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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Best Strings for Fiddle tone?

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punki07 - Posted - 01/06/2017:  22:25:35


Originally posted by EricBluegrassFiddle


I use DAddario Helicores but I get alot of bad A strings that wear out quick with some sets

Hi, Eric- interesting you say that because as a TD user, I decided to try the Helicores partly for price reasons. I really liked them but twice had the A string break with no warning where I would play a C# with my middle finger, and only after a couple of weeks each time. TD's will give plenty of warning before a break (even though it's probably a good idea to change them before they reach the unravelling point!) I also tried Tonicas and had a similar problem so I'm back to the TD's.

fujers - Posted - 01/07/2017:  16:55:52

Cadoll, I change my hair probably a little to often but I play all the time. You know how you get grit close to the frog. Mine gets that way because I play there a lot. Plus because I play a lot the strings on the bow loose there cristness not that I like a crisp bow or nothing...after a few times it gets in line. So yes I do like my bow crisp

JRice - Posted - 01/17/2017:  00:51:09

I am currently using Warchal Karneol strings. I liked them so much after trying I immediately purchased a second set. Havent had to use the second set though. They have great tone, easy on the fingers, settle in quick, they last, and reasonably priced. 

Edited by - JRice on 01/17/2017 00:52:21

EricBluegrassFiddle - Posted - 01/18/2017:  04:16:28

I still like the Helicores though - they add a tad of edge to a mellow fiddle and tone down an overly bright fiddle a bit. Also they break in quick but those dern "A" strings can be an issue at times. I did have one set where the G sounded thin but I now think it was more the set up on that fiddle as the issue opposed to the string. I have used Preludes also but found them a bit raspy, to me they sound like a cheap string. With my new Stainer I am open to experimenting and may try Thomastiks on this one..

Edited by - EricBluegrassFiddle on 01/18/2017 04:19:12

illinoisfiddler - Posted - 02/09/2017:  19:50:16

I am not sure if anybody has mentioned it, but the Thomastik Vision strings, are, to me outstanding for fiddle. Very quick response and attack like steel, but with the warmer and more robust sound of synthetic strings. They are on my three stage fiddle with L.R. Baggs bridges.

bluesmode - Posted - 02/09/2017:  22:23:02

which visions do you like?

regular vision

regular vision solo

vision titanium solo

vision titanium orchestra

...I've been using medium Prelude E's on my 2 acoustics and my barcus berry for quite a while now. I recently ordered 3 Heavy Gauge Prelude E's. My German is just a bit weak in the E, the heavy prelude brought it up to speed with the other 3. the heavy was an improvement for by barcus berry thru my new bass amp, fatter sound and doesn't bite as much.

the heavy didn't work on my China, it was too much.

Edited by - bluesmode on 02/09/2017 22:24:00

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