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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: What Key Is this In?

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bsed - Posted - 01/28/2020:  09:41:59

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I'm interested in the middle tune (Finnish Polka) here.

As far as I've been able to work it out, it sounds like it's in the key of B. So the IV & V chords would be E and F#/Gb resp. But the chords don't sound right when I put the guitar to the tune.

snakefinger - Posted - 01/28/2020:  10:01:15

 It’s in B minor. I can’t help you with the chords though.

Edited by - snakefinger on 01/28/2020 10:02:13

pete_fiddle - Posted - 01/28/2020:  11:16:10

1st part B Aolian, (Bm & A Maj), 2nd part (Dmaj & Amaj).

Edited by - pete_fiddle on 01/28/2020 11:17:54

bsed - Posted - 01/28/2020:  11:17:45

Thanks, guys. That's a help!

pete_fiddle - Posted - 01/28/2020:  11:19:55

Really just the "key" of D Maj

bsed - Posted - 01/28/2020:  11:43:16

Are we talking about the same tune? The first polka is in D Maj. The second tune? Not so much.

Bm makes sense to me to follow up a tune that was in D. But I don't sense a key change within the tune. I'd say it's all Bm.

Edited by - bsed on 01/28/2020 11:49:16

DougD - Posted - 01/28/2020:  12:04:07

The "Finnish polka" is in B minor. Not sure of the chords, especially the B part, but it may go to an A chord.

pete_fiddle - Posted - 01/28/2020:  13:24:38

chords are from the "key" of D major but the tone centre is B. the second part starts on a D Major chord something like this

||: Bm/|Bm/|A/|A/|

Bm/|Bm/|A/|Bm/ :||

||: D/|A/|Bm/|A/|

D/|A/|Bm A|Bm/ :||

Edited by - pete_fiddle on 01/28/2020 13:36:09

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 01/28/2020:  17:36:00

Bm Bm A Bm
Bm Bm A Bm
Bm Bm A Bm
Bm Bm A Bm

Bm A A Bm
Bm A A Bm
D A A Bm

bsed - Posted - 02/02/2020:  09:52:57

Excellent. Thanks!

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