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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: What Peavey Nashville112 settings for Barcus Berry Vibrato AE

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tbull42 - Posted - 11/03/2018:  14:24:52

I have acquired a Peavey Nashville 112 amp and am trying to set it up with a Barcus Berry Vibrato AE fiddle that I use on stage once to twice a month with a group that's plays at some of the old folks music halls. I connect the fiddle into the "input High Gain" jack and I'm plugging a Boss DD3 Digital Delay and a Boss Harmonist PS6 into the "Post EQ Patch" jacks. I have used the recommended settings shown in the operators manual for fiddle,but
it still doesn't seem like I'm getting that good,pure fiddle sound that you can get when playing an acoustic fiddle through a microphone. The sound seems squeekey.. does anybody have any recommended settings for this amp. Any help and advise would greatly be appreciated.

bob t - Posted - 11/03/2018:  18:31:16

lots of info on using mic versus pickup on fiddle here:

ChickenMan - Posted - 11/04/2018:  10:06:59

From Peavey:
”Known as a leader in steel guitar amplification, Peavey is proud to announce the Nashville 112. The Nashville 112 also features a long-pan Accutronics reverb and a newly designed 12" Blue Marvel speaker that has been carefully voiced for steel guitar applications.”
Guitar amps are made for guitars, not fiddles. You will always sound like a guitar, or in this case a steel guitar, when you play through one.

DougD - Posted - 11/04/2018:  14:54:05

In fairness, Billy, the manual for the Nashville 112 amp includes settings for "fiddle," which would lead you to believe it would be good for that too.
Toby - does it sound better without the Boss effects? "That good, pure fiddle sound" does not come from any of this gear, but especially not digital delay or harmonizer.
Sorry I'm not familiar with the Barcus Berry violin. Does it have a built in preamp (i.e. does it need a battery)? If so you might try the low gain input - it may be overloading the hi gain input. If not, the inputs on the Peavey at 220KOhms are not really high enough for a "bare" piezo pickuo - 1 MegOhm would be better. This will make it sound "squeeky" - the familiar piezo "quack." The Peavey inputs are really meant for magnetic pickups like a steel or electric guitar.

Joel Glassman - Posted - 11/17/2018:  15:33:41

If you use a piezo pickup through this amp you need to first plug into an "acoustic" preamp. For example one of these:
I would suggest also using reverb and turning the treble down. Its not going to sound acoustic, but will be less harsh than plugging into this amp without an acoustic preamp. In my experience the Nashville 112 amp sounds far less acoustic than any amp built to amplify acoustic guitars, such as these:
If you don't use a mic, its not going to sound acoustic. Many of the amps mentioned in the link above will allow you to do that.

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