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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Trampled by Turtles - 'Wait so long' fiddle part

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link:

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yhodgkinsa - Posted - 07/03/2013:  10:47:33

can anyone send me the sheet music for this?

m2minea - Posted - 07/12/2013:  12:48:44

Do you think you can send me a copy too!


veradales - Posted - 07/13/2013:  12:55:54

Diddo! Could you also send me the music! 

207_De_Durro - Posted - 07/17/2013:  08:51:01

Yo man could you hook me up?

benjobassiddle - Posted - 08/04/2013:  14:44:06

think I can get a copy of this tab please! & thanks

Fiddlist - Posted - 08/08/2013:  10:28:40

Sorry, I haven't looked at the thread in a long time. If anyone still needs a copy of the sheet music that leroyleroux made for us I posted it for download.

You can find a copy here:

Jeremy Sparks - Posted - 08/14/2013:  23:34:16

could you email it to me?

thank you!

scottgittens - Posted - 08/28/2013:  13:53:45

Wow, looks like I'm a little late to the party. Could I get a copy please?

toddstrom - Posted - 08/31/2013:  13:15:07

Could I please get a copy also? Thanks

Quicklikebunnyfiddler - Posted - 09/17/2013:  12:58:20

Hey I'd love a copy too! I love that group!


bammagatorgirl - Posted - 09/29/2013:  15:34:23


Originally posted by Skapukid


can I please get a copy of the violin/fiddle part of this song?


Abbiet723 - Posted - 10/20/2013:  14:43:53

Me too! Thanks a bunch!

Tigerfingers - Posted - 10/24/2013:  15:12:29

I am also very interested in learning this!


Kera Storm - Posted - 10/27/2013:  07:16:30

Hi :)

I can't read sheet music at all :( Is there any way someone may still help me with this?

fiddlefox - Posted - 11/03/2013:  14:49:39

I would also love a copy of Wait so Long!

noahs3 - Posted - 12/22/2013:  20:41:53


Originally posted by leroyleroux


I hope that I have caught everybody in this thread. If I missed someone, just let me know.

I'd also love a copy if you could send one

Thanks a million

watchsparksfly - Posted - 12/26/2013:  08:01:23

PLEASE please please also send this to me? I've been looking for this for a LONG time.

Thank you very kindly.

Edited by - watchsparksfly on 12/26/2013 08:01:58

halloway54 - Posted - 01/12/2014:  13:47:35

I would also love the tab to this song
thanks a bunch!

gab - Posted - 01/25/2014:  10:11:39

gab - Posted - 01/25/2014:  10:12:14

Can you send me a copy too! I would love to play this song!!

gab - Posted - 01/25/2014:  10:13:30

Can I also get a copy of the fiddle part! I would love to learn this song!!

Thanks for sharing!

cmac92 - Posted - 02/25/2014:  07:01:47

Hey would love if you could send the sheet music to me absolutely LOVE this song! Thanks :)

jaeckels2011 - Posted - 03/07/2014:  14:00:21

I would appreciate it a lot I could get that from some one also.




natv - Posted - 03/19/2014:  20:05:49

This song is the reason why I am torturing my family by trying to learn the fiddle. Could someone please share the sheet music or tab with me.

Thank you!

triceratops - Posted - 04/13/2014:  09:00:47

Can I still get on this?


timfiddle - Posted - 04/15/2014:  08:27:24


Originally posted by leroyleroux

Yeah, I think I can do that for you. I'll try go get onto it tonight between basketball, but I'll be pretty focused on that. :)

If you don't hear something by the end of the weekend from me, send me a reminder!


timfiddle - Posted - 04/15/2014:  08:28:05

I would kill for a copy of that sheet music, Leroy!

anonrights - Posted - 05/19/2014:  18:27:15

Me too!

CarsonPlaysViolin - Posted - 08/09/2014:  16:22:07

Could I get a copy, if it's not too much trouble for you?

Thanks a million and one!


arlenefw710 - Posted - 08/17/2014:  01:13:48

could you send me the sheet music as well if its not too much trouble?  my email is 

headdyE - Posted - 08/27/2014:  11:04:58

I'd really like to practice this
email please:

petehay - Posted - 08/27/2014:  16:12:07

Why not just post the file?

DougD - Posted - 08/27/2014:  18:05:56

Oh, its been posted. These pilgrims just haven't gone back enough to find it:

cristafiddle - Posted - 09/02/2014:  21:40:41

so i need to play wait so long for a wedding on saturday and do not think i will have time to learn this by ear!! can anyone send me a copy of the transcription? I am desperate! I am also looking for new son/burnt iron....

Please let me know asap if you can help!

DougD - Posted - 09/03/2014:  04:32:45

Read the post above yours and follow the link. That's all there is - I don't think anyone is going to send any of you anything more.

Mojohand40 - Posted - 09/07/2014:  05:52:52

Come on, now...almost all the above post are from the same person.  This thread should be deleted.

memmapantz - Posted - 09/09/2014:  08:22:02

I would also LOVE a copy of this sheet music.

If possible !

westavl - Posted - 09/14/2014:  16:12:52

Can someone email me a copy, thanks

Humbled by this instrument - Posted - 09/26/2014:  09:18:27

What bowing pattern is he using?

boxbow - Posted - 09/27/2014:  08:07:20


Originally posted by Humbled by this instrument


What bowing pattern is he using?

The triple espresso shuffle.

alaizelai - Posted - 11/06/2014:  09:58:51


I would also like a copy please! Thanks!

send to:

robbbaskerville - Posted - 11/07/2014:  07:56:15

Jumping on the wagon I'm afraid can someone send me the tune please its amazing

ever grateful


AlexandraMaree - Posted - 12/07/2014:  20:19:35

please please may I as well?!!?!?

Thank you very much!


Any sheet music esp. TBT!

RyanPlaysViolin - Posted - 12/10/2014:  18:27:03

Can I have it too? I've been waiting so long to find this! (pun intended)





P.S. You're awesome.

nataliamae - Posted - 01/22/2015:  19:11:25

Could somebody please send me the music as well?

ntosaj - Posted - 04/11/2015:  08:18:30

Seems I'm a bit late to the party but if someone could email it to me too at I'd be much obliged!



TuneWeaver - Posted - 04/29/2015:  13:53:07

I've listened to it.. Now what..??   Why is everyone so excited about this?   

ChickenMan - Posted - 04/29/2015:  14:02:59


Originally posted by Lee Mysliwiec


I've listened to it.. Now what..??   Why is everyone so excited about this?   

Who knows?  For some reason this band is super popular with the kids, especially those who like Old Crow Medicine Show and jam bands.  I remember listening to this tune when the thread started and thought to myself, "Why do you need sheet music for this?  There's nothing to it."  

TuneWeaver - Posted - 04/29/2015:  14:10:24

this explains it.. NEWBIES..!

mouseymouse121 - Posted - 08/10/2015:  17:28:37


Originally posted by leroyleroux

Yeah, I think I can do that for you. I'll try go get onto it tonight between basketball, but I'll be pretty focused on that. :)

If you don't hear something by the end of the weekend from me, send me a reminder!

Hey there!!! I see you've been sending a whole bunch of people the transcription, was wondering if you had time to send one more.I know this post is a bit old, but hey.. worth a shot, right? I'm obsessed with this song and would really appreciate a copy. :) My email is:


Thank you!!!

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