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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Why don't fiddlers chat?

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kindascratchy - Posted - 11/03/2013:  18:28:44

When I first registered on Fiddle Hangout earlier this year and started exploring the site, I stopped into the chatroom a few times to see what folks were talking about. I was perplexed about why the conversation was always about banjo playing and never about fiddling. Eventually, I figured out that the chatroom was shared among all the hangouts (fiddle, banjo, mando, guitar and dobro) and that user names were prefixed with an abbreviation for the hangout users were logging on from (yes, I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes).  :)

Since then, every now and then I go to the chatroom page to see who's on-line, but it's always people from the Banjo Hangout. I don't think that I've ever seen anyone from the Fiddle Hangout on-line in the chat.

Is it just me and the time of day that I'm usually on-line? Or are Fiddle Hangout members never in the chatroom? If it's the latter, why is that? If it's because the banjo players tend to dominate the chatroom, would it ever be possible to get a dedicated fiddle chatroom?

Just curious.

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 11/03/2013:  19:05:35

Well I guess we'd all rather be playing fiddle than talking to banjo players..... Seriously I have no idea. But yes you are correct. I've wandered over to the chat room and found either banjo enthusiasts or nobody. Perhaps they are just mor gregarious than fiddlers. I do find that the Fiddle Hangout has more posted threads than either the Mandolin or Flatpick Hangouts. I don't spend enough time on Reso and Banjo Hangout to express an opinion about them. I suppose it might be possible to organize a chat. But I havn't seen anyone try........ R/

Zachary Hoyt - Posted - 11/03/2013:  19:34:46

I have been historically more active on BHO than here since I have been building banjos longer than fiddles.  There seems to me to be a lot more traffic on BHO, if you look at the "recent threads" ticker on each site you can see the difference.  I guess there must be more banjo players in the world. 


fiddlepogo - Posted - 11/03/2013:  22:16:30

I think Zachary makes a  good basic point that there are a lot more banjo players.

However, I think chat is over-rated.

I tried it once on another forum.  You are typing in real time... so what?

You still have ALL the limitations of communicating without visual expressions and tones of voice that can indicate humor and such.... but you don't have the time to compensate for those lacks!

I just don't see the advantage.

Well.... it might make fiddlepogo say things with fewer wordswink.... NO, NOT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shock

Then you have the time zone thing.   Unless people are retired and have lots of time to spare, people would be more likely to be free to "chat" in the evening, and that means you'd need to be in close to the same time zone.

In that case it would help to have LOTS of pickers/players to draw from, because then you'd be more likely to get a lot of people in the same or close time zones freet to "chat" at the same time.

Hmmm.... it might also be the sort of thing that appeals to insomniacs.  You can't sleep, and you want to talk to someone, but it's 3:00 AM....

I vaguely remember that that's what was happening with me when I even was willing to TRY chat.


Fiddler - Posted - 11/04/2013:  08:49:21

For me, the forums are perfect. I can read the posts and respond at my leisure, if I am so inclined. The chat room is a nice tool to talk with a smaller group or an individual. The major limitations have been mentioned above - communication style, time zones, amount of available time to spend, etc.

Also, we all know that banjo players can be a bad influence, so it's best to steer clear of them. The old addage "You are known by the company you keep." holds true. Just kidding!! It's really the Jaw Harp players. No, wait ... the _____ player. Actually, the banjo players are trying to be friendly to fiddlers so that they will "share" their 'shine with them. I

kindascratchy - Posted - 11/04/2013:  09:27:03

Being still new to not only playing the fiddle, but also to the fiddler and old-time/bluegrass/traditional music culture, I'm gathering that there's a (mostly) friendly rivalry and (generally) good-natured teasing between fiddlers and banjoists, similar to that of violinists and violists.

Although I felt a little out of my element while in the chat with all the banjo talk, I have to say that the folks there were very friendly to me and didn't seem to mind my "listening" in. And while I was there I picked up some good tips on jamming.

Anyway, thanks for the responses, everyone. Those are all good points about the pros and cons of chat vs. discussion forum. I use the chat room on another fiddle site quite a bit and find it nice to converse with folks in real time. There are some regulars that I see on-line most evenings. Nothing is planned; folks just pop in and out whenever. I don't have any preference for a chat room vs. the discussion forum there -- or here -- they're just different venues and each has its merits.

As I said, I was just curious because I'm still getting to know the culture on this site, too. Now I know. :)

rastewart - Posted - 11/04/2013:  09:27:53

Q: Why don't fiddlers chat?

A: We're too high-strung.

A: We don't fret about things like that.

A: We have other ways of building bridges.

A: Some disagreement comes up in chat, first thing you know somebody calls somebody an f-hole, and it goes downhill from there.


withnall - Posted - 11/04/2013:  13:44:24


Originally posted by kindascratchy


Being still new to not only playing the fiddle, but also to the fiddler and old-time/bluegrass/traditional music culture, I'm gathering that there's a (mostly) friendly rivalry and (generally) good-natured teasing between fiddlers and banjoists, similar to that of violinists and violists.


The biggest difference in the rivalry is that you can do yourself a much more serious injury throwing someone else's banjo off a cliff than someone else's viola :-)



Don Borchelt - Posted - 11/05/2013:  04:28:08

Well, I confess that I am a banjo picker, not a fiddler.  It's a long story.  But I must admit, after listening to an hour or so conversation about tone rings, or whether or not to bid on the latest pre-war Gibson TB-0, I find myself starting to nod off.   Unlike most fiddle players I know, most banjo players think buying another instrument or swapping out the metal parts is going to make them a better picker.

Note to fiddlepogo:  Most folks now come to the Chat equipped with microphone and webcam, although I personally like it better when folks use the mic to play music, and use the keyboard to talk.  I had a few fiddle playing friends that I used to swap tunes with in the Chat. That was great fun, and I learned a bunch of new tunes.  But one has passed away, and the other now lives in an apartment with very thin walls, so playing late into the evening is pretty much out for him.  So I don't go in so much anymore.

- Don Borchelt

fiddlebob - Posted - 11/06/2013:  04:49:24

I consider myself a "regular" in the chat room. I only play the fiddle, not the banjo, and I get tired of some of the technical banjo talk. When that happens, I just get out for a while. There are a few fiddlers that are also "regulars" in chat, and there are fiddle conversations from time to time. But, banjo talk is dominate. (and from time to time boring to me)

However, I see the solution as having more fiddlers come into the chat room. It really is a fun place to make new friends. Even banjo playing friends. So, come on in fiddlers, and play me a tune.


JohnKJR - Posted - 11/06/2013:  09:26:38

I was assuming the reason was mostly that we happen to be Men and Men don't really chat much per se as my wife complains about much-ly. BTW I would like to state for the record that "Real Men" don't Tweet either.

Don Borchelt - Posted - 11/06/2013:  10:21:24

Hi Bob.  Good to see you, haven't seen you in quite awhile! 


Duckinacup - Posted - 05/30/2014:  18:38:02

It's been six months since kindascratchy started this thread.    Have there been any changes - like 274 fiddlers showing up in chat and drowning out the 23 banjos?

Maybe setting a general time for once a week so fiddlers can congregate and scare the bejesus outta' the banjo dudes & dudettes?

Good answer(s) rastewart.

There's a bunch of little birds in my back yard that tweet enough for the entire neighborhood.


Dick Hauser - Posted - 09/26/2014:  16:36:52

So far I have only used chat lines with computer support personnel. I think a chat line would work great when two people are trying to discuss something. Questions can be asked and answered during a single chat session. A chat line would have worked well when I bought my last fiddle. With SKYPE working so well, I think I would rather use SKYPE than do all that typing.

I am an ex-banjo player. The banjo was one of the most important things in my life. When people meet, they usually say something like "How are you ?". I usually said "Do you play banjo or better yet, rhythm guitar ?". Physical problems caused me to stop playing banjo, but I still love that instrument". Yeah, banjo players are always talking about or trying to improve the sound of their banjos. Most fiddlers I have known like playing with clawhammer banjo players. They weren't crazy about "Scruggs" style banjo players.

Humbled by this instrument - Posted - 05/20/2015:  22:55:52


TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/22/2015:  19:21:32

CONFABULATE..........fabricate IMAGINARY  experiences as compensation for loss of memory.  Yep.. that would be Some of us.

dnique - Posted - 06/17/2015:  00:26:44

I remember there being four fiddlers in there at the same time, once! I check it out whenever I have some free time. Its always a good experience.

TuneWeaver - Posted - 05/21/2016:  12:36:01

You won't believe it but I don't chat because I'm always logged in doing something else...Every time I check my status is shows me as logged in...(wink)....I gotta get a life.

fujers - Posted - 10/11/2016:  18:25:44

What are you doing now

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