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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Suzki vs Violin

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cbuedel - Posted - 10/11/2016:  18:33:40

Was wondering what the difference is between a suzki and a fiddle/violin?

martynspeck - Posted - 10/11/2016:  18:56:03


Originally posted by cbuedel


Was wondering what the difference is between a suzki and a fiddle/violin?

Suzuki is a method of learning to play violin.

Cyndy - Posted - 10/11/2016:  19:08:22

And you will also find violins with a Suzuki label.

fiddleiphile - Posted - 10/11/2016:  22:38:51

A Suzuki has either two or four wheels and is used for transportation, A violin has no wheels and can only transport your mind.         (I couldn't resist)

Edited by - fiddleiphile on 10/11/2016 22:48:29

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 10/11/2016:  23:55:40

Here's book 1

farmerjones - Posted - 10/12/2016:  08:51:50

Maybe you misheard Bouzouki? A Bouzouki is a type of lute.  Picked rather than bowed.

Otherwise, Suzuki is a surname of Asian derivation.





FiddleBas - Posted - 10/12/2016:  17:45:48

I thought a bouzouki was a mandolin-type object? I heard Tim O'Brien jokingly talk about his "bouzouki, which is greek for 'out of tune'"

tonyelder - Posted - 10/12/2016:  18:44:36

keep in mind - all of this is just theory....

boxbow - Posted - 10/12/2016:  19:28:26

I think a suzki is an east european pastry.

Mitch Reed - Posted - 10/13/2016:  11:43:45

I recommend the Suzuki method for my younger students. It's a method that stresses ear training first, and then how to read music later. Like learning how to speak and then read. To me it makes more sense than learning how to read before you even understand a language, but not everyone agrees.

Addie - Posted - 10/13/2016:  16:02:43

Suzuki vs Violin, the car will win every time.

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