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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Primary advice for aspiring fiddlers ?

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pete_fiddle - Posted - 04/30/2020:  12:34:25

Been trying for nearly 30 years now, and mine would be "Rhythm Is King". What would yours be?

Lonesome Fiddler - Posted - 04/30/2020:  13:09:01

Find a fiddle somewhere. Chuck it under your chin. Grab the bow. Give it all a try. See if you can tolerate the ridiculous way you need to hold it. See if you can stand the noise.

Swing - Posted - 04/30/2020:  14:07:35

Listen to every bit of fiddle music you can find... then listen to it again...

Play Happy


imapicker2 - Posted - 04/30/2020:  17:33:56

Don't drop your rosin!

ChickenMan - Posted - 04/30/2020:  19:39:15

Listen closely, there's music in there if you can hear past the noise.

farmerjones - Posted - 04/30/2020:  19:41:09

Give it a try. You never know.

To quote the late Micheal Springer, "it's like learning to pet a cat."

Flat_the_3rd_n7th - Posted - 05/01/2020:  20:21:01

"Progress comes slower than any other instrument, even piano and pedal steel. Gotta grind it out, especially bow hand. Keep your eye on the prize..."

Flat_the_3rd_n7th - Posted - 05/01/2020:  20:25:04


Originally posted by farmerjones

Give it a try. You never know.

To quote the late Micheal Springer, "it's like learning to pet a cat."

Once the cat is calibrated with a tuner, it's not too hard to play something like the Star Spangled Banner with it...

fiddlinsteudel - Posted - 05/01/2020:  20:28:41

Practice, perform, listen, and go to live shows.

Earworm - Posted - 05/02/2020:  07:07:00

If you're lucky enough to have an audience, listen mostly to how they react, and only a little bit to what they say.

ShadeTree - Posted - 05/02/2020:  19:58:30

Listen, listen, listen, to the style of fiddle music you want to play. Just as a toddler will emulate human speech, individuals will naturally play music similar to what they are familiar.

frank rehagen - Posted - 05/02/2020:  20:54:52

One step forward and two back. When it all works it’s worth it

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