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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: sheet music for amarillo by morning

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gatman0 - Posted - 08/03/2008:  20:34:57

I would love to find sheet music for a George Strait song titled, "Amarillo by morning". There would be nothing better than learning how to play that song, please help!

ladymuse - Posted - 08/04/2008:  03:25:08

it's off the album strait from the heart,

written by terry stafford, and it's copywritten - I could jot a leadsheet for you, But even more legit, is this - (I don't know how close you are to a music store -

simple leadsheet printed right off the web - (free, I believe - my friend has this - and it works gloriously - (although she does jazz standards - this comes up as having Amarillo by Morning in there - (melody, chords, lyrics (notation)


Edited by - ladymuse on 08/04/2008 03:26:22

newo - Posted - 08/04/2008:  18:02:09

"Amarillo by morning" sheet music for the fiddle part is available at the Jay Buckey website.


fiddlerdi - Posted - 08/04/2008:  18:48:11

I 've often wondered if on the recording Gene Elder is playing a five string fiddle or a viola on this tune.


countrydude911 - Posted - 08/04/2008:  20:57:34

actually, when I was in Nashville last week I seen one of the bands do this song....their fiddler did a WONDERFUL job at playing this....he had a regular 4 string. I pretty much for the most part can play this.......I was able to get a really good look at what the fiddle player was doing during the song....hey fiddlerdi, what leads you to believe it was a five string or viola ? im not questioning it...just curious !! I actually have read about and have seen pictures of Gene Elder playing a 5 string fiddle

Play that fiddle boy !!!!!!

Edited by - countrydude911 on 08/04/2008 21:00:48

fiddlerdi - Posted - 08/05/2008:  06:47:15

The sound of that fiddle break. I think at first I thought it was the pick-up. Later when I was learning it I think I may have realized it then. It's been quite a while and I can't remember if I ran out of notes copying his arrangement or it was just the sound of the instrument. I got to meet Gene when he was here but that was about 20 years ago. He's always been one of my very favorite country fiddlers. Him and Aubrey Haynie when Aubrey was playing for Clint Black.


countrydude911 - Posted - 08/05/2008:  11:01:42

thats cool Di, I'd love to meet Gene !! I also do love his music.....and he always looks soooo relaxed when he plays, just kinda.....does his thing lol. Yeah as far as that song goes, Im 100% sure im not playing it exactly how he does.......but I have the main riff/sound of it its played down low, then up high. When I play it people right away know the song Im playing, which is good......and that band I've played with really likes how it sounds, especially plugged in with the chorus/reverb effect. But it would be nice to play it how he played it......the only part I cant figure out is that lil run he does....between the two parts. The main melody down low.....then he does like a rapid walk up to the high part of it......its that middle part I cant figure out ! Also by watching numerous videos of him playing this live, at the end of the song he slides up positions and plays it WAY up high......once again prolly the only way to know for sure is to have the sheet music ( which as you know Di I'd need to have transcribed for me from our recent email lol ) But yeah thats cool that you met him.....I go to a LOT of shows, and I always try to talk to the fiddle player if I can. I've met two or three of the big band fiddle players......I've even started thinkin about maybe keeping a cheap fiddle with me in a box, and have them sign it as I go along....would be cool to have.

Play that fiddle boy !!!!!!

gatman0 - Posted - 08/06/2008:  11:42:02

I could not find it at the Jay Buckey site, and the sheetmusic at only has it on please

newo - Posted - 08/06/2008:  18:59:44

you're right, it ain't there but it was at one time cuzz thats where I got it. Copyright issues might have got it.
I could scan it and e-mail it to you, but copyright might make that illegal, I don't know much about that kinda stuff.
I wouldn't want to infringe on a copyright, but would be happy to share it. I down loaded it of Jay's "free stuff" page. if anyone else knows more about this sorta thing, jump in tell me what is permissible.


newo - Posted - 08/06/2008:  19:02:19

I dug it out and looked at it. What may be throwing you off is a key change D to E


countrydude911 - Posted - 08/06/2008:  21:40:58

Another thing i found out, I read about this song......on the recording from the album, its actually not Gene Elders playing fiddle........its Buddy Spicher haha

Play that fiddle boy !!!!!!

gatman0 - Posted - 08/07/2008:  20:31:53

I wish someone could show me the sheet music for amarillo, or a video of the actual notes:)

countrydude911 - Posted - 08/08/2008:  13:23:39

hey gatman you wanna see a GREAT video of it ? check this out

you can see his fingering the second time around

Play that fiddle boy !!!!!!

PeachyPicker08 - Posted - 08/21/2008:  22:49:23

I just pulled up the video online and played along with that till I was comfortable and then played it with the guys. Pretty song.


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