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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Liberty Off Of The Corn Liquor Still

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TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/23/2019:  13:20:43

Shamelessly I post this video of Harry Hare busking. It would be on Youtube but I'm having trouble with that..The tune is "Liberty Off Of The Corn Liquor Still". This is on the Facebook page, Old Time Fiddling

DougD - Posted - 05/23/2019:  14:36:46

He's very economical with his left hand movement. Everyone could take a lesson from that.

TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/23/2019:  15:01:03

Doug, it is a parallax thingy.. the video shows the fingers from the top. If there was a side view, you'd see movement.. My own finger movement is minimal so I can relate.. After all, it was me who taught him such good, efficient left hand technique...

fiddlinsteudel - Posted - 05/23/2019:  15:38:43

You can see the string, must be attached to his bow ... oh this is you busking! Very cool.

Edited by - fiddlinsteudel on 05/23/2019 15:39:37

TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/23/2019:  16:25:13


Originally posted by fiddlinsteudel

You can see the string, must be attached to his bow ... oh this is you busking! Very cool.

I've always said that if Harry  was tall enough to drive he'd go busking without me.. Well, he took one of those electric scooter downtown and went with Leroy, the Wonder Dog... I was at home the whole time...Notice I'm NOT in the video?

TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/29/2019:  05:07:06

Here is the Youtube video of the performance... the other was on Facebook and will not always be

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 05/29/2019:  17:09:34

Hey, he's pretty good!

TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/29/2019:  17:40:24

smileyI looked up the origin of the name..SUPPOSEDLY, in around the mid 1920s there was a record out by the Skillet Lickers called, " A Corn Licker Still In Georgia" or something similar..(it sold over 1,000,000 copies between 1927 and 1930.   Well, on that record was a tune called 'Liberty'...So the tune got to being called, Liberty Off Of The Corn Licker Still (record)... and the spelling 'licker' is what they used instead of Liquor...

I'm sure someone will want to debate this story, so....go for it!....I'll sit back and watch Netflix....

ChickenMan - Posted - 05/29/2019:  18:05:22

That is exactly right. They had another record where someone said, and I paraphrase, “we’ve been getting a lot of mail requesting we play ‘Liberty’ off the ‘Corn Licker Still’...”

DougD - Posted - 05/29/2019:  19:51:52

Maybe not quite exactly. My perspective: At the beginning of the Skillet Lickers record of "Liberty" Clayton McMichen introduces the group and says "So we're going to play you the tune that you've been calling for - Liberty off the Corn Liquor Still (the earlier skit record) and Lord help us to get right."
I don't think the tune was very widely played when Highwoods recorded it on our first record in 1972. We knew the title was "Liberty" but just for fun (and as a little nod to the Skillet Lickers) we put the whole phrase on the record label and it seems to have caught on.
Here's our recording:
Just a little sidelight about the recording: We used to get together at Walt Koken's house for dinner and to play music, and he had made a farmhouse style table out of maple that we sat around. We thought the music always sounded good there, so one night we hung our microphones over the table and turned on the recorder and that tune made it on to the record.

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