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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: where can I get

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drypitstop - Posted - 10/24/2015:  15:50:08

music for tunes that shows chords  and the number of times a beat  like a straight line that is short several times in between chords, like for example

   G  /  /  /   /  D /  /  /  /  A /  /  /  /    supposedly a waltz  or a faster tune   G////////D////////A////////.   I seen these some one had printed out to teach guitar p;layers the keeping time with fiddle tunes   up down, u down,   or boom chuck chuck in a waltz

Cyndy - Posted - 10/24/2015:  17:40:03

You could try the Pegram Jam Fiddle tune Chord Chart Book. It doesn't have the lines, but it should be easy enough to figure out how the chords fit in. Is that the kind of thing you had in mind?

BanjoBrad - Posted - 10/24/2015:  18:29:29

You're welcome to the chord charts I put together for the TOTMC jams I ran for several years.

Download the PDF at the link above.

Dick Hauser - Posted - 10/25/2015:  07:24:47

When I played guitar, I just created the sheets on my computer.  I entered the slashes (i.e. /) and entered a bar (i.e.|) between each measure,

( | / / / /   I  / / / / ) I could create a sheet, enlarge the text, and then print the number of copies I wanted.  Usually I just wrote the chords on top of the slashes.  Chord progressions for tunes can usually be found online.  They chord charts come in handy when introducing a new tune.  The "Nashville Numbering System" is worth learning.  It lets a person use the same chord chart for different keys.

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