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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Newbie question - naturals vs flats

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bitshift - Posted - 10/20/2015:  18:44:18

Correct me if Im wrong, but C natural on the A string is just C without any flat or sharp?

Jim Blackburn - Posted - 10/20/2015:  18:52:12

C natural on any string is just C. That's what natural means.

fujers - Posted - 10/20/2015:  18:53:07

That's correct. In fact C you will not find any flats or sharps in the key of C natural

Jim Blackburn - Posted - 10/20/2015:  18:56:41

Maybe he's thinking of the key of Am which is the same as c.

fujers - Posted - 10/20/2015:  19:36:52

No that is not what he asked. He said: but C natural on the A string is just C without any flat or sharp? And that's correct there is no flats or sharps

When playing in Am you have play the off tunes in sharp. The C scales goes C,D, E, F ,G, A, B, C

The Am chord goes. Well I'm not going to tell you have to figure it out on your own. But I can tell you this it doesn't always start on a A

There are many different ways to play a scale. Perhaps you will want to start on the 3rd or perhaps the 5th. If you want to get fancy maybe even your b7.

There no rules to playing scales. Jerry


Edited by - fujers on 10/20/2015 19:37:56

alaskafiddler - Posted - 10/20/2015:  19:38:09

All letter names A B C D E F G without any designation are neither sharp nor flat.

Usually don't have to indicate that a letter is natural;  unless it was already indicated to be sharp or flat, like from the key signature. That is, the term or sign  "natural" is indicating remove whatever sharp or flat designation existed before.


martynspeck - Posted - 10/21/2015:  06:19:18

C natural on the A string is a low second finger. 

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