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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Nanook of the North

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link:

flyingiguana - Posted - 08/10/2018:  05:32:29

Does anyone know of a transcription or youtube recording or other option to learn this tune? I heard it years ago and always wanted to learn it but I don't remember enough of it to just play it.

There was an old post referencing this (but I can't post the link) -- it seems to be a tune on a record called Lookout Blues by James Bryan. But even if I could play a record, I can't find any copies of it for sale.

miajacob098 - Posted - 11/07/2018:  01:45:41

I dont have any idea about it dear

doke - Posted - 11/10/2018:  03:38:13

Zappa’s Nanook

ChickenMan - Posted - 11/10/2018:  04:42:07

Don’t eat the yellow snow. That Nanook?

boxbow - Posted - 11/10/2018:  05:50:42

The tunes exists as described. I have it on a CD somewhere. I don't know about any notation.

Edit to add that's Bryant with a "t" there at the end.

Edited by - boxbow on 11/10/2018 05:52:16

flyingiguana - Posted - 11/10/2018:  09:36:58

So nobody knows of any _available_ copies of the tune then? All I can find is reference to the original LP, which is not available. There is nothing on youtube and no CD that I can find.

I literally don't even have a recording of the tune. As far as I can tell, nobody else does either. (There is supposedly a copy in a library at the Univ of WI, but they won't send it through interlibrary loan)

The Rounder Records website doesn't even think it exists.

Is this tune lost for good?

Edited by - flyingiguana on 11/10/2018 09:38:20

DougD - Posted - 11/10/2018:  09:53:57

Of course not. I see a couple copies of the James Bryan (no "t") LP for sale at discogs, and there's a transcription in Stacy Philips book of Bill Monroe fiddle tunes. Might want to watch for a more convenient copy at discogs or ebay.
Rounder was sold to Concord Music Group, and I'm not surprised if they don't have much historical memory. To them it doesn't exist, at least as far as being available for sale.

Edited by - DougD on 11/10/2018 09:55:58

DougD - Posted - 11/10/2018:  10:22:44

Looks like Stacy's book is still available, along with "computer generated" mp3s of the tunes.

DougD - Posted - 11/10/2018:  10:54:50

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the seller in my last post. Stacy's website is still up, and lists the book, but is not taking orders at this time. I don't know how legitimate or authorized that other seller is, or where they're located, or how reliable they might be.

boxbow - Posted - 11/11/2018:  09:35:16


Originally posted by DougD

...James Bryan (no "t") ...

I stand corrected.  I know I've seen it that way somewhere.  Possibly on the CD that is also somewhere?  It was a copy with hand-written titles.

MikeyBoy - Posted - 12/03/2018:  19:42:44

Here it is for sale on vinyl on eBay for $15. No association.

Great album, huge influence for me. Shame it’s out of print.

MikeyBoy - Posted - 12/03/2018:  19:47:56

Someone just put it up on YouTube a couple weeks ago.

ChickenMan - Posted - 12/04/2018:  04:37:13

Take's the man! He puts up some great out of print stuff, like a bunch of Bluegrass Cardinals!

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