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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: CodaBow Joule -- any information on it?

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Endif - Posted - 11/20/2010:  14:11:54

CodaBow has a new "specialty" bow, the Joule. Price point appears to be just under the SX and more than the GX. I've heard it was developed with 5-string fiddles in mind. Does anyone have any more specific information (size, weight, etc?). Has anyone tried or used one of these new bows? Thanks!

giannaviolins - Posted - 11/20/2010:  14:27:38

I have two. They're capable of more heavy tip work. Rather nice. I don't have the specifics on the one's I've got, but if I make it to the shop Monday (construction going on) then I can measure them. They're very nice. $540

woodwiz - Posted - 11/20/2010:  14:42:52

I tried one at FH. Liked it well enough that I think I'm going to start carrying them for 5-strings. Still it's up to the individual. Try before you buy.

Endif - Posted - 11/20/2010:  15:09:35

Thanks for the feedback. I'm still a bit fuzzy about what the design change is supposed to do. What is their theoretical advantage for 5-strings over one of the diamond-line bows? Or, alternately, why would this bow be less advantageous for 4-strings? Is the heavier tip because 5-string players do more tip-work, or is this a characteristic of fiddlers versus violinists? I realize that we all have individual preferences, but in general why would a 5-string fiddler choose a Joule over a diamond DX (other than the $100 price difference, of course)? Or, perhaps it is partially marketing to offer something halfway between the price of the SX and GX? I appreciate your patience with these questions.

Swing - Posted - 11/20/2010:  15:21:28

I tired one at FH...I generally do not like carbon fiber bows, this one was a winner...I put it on my to aquire list.

Play Happy

giannaviolins - Posted - 11/20/2010:  16:06:14

Different weight distribution. A bit more capable of being muscled. Helps get the C string going.

berg - Posted - 11/21/2010:  03:36:09

I generally do not like carbon fiber bows
Hmm can you really tell just from playing them if they are made of carbon or wood?

I have 2 wooden bows - they sound very different - I have 5 carbon bows 2 Coda classics and 3 Hertz bows every one of them sound different...

Jessi - Posted - 11/21/2010:  10:17:45

I have the Joule and the GX (and a pretty good Brazilwood bow).

I like my Joule for getting a nice strong droning sound when I play sad and slow Appalacian laments. I love the cut in the frog - it's very comfortable. In fact, that's what sold me on it. I like the tiny bit of extra length too. It's not as good at quick bow work when I compare it to my other bows. This bow makes drones and doublestops effortless.

I love my GX because it ALMOST sounds as good as my Brazilwood bow, and is almost as responsive on fast and complex tunes. I bought it because it can withstand temperature and humidity challenges that my wood bow can't. So, when I'm playing in the cold rain at the farmers' market I take my GX. When I have to ride my bike to my fiddle lesson (in the cold damp Oregon rain) I take my GX.

When I want to get the most control out of every note - I play my $500 wood bow.

Edited by - Jessi on 11/21/2010 10:31:19

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