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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Jason Barie Tell Me True Break

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Blue20Boy18 - Posted - 11/17/2019:  17:53:22

Can someone make the tab for this drivey fiddle break? Thanks!

Blue20Boy18 - Posted - 11/20/2019:  13:16:21


mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 11/20/2019:  22:41:01

Blue20Boy18 I like your spunk, you've asked for some songs for you to use as guide posts for improvisations of your own. I personally have transcribed a few of them myself, thanks for your acknowledgements. As a music teacher I don't know how successful you have been, but I know I have been "giving the fish" and not "showing how to fish".

I have an idea that might help you and others inject these parcels of music into their repertoire by analyzing each measure of the song in question. To start, the main thing to figure out would be the key and the mode and finally what did the fiddler do over top of this for his improv. Each measure or phrase could be eventually understood using some music theory and then be used in any key desired.

So with that in mind here's the kick off and the first measure of the break of TELL ME TRUE. As the sheet says, it's in the Key of B which has 5 sharps but it works pretty well on the fiddle with the mode of the song. I have transposed it to the key C for measures 3 & 4 to make it easier to analyze, no sharps, no flats which make the blue notes etc. more obvious.

So with that does anyone have any input as to what is going on during the first two measures?

p.s. I would hope that this might generate more activity on this site as it's been a little sparse since Jerry left us, RIP.

Edited by - mmuussiiccaall on 11/20/2019 22:55:39

Blue20Boy18 - Posted - 11/21/2019:  03:59:23

Thanks Rick! Yesterday, I heard a live recording of Jason Carter playing I feel the blues moving in. It goes all the way to the 12th fret, well, 12th position. I did it figured out up to that point. I want to learn to do this stuff myself. But let me ask, what do you mean when you ask what is going on in the first two measures? Like, what am I supposed to look for?

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 11/21/2019:  05:56:23

This goes back to the hunt and peck vs. theory discussions from previous threads. I remember when I was young and knew nothing about theory that when I came across a great sounding lick etc. and figured it out by ear it was like an Easter egg that I had found. I would then try to add it into future songs by using again my ear with mixed results. Eventually I became a music teacher, and in order to make a living I had to explain what I was doing using musical jargon. Once I learned that theory it all became simple logic (12 notes). Some players want that Easter egg rush and some want that now I know what I'm doing rush.

Getting back to this song, how 'bout a direct question?

the first thing I hear when I listen to a song is the key and mode it is in. As stated above it's in the key of B, can anyone tell which one of the 7 modes is it in?


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