefully!

BR5-49 - Posted - 07/14/2020:  22:15:47

A tune worth messing around with. It's my favorite of yours yet and I have messed around with it as The False Hearted Knight or Pretty Pauline (scandalous as well) collected by ethnomusicologist types in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia....

loy - Posted - 07/15/2020:  04:30:16

Great old tune Peggy, well done!

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 07/15/2020:  05:08:19

Shawn, that was some beautiful fiddling and a nice video...thanks for sharing.

Thanks for listening and commenting, Loy!

DougD - Posted - 07/15/2020:  09:30:37

Peggy, you're new recording life seems to be getting off to a good start. And maybe encouraged a "Willie Moore" TOTW. Jenny Cleland used to sing this song, and we played it many times. Here we are in Germany, Spring 1978.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 07/15/2020:  09:36:28

That was good, Doug. What were you thinks??? Or fiddle/?? Sounded good and sounded like a fun time y'all were having in Germany of all places...why there????

We could sure use a tune of the week again here, hey?

FiddlerPaul71 - Posted - 07/19/2020:  06:24:52

Love it, Peggy. Wish I was at that lake. Where is that?

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 07/20/2020:  04:31:02

Thanks so much Paul...means a lot.

That lake (forgot the name of it now) was in a Nature Center up in Milford might be called the Cincinnati Nature Center or something like that. You have to pay a membership to take their hikes there, and one year we joined up for a was sort of a homeschool project for my grandson and we were all there quite a bit. Very nice place, but too much of a drive for us to keep going. I got free milkweed seeds from the place and to this day we have swamp milkweed galore coming up and my grandson still brings in monarch caterpillars, tags them as they emerge as butterflies, and follows their progress as they migrate to mexico. Anyway, that lake was a beautiful and favorite stopping spot on one of those trails.

tonyelder - Posted - 07/20/2020:  05:48:13

Well done Peggy. I really enjoyed it.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 07/20/2020:  09:22:29

Thanks, Tony!

Humbled by this instrument - Posted - 07/21/2020:  15:14:03

Wow wow wow. Great as usual. As I was listening to your fine playing and singing , GHP, I was researching the actual song. Seems it is a traditional which has had different verses added here and there?

Just keep playing this stuff, for it sounds so very fine to me.


groundhogpeggy - Posted - 07/22/2020:  16:55:32

Thanks so much, Humbled. You keep on a fiddlin' your stuff too...very nice stuff. Stay safe, my friend!

RichJ - Posted - 07/24/2020:  09:26:13

This doesn't have to do much with anything said previously. Just that I've been listening to various renditions of Willie Moore and the Ballad of Jesse James and amazed at how similar these are.

Other than that... great job Peggy.

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 07/24/2020:  10:53:45

Hmmm...never thought of that. You might be on to something, there, Rich. I had to think about that for a few minutes and I guess you mean the general melodic contour and rhythms of the phrases...the way the phrases fall? Yeah, I think I can see a similarity. Never realized it before.

Johnbow - Posted - 07/31/2020:  19:23:04

Yes, I really like this one as well. A truly plaintive quality to it.

Johnbow - Posted - 07/31/2020:  19:28:41


Originally posted by ShawnCraver

It's my favorite of yours yet and I have messed around with it as The False Hearted Knight or Pretty Pauline (scandalous as well) collected by ethnomusicologist types in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia...

Hopefully, I'm not posting in bad taste here to also comment on Mr. Craver's rendering which I like quite a lot as well. I discovered his YT channel a couple years ago and have followed him there.  Beautiful playing and super cool videos.

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