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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Whats a good fiddle rosin.

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jimmyprince - Posted - 04/08/2019:  20:46:22

Not sure what Charlie Danials uses but iam new and need a good rosin. I tried some I had around but I think its to old. I will be doing Country Fiddle. What do you guys use?

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 04/08/2019:  20:57:07

There are so many rosin brands out there. Some have more grip. Some make more dust. Some are hypoallergenic. You will likely get as many arecommendations of rosin types as fiddlers answer your question. I use Motrya. Not a lot of dust and it is hypoallergenic. R/

Lonesome Fiddler - Posted - 04/08/2019:  21:11:23

I like my Pirastro Oliv. I got it several years ago and it still works like a charm. It comes in a configuration that is enjoyably un-messy. The cake hasn't shrunk or dried out. It is as easy to apply as ever. It smells good. It gives the bow a grip on the strings that is gentle yet forceful.

Fiddler - Posted - 04/08/2019:  21:31:18

I used Hill dark up until about 5 or 6 years ago when I was given a sample of Magic Rosin. I've bought a couple of cakes since then. I really like the stuff! Good grab. Low dust. The really cool factor is that it is clear - crystal clear.

Like UsuallyPickin said above, you will get as many recommendations as fiddlers. Some will even have a summer rosin and a winter rosin. In my opinion, most fiddlers will be fine with anything. The differences between rosins are not that noticeable for most novices.

I used Hill Amber to start and it was perfectly fine. I dropped it one day and it shattered. A friend gave me the remnants of a cake of Hill Dark to get me through. I bought a new cake a few days later. It was fine, but was dusty. For some unknown reason, I liked the dustiness and never considered much else. I got more intense on cleaning my instruments after playing each time and the dust was getting to be more of a nuisance. The Magic Rosin changed my life.

I will say that my technique is much different today than it was earlier in my playing. I played with a "heavy bow" so the type of rosin was NOT an issue. My bow technique has changed tremendously and I can now sense things in my bow that I couldn't earlier.

So, try something you think you might like. Give it a good trial - several months. If you are not happy, try something el;se. At around $10/cake, you are not going to bust the bank. The important thing is to play.


ChickenMan - Posted - 04/09/2019:  11:45:25

You can get by with the cheap stuff for your needs. If you become a very proficient fiddler, you might try something else, but you can get perfectly fine rosin for under 5 dollars.

jimmyprince - Posted - 04/09/2019:  15:49:01

being new its hard to tell good rosin from bad. But with that being said I bought some Magic rosin today and can really tell the difference from the cheap stuff I had. Plus it was on sale for 3 bucks. I might go back for another.

RobBob - Posted - 04/12/2019:  06:28:51

Most of them are more than adequate. I've tried all of the fancy ones and have been using Kaplan as it is relativley inexpensive. Bernadel is another good one.

Old Scratch - Posted - 04/12/2019:  09:49:33

I once asked rosin advice of a quaint old character who had a quaint old violin shop with lots of character. He told me that what he liked to do is to put on a heavy coat of this very cheap rosin, and then, on top, a thin coat of this very expensive rosin. He convinced me that this was the way to go.

Later on, I realized that not only had he sold me a cake of $40 rosin - he had also sold me a cake of $10 rosin. Kind adding insult to injury.

And that, my friends, is why I am not a rich man today.

(I might add, that it wasn't long before I dropped and shattered the expensive stuff, of course. I still try to apply the little broken chunks to the bow-hair ... !)

Lonesome Fiddler - Posted - 04/12/2019:  14:32:13


Originally posted by Old Scratch

(I might add, that it wasn't long before I dropped and shattered the expensive stuff, of course. I still try to apply the little broken chunks to the bow-hair ... !)

Yeah, I got several chunks of fractured-but-still-usable Hill rosin in the case of my cheap, I'm-gonna-play-who-knows-where fiddle.

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