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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Writing Slurs

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texas_fiddle - Posted - 08/15/2010:  17:57:18

Can anyone tell me how to tab a slur, or a curved line over one or more notes. Like playing 2 or more notes on an up bow or down bow? I'd appreciate any help on this. I've searched the manual and can't find any way to do it. Thanks!

tomarri2 - Posted - 08/15/2010:  18:20:15

That's an excellent question....mostly because the answer isn't obvious!

If I indicate a 'multiple note' slur going upward from an open note, or even a closed note, using several fingers...I believe Tabledit looks at that situation 'one-note-at-a-time', i.e., a slur...or 'hammer' from open note to closed, then a slur or hammer to the 3rd note from the second, etc). So ultimately, it will 'look on paper' like several individual slurs in a row, rather than 'one big slur' over several notes as it is normally indicated in engraved sheet music (the former and non-electronic type).

And the reverse is true also...

Most triplets are going to be one open note slurred to a second, then a third note in one motion of the bow. However, rather than one slur mark over three notes...there will be 2 slurs indicated...the way Tabledit does it.

That question has NEVER occurred to me and I've been working intensely with Tabledit for almost 6 years now.

You really ought to pose that question to Mathieu L., the creator of Tabledit.

One of his english-speaking assistants will get back to you.

Sometimes you have to be persistent...they don't always get right back to you.

I would love to hear what they have to say.


BanjoBrad - Posted - 08/15/2010:  18:48:40

There was some talk of this today (or yesterday) on the Tabledit discussion group on Yahoo ( ). I think you need to use the legato feature, but I haven't attempted to figure it out. You might check in the manual (you did download the PDF user's guide, didn't you?), or sign up to the group and get fairly quick answers to your Tabledit questions.


tomarri2 - Posted - 08/15/2010:  20:05:08

Here's the section on 'Legato" in the Tabledit Help manual...


tomarri2 - Posted - 08/15/2010:  20:28:11

If you're just doing any 2 or three notes...

And you want the 'function' of a slur...whether slurring up or down...

You would use the 'ho' (for hammer or 'hammer-on' ...even though that is NOT a 'proper' description in classical music or standard music notation), i.e., between an open note (d) and a closed note (e)...un upward slur... You would position the tabledit cursor on the first note and hit the 'ho' symbol for hammer...

(The above slurs are accessible via the Display, Palettes, Special Effects (pallete) drop down menu). It's also helpful to remember that in folk music (for which Tabledit was origianlly created), they refer to 'slurs' in more specific terms. An upward slur (upward in pitch) is a 'hammer' or 'hammer-on'. A downward slur is a 'pull-off'. It is helpful to know this because the buttons you push to get the function of a slur is either 'ho' (for Hammer-On) or 'po' (for pull-off).

When you hit 'playback' or F12, you will 'hear' a slurred note.

If you hit the 'h' for hammer function...and Tabledit sees that you are going downward, Tabledit automatically puts the 'p' (or pull-off) function in there for you.

The slur marks automatically appear.

If you are going for a 'number of notes in a row'...let's say a triplet (in any direction...up or down)... You would use the Legato feature. I just tried works visually, but it does awkward things to the actual notes...meaning how they are barred together as in eighth notes. It could have been my error, but the manual says that Tabledit doesn't 'handle' slurs very well.

You will get the graphic symbol for a slur and you can add the actual numeric number for how many notes you want slurred.... It's 'adjustable'.

Since you intially said 2 notes...I would just use the 'h' feature in the palette.


Edited by - tomarri2 on 08/15/2010 20:33:21

cstewart - Posted - 08/16/2010:  09:13:23

I've noticed that you also can't use the hammer-on/pull-off tool for slurs between strings. It will connect to the next note that is on the same string that you're slurring from, doing some wacky things to everything in between.

BanjoBrad - Posted - 08/16/2010:  12:00:57

Right, HO's & PO's are single-string operations and won't work on string changes (there is a way to do an open-string PO or HO, it requires hidden notes).

There is also a "triplet" function in Tabledit that will display the notes properly in a triplet. But I'm not sure how a slur (legato) would work there, either.


tomarri2 - Posted - 08/16/2010:  17:10:25

It states in the Tabledit manual that Tabledit doesn't handle legato well.

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