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spike - Posted - 11/20/2018:  09:26:53

question, I have a fender twin reverb amp is it feasible to run a Fiddle through it with a baggs pickup bridge on it or is it too powerful of an Amp I know the circuitry is different then an acoustic amp I just may sell it and get a fishmen, amp after playing guitar for 50 years my hands are fairly bad with arthritis but I can get through it playing the fiddle any advice id appreciate thank you all, spike

fujers - Posted - 11/20/2018:  10:53:12

I use a Fender Twin and a Peavey amp. the Peavey is not as heavy as the Fender so I use it the most just depends on what I play. Both work very well for what I used them for. The only problem I have is the weight of my Fender. The older I get the heavier the Fender becomes. The Peavey amp I use is less weight and sounds really good... now I don't know how old you are but in time you might fell a little pinch in using the Fender me I would get used to using the light weight Peavey sounds good less weight

DougD - Posted - 11/20/2018:  11:11:10

Jerry, I'm glad you chimed in here. Do you use a preamp between your fiddle and the amp, or just plug directly in? And do you have a Baggs pickup or Barcus Berry? We've had a few questions like this lately, and I know you've described your rig, but I couldn't remember the details

bluenote23 - Posted - 11/20/2018:  11:35:20

Other than the weight, the complaint about Twins is that they are too clean so it should be great for the violin.

One interesting preamp is the Fishman Aura. It is really some kind of modeler (but not a modeler) that was first used to make a piezo equipped acoustic guitar sound like an acoustic guitar, rather than some pinched sounding stringed instrument. It uses 'images' which are like models but, apparently, not.

In the Aura library, there are also a bunch of violin images. I am not good enough too rate these but they do make the violin sound more 'woody' when amplified.

There are expensive Auras like the Spectrum but there are really inexpensive guitar pedal style Auras (that you can find used for well under $100). With a $30 upgrade, these can access the full Aura library including the violin images.

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 11/20/2018:  13:31:46

Unless an amp is specifically built to work with a non powered transducer a preamp is needed to deal with the impedance miss match . You don't need to spend a great deal of money on a preamp to get one that will work. But the higher cost ones do come with many more options ... modeling being one of those options. ART makes a perfectly fine preamp for around 50.00$. R/

warz00 - Posted - 12/21/2018:  06:30:35

Thx for ART point

bsed - Posted - 12/21/2018:  16:29:47

Glad this question came up as I was/am looking for an amp that I could amplify my fiddle with a Baggs pickup. Let me also expand the discussion if I may, and ask if there are amps that would NOT be fiddle-friendly. Like I tried one out and the sound was awful!! I was wondering whether some amps are set up specifically for guitars. Or if a preamp would cleanup the smeared garbled sound I got out of it.

MikeyBoy - Posted - 01/28/2019:  08:00:38

A preamp should not be needed for a Fender Twin Reverb and a typical passive pickup. Input impedance on a Twin is about 1M ohms, so unless your PU has an usually high output impedance (above~250k ohm), it should be fine. Whether or not you want to lug around a big heavy Twin is another matter;)

I use a Headway Band, and just got a used Fender Cyber Twin, which does a very good impression of a Twin Reverb. I think my fiddle sounds great through it, though it would be overkill for most situations I play in. Baggs para di to the board is generally more than sufficient if I need to plug in. But the CT is lots of fun to mess around with.

ChickenMan - Posted - 01/28/2019:  13:28:24

I personally would not haul a twin around to play fiddle through. Hell, I wouldn't haul one to play electric guitar! Too damn heavy. Plus you'll probably sound more like a guitar than a fiddle anyway. Sell it and get a fiddle friendly set up.
I also have arthritis issues that sidelined my guitar playing - can't hold a pick for more than an hour or two anymore.

farmerjones - Posted - 01/30/2019:  19:06:07

I drag around a Champ 100, to gigs. Run an L. R. Baggs setup. I used to set it on a stand but i get less feedback if it stays on the floor. Thing is, everybody else in this band plugs in, so i basically must. I figure, better to have power and not need it, than to need power and not have it. And no, i don't sound like an electric guitar. That's what the pricey Baggs pickup is for. I don't run any pedals either.

I hear yah, Billy. I'm not sixty, but can agree, some parts of aging (tremours) sucks.

Edited by - farmerjones on 01/30/2019 19:12:00

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