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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Little Tid Bits

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pete_fiddle - Posted - 02/17/2017:  22:50:39


Originally posted by mmuussiiccaall


Originally posted by fujers


If I was playing a simple 1-4-5 and to add more you said just use your imagination. You can add just about any chord you want...just as long as it fits. No cycle. Jerry

One simple trick is to make all the 1-4-5 chords into dominant sevenths and then add interest by lowering all the notes except the  roots to produce diminished chords, for example

G7 Gdim G7 G7 C7 Cdim C7 C7 G7 Gdim G7 G7 D7 Ddim C7 Cdim G7 Gdim D7 D7

sounds like dropping the dom 7chord (minus its root?) down a semitone then shifting it back up again  (but keeping the root still)

as if a bass player was playing a simple 1-5 of G and a guitarist played G7,Gb7,G7, G7...etc?

pete_fiddle - Posted - 02/17/2017:  23:27:07

Hey but thinking of the Gb7 over a G bass as G diminished opens all kinds of doors!!enlightened


buckhenry - Posted - 02/19/2017:  23:57:48


Originally posted by bluesmode

Is the arp or scale that goes over a G7: (G Bb C# F or F# A C Eb)

The former is the Gdim7 arp but it goes.....G Bb C# E

Or it could  be a Bbdim7 or C#dim7 or Edim7.

The later is a F#dim7 or Adim7 or Cdim7 or Ebdim7

​Then you have F G# B D.........Fdim7, G#dim7, Bdim7, Ddim7...

​            There you have all  the notes of the chromatic scale.....


 (G A Bb C C# Eb E F# or G Ab Bb B C# D E F)

Both of these will fit over a Gdim7. They each contain all the notes of the Gdim7th chord.


The chord progression that musical shows doesn't seem to add up to a 12 or 16 bar. I'd like to know where to place this stuff,

            It's just an example of a progression that could fit into any number of bars, but you gotta put the appropriate arp/scale over the chord. 


buckhenry - Posted - 02/20/2017:  00:08:11


Originally posted by pete_fiddle


Hey but thinking of the Gb7 over a G bass as G diminished opens all kinds of doors!!enlightened


And what about a G#dim7 over the G bass or an A7b9......?

fujers - Posted - 04/03/2017:  16:07:08

Man, Henry you are smart...I really mean that. hear you spit patterns like it's nothing...all the time I sit in aww. How do you that and can I get some. I just play like I play...and yet you sit there and let me try to tech you something and you had it in your head the whole time. I commend you.

Now..... I'll have what he's having. Jerry

buckhenry - Posted - 04/03/2017:  16:18:15


Originally posted by Chops Chomper


Man, Henry you are smart...I really mean that.

I believe you Jerry .....ha.

pete_fiddle - Posted - 04/04/2017:  12:21:49

This stuff is a lot easier to do than it is to write about, it sounds like a lot of B****X  when folk write about it, cause there are so many ways of looking at it..........BTW my way is best wink

buckhenry - Posted - 04/04/2017:  16:30:19


Originally posted by pete_fiddle


there are so many ways of looking at it..........

Well, that's the reason we are all here, to share our ideas and see them in many other ways....!?

I'm not gonna say my ideas are the best, and I may get it wrong sometimes...So, I am putting them here for scrutiny...!?

buckhenry - Posted - 04/04/2017:  16:43:49


Originally posted by pete_fiddle


it sounds like a lot of B****X  when folk write about it,

Now you tell me I have wasted years and years reading books by distinguished authors and pedagogues....!?

Or, is this just envy......??


fujers - Posted - 04/04/2017:  19:03:34

You look at it one way and I the next. Kinda confusing isn't it.and I'm still trying to wade myself in the water. Now I'll be the first to tell you that all these chords that are on this writing really don't make no since to me...I know the difference between chords all right, I can hear and I can look and all... that they speak about I don't understand. I know the relation ship between chords and I know how they are shaped and I know where they fit. But I'll be dogon if I can read what all the chords are in relationship to each other means. Time to hit the books I guess. All in all I'm comfortable knowing what I know...and that's very little...and playing as I now do. It's make me a happy man. Jerry 

buckhenry - Posted - 04/04/2017:  23:49:24


Originally posted by Chops Chomper


You look at it one way and I the next.


I said it before and I'll say it again........''The soul reason we are all here posting on this site is to share knowledge and look at it as others see it''....


buckhenry - Posted - 04/06/2017:  02:02:20

It does not matter how you see things, but try and describe it to us so we may see it your way.......................



fujers - Posted - 04/06/2017:  14:55:25

Very Funny, I'll take a donut please.

buckhenry - Posted - 04/06/2017:  15:27:28

You see, you don't need to understand musical terminology to describe how you are playing, so give it a shot Jerry.......? 

fujers - Posted - 04/06/2017:  15:40:41

Ok, But don't laugh at me

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