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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Just got a Luma bow

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kurth83 - Posted - 09/24/2019:  20:38:12

I have 30 days to decide if I like it.

This thread is a more detailed review than I can do, since I am just a beginner:

I really wanted to try a soft bow, which is why I bought the Luma. I don't know enough to recognize a good french bow, but these mass-produced ones are reportedly pretty consistent, so it's a convenient way of tasting that category of bow.

My only other bow is a CodaBow NX, so here is the comparision:

From my perspective it is a bow that makes soft expressive playing easier, it draws a sweet tone effortlessly, can be drawn more slowly, is less bouncy, with less scratching and so is generally more forgiving than my NX. If you try to dig in however it doesn't have the power of the NX, it actually makes you work harder if you want a loud powerful sound, so soft sweet playing seems like it's niche. Others say the light weight also makes it nimble, but I can't comment on that.

In that old thread it was asked if the bow was good for beginners, I can say without a doubt it is, in the specific ways I called out. I had doubts I could tell one bow from another at my early skill level, but so far it is a winner. For soft sweet playing the Luma is king, for aggressive playing I would pull out the NX, it's almost like having two different violins.

rosinhead - Posted - 09/25/2019:  09:31:54

Nice review!
I have the Luma and the SX. I purchased the SX about 7 or 8 years ago and got the Luma last year.
The SX is heavier and pulls a full rich tone with a pretty even response. The Luma is nimble and has a quick response. I love the tone I get with the's just bit thinner than the SX. I bought the Luma as a back up bow, but there are times where I go a month or two without using the SX.

Beardog - Posted - 09/25/2019:  12:53:24

I have a Luma, and love it. Good choice!

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 09/26/2019:  07:23:00

I tried out Luma, Diamond SX, and Diamond GX Coda bows. I settled on the SX. I preferred the feel and balance on that particular model for my fiddling. All of the bows were well made and felt slightly different. Enough so I could actually make a choice. Now here's a plug for Shar music .... they sent me all three to try out for five days, if I recall correctly. I think a carbon fiber bow was a good investment in my fiddling.R/

Cyndy - Posted - 09/26/2019:  08:49:25

I have a Luma. I bought it because it felt nimble but I found it to be a little light. I added a few grams by electrical taping two tiny pieces of Japanese typewriter type (lead, I think) to the tip and I’ve been very happy with the bow ever since.

kurth83 - Posted - 09/26/2019:  10:12:04

Attaching a 2g weight is funny, and clever. :-)

Cyndy - Posted - 09/26/2019:  10:33:15

I posted before I was quite awake and I didn't take the time to remind myself of the specifics so I did a bit of fact checking!

One piece of type (not two) adds 3 grams which brings the total weight of the bow to 60 grams.

I had the bow rehaired at a local violin shop and they were very cool about it. Nothing that they said gave me even the slightest hint that they might have thought it was weird. :) 

Edited by - Cyndy on 09/26/2019 10:35:54


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